What exactly is a hoverboard and what features does it bring?

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Hover” means “to hover” in English, so some might think of hovercraft. When you move around on your hoverboard, it actually appears to be hovering above the earth.

If you look closely, you can see that small wheels under or on the side of the stand provide the driving force. In addition, the hoverboard drives like a Segway in the normal standing direction. A well-known hoverboard product line is called “Robway” because the shape is more common in this country. Other names are often self-balancing boards or e-balance hoverboards.

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How a hoverboard works

Hoverboards use your posture to move. To do this, place your feet on the platform before starting the ride. A battery built into the board powers the small electric motors in the wheels. It now relies on the user’s sense of balance to set the direction with the appropriate tilt.

If you’re looking for the right hoverboard, you’ll find a huge supply market. Apparently, the boundaries between beginner and professional devices have blurred, which can certainly lead to uncertainty. Various Robway models guarantee maximum safety and driving pleasure.

Tip: When you turn it on, the base of the bases will straighten up and the hoverboard will move to the position you want to “hover”. Now all you have to do is ride and find the optimal balance for you before the fun begins. The patented technology makes the handling of control panels uncomplicated and safe. They prevent the hoverboard from spinning out of control. Beginners to advanced climb comfortably. The tranquil environment allows them to focus on their surroundings before embarking on the journey.

A so-called gyro stabilizer works inside, also known as a gyroscope, with which the hoverboard can be precisely controlled via posture. The wheel bearings are now in place and transfer the weight directly to both sides. From the basic upright position, there is a forward urge when you bend forward slightly. If you lean back during the ride, the hoverboard will slow down and apply the brakes. This movement also allows backward movement. Cornering is possible due to the different loads on the left and right and the correct foot position. Here it depends on your strength whether you can make easy turns and fast turns. From a standing position, it is also possible to turn around 360 degrees when driving slowly.

What types of hoverboards are there?

The hoverboard market offers an extremely diverse variety of products with different model variants. They differ in terms of electrification, structure and functionality. There are all-terrain hoverboards and those that are specifically designed for use on asphalt. The offer appeals to several user groups, including amateur athletes and professional drivers. In addition to classic e-boards, off-road and combination devices are available for decision-making. In addition, three classes are distinguished in which the different hoverboards are classified.

Most hoverboards are now equipped with LED lights

LED: In a hoverboard test, one should not lose sight of the fact that the hoverboards should have lighting. This is essential for security reasons. It ensures that you are noticed by other road users in good time. The so-called LEDs are very popular here.
Speed: Find out about the speed of the boards in the hoverboard comparison. Good models have a so-called speed and safety limit . This avoids the boards accelerating too much downhill, as this would create a significant risk of accidents.
Range: Hoverboard test winners often advertise with a fairly high range. In fact, the range should be a few kilometers so that you can use your hoverboard for a long time. Especially if a hoverboard is cheap, you should take a closer look here.
Stress limit: Even the best hoverboard has a stress limit. This varies between models and manufacturers. An average of 100 kg has recently established itself here.
Tyres: When it comes to tyres, you have to keep several points in mind. Both the type of tire that is installed and the size are important. Small tires with hard rubber are more suitable for on-road use, while the models with pneumatic tires can be used off-road.
CE marking: Check each hoverboard for CE marking. If this label is present, you can be sure that all EC directives are met.
Not to forget the price as a decision criterion if you want to buy hoverboard with these devices, it is worth spending a little more money so that you actually get a tested and safe device . You should stay away from cheap devices from UK. On the one hand, you don’t have the ride comfort you want here. On the other hand, there were repeated reports of explosions and self-ignitions.

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