What are thebest international business management courses offered in Canada?

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Canada has some of the best business management courses to offer in 2023. The city of Toronto is famous for its industrious business management courses with one-of-a-kind industry tie-ups and co-ops. These courses can pave the way for a bright future in international business management. Toronto is also home to a cumulative of 800000 startups and businesses with a population of people from diverse cultures and talents. It is truly an incomparable experience to graduate with an international business management degree in Toronto. 

 If you are considering an international business management graduate certificate course for your future, look no further! Here we divulge the list of course options for you to choose from in Canada and those voted to be the best business courses in Canada.

 How much does a graduate in international business management earn?

The average international business management graduate earns around 96,676 CAD per year which amounts close to 50 CAD per hour. As per recent reports, entry-level positions start at 74,603 CAD per year while experienced workers draw up to 150,800 CAD per year.

Glassdoor reports that the current national average salary for an International Business Manager is 80,876 CAD. These are just some of the perks of completing a course in an in-demand field of work. Given that Canada has a huge selection of business courses to choose from, you may be wondering, which business course is in demand in Canada?

What are the best business courses in Canada?

Based on the feedback from active students in Canada, the most sought-after international business courses are as follows:

  • International business management graduate certificate: One of the most popular courses in Canada is the International Business Management Graduate Certificate. This program provides students with a solid understanding of global business practices and prepares them for leadership positions in international organizations. With the increasing globalization of business, this course is for students looking to expand their career prospects.
  • MBA programs: Several Canadian universities offer MBA programs that provide a comprehensive understanding of business management principles. These programs typically require several years of work experience and are highly selective. 
  • Bachelor’s in business administration (BBA): The BBA degree is ideal for those who want to gain a broad understanding of business principles. This degree covers topics including marketing, finance, accounting, and organizational behaviour.
  • Executive Education Programs: These programs are ideal for mid-career professionals who want to enhance their leadership skills and learn the latest business management techniques. These programs are typically shorter in duration than traditional degree programs and are designed to be completed while working. 


Canada offers a range of high-quality business management courses for students looking to pursue a career in this field. The International Business Management Graduate Certificate is a popular choice, but there are several other options available, including MBA programs, BBA degrees, and executive education programs. With the increasing demand for skilled business managers, pursuing a business management course in Canada is a wise investment in your future. Enroll today!

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