What Is Ca 125 Test and Why Do You Need One?

CA 125 test price
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A CA 125 test measures the content of protein cancer antigen 125 in the blood. This test is used to track certain cancers during the treatment and after it. This test can also look after detecting early signs of ovarian cancer in people with a high risk of the disease. A CA 125 test price is usually around Rs. 600 to 1500. However, as many conditions increase the protein level, thus CA 125 test isn’t accurate in general ovarian cancer screening.

You may need a CA 125 test to see which kind of cancer is causing the rise in the levels of CA 125. They may include ovarian, endometrial, and fallopian tube cancers. Some conditions that can cause an increase in the level are menstruation and uterine fibroids, which are not cancerous.

CA 125 test is one of many different ways to diagnose ovarian cancer; an increase in the levels doesn’t necessarily indicate cancer. Knowing and understanding why the test has been recommended and why you need one is essential.

Why do you need the test?

A healthcare professional may recommend a CA 125 test. You can need the test for the following reasons:

  • Monitoring the cancer treatment – The healthcare provider might recommend a CA 125 test to check the condition and treatment if you have cancer. However, the test hasn’t been shown to benefit the outcome for people with ovarian cancer. This might also lead to additional rounds of chemotherapy.
  • Monitoring cancer recurrence – You need a CA 125 test to check whether the rising levels of the protein are due to an ovarian cancer recurrence. This test, again, hasn’t been shown to improve the condition or outcomes. In case, one would need additional rounds of chemotherapy and other treatments.
  • Screening for ovarian cancer – If you are at a high risk of ovarian cancer by having the disease in the family history or if you have inherited a gene that risks cancer, the doctor may recommend the test for the screening.
  • Testing with ultrasound – CA 125 testing with a transvaginal ultrasound every 6 to 12 months might be recommended for patients with a high risk of ovarian cancer.

CA 125 Test Price

Your healthcare provider will assist you through the test. The test price and other relevant details will be clarified before the test. For example, CA 125 test price is usually Rs. 600 to 1500.

What do you need to do?

If you are tested for CA 125 only, you can follow a standard routine and eat and drink as usual. A needle is inserted into your arms for testing, and the blood sample collected from the vein is then sent for examination at the lab. You may resume an average daily routine immediately after the test.

What should be expected in the results?

Once the results have arrived, you may be recommended to go through other procedures to determine the diagnosis. CA 125 level higher than expected may sign a condition that is not cancerous, or it could mean that you have an ovarian, fallopian tube, endometrial, or peritoneal cancer. A higher or increased level is also a sign of the growth or return of cancer, and doctors may turn to alternative treatments.

If you have previously been diagnosed with cancer and the test results show a decrease in the levels of CA 125, it often means that treatment is working. Thus a higher or increased level is a sign of the growth or return of cancer, and doctors may turn to alternative therapies.

Does a high CA 125 always mean cancer?

No. A higher CA 125 level may indicate cancer, growth, or recurrence. But the levels may also rise due to conditions such as diverticulitis, endometriosis, liver cirrhosis, and pregnancy, unrelated to ovarian cancer. CA 125 test is thus only one of the many ways to find and diagnose ovarian cancer.


CA 125 test indicates many conditions. The doctor will recommend the test to monitor cancer treatment and its recurrence. A higher CA 125 level means the patient has ovarian, fallopian tube, endometrial, or peritoneal cancer. It may also indicate continued growth and recurrence of cancer. Decreasing ranks demonstrates that the treatment is working. CA 125 test price is usually around Rs. 600 to 1500 in India.

A healthcare member will take the test by inserting a needle in the vein of the hands or arms. You can immediately resume a routine after the test. Your healthcare provider/Doctor will let you know when you can expect the result and discuss it with you once it arrives. The CA 125 test is thus essential and must be done according to the recommendation and with care.

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