What mistakes to avoid while selling products on the Amazon marketplace?

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eCommerce business has become easy with numerous online selling platforms. Whereas, beginners may not realize that having some products and an account on an eCommerce platform is not enough to become a successful seller. To survive on the eCommerce platforms, you often need helping hands who can provide you with Amazon product listing services, description writing, photo editing and more services. 

Online shopping is what everyone wants to do whether out of need or want. But, to keep up with customer’s expectations and deliver what exactly they want, you need assistance from experts. Let’s find out what mistakes you must avoid for better seller performance.

What mistakes should you avoid as an Amazon seller?

As an Amazon seller, you need to take care of a lot of things, from customers reading the right and updated product information to delivering the right product to the right customer within time. Let’s find out what mistakes you can make while selling especially when you have not availed of Amazon product description writing services or other Amazon assistance. 

  • Inaccurate and outdated product information  

There are two reasons why your product information on the Amazon marketplace is important and crucial. One is that product information is the very primary way for the customers to find the products on your Amazon store. And, second is accurate product data helps you beat your competitors and win customers’ hearts. 

Product information on your Amazon catalog must be complete and correct in order to be successful in selling them to the right users. When sellers do not avail of Amazon product upload services or product description writing services, they can end up having incorrect product catalogs on the Amazon store. Wrong product information on the store also results in no sales and a bad impression of the brand. Moreover, inaccurate product data can mislead the customers, and hence, Amazon can suspend your account due to suppressed listings. 

  • Relying on wrong Amazon catalog management service providers

You might have been running your retail business like a pro but, once you digitize your retail business, everything needs to be seen from a different approach. One of the mistakes new Amazon sellers attempt is either relying on the wrong outsourcing companies or doing it themselves. When you are not experienced enough to perform Amazon product optimization, doing it all yourself will not work. 

Outsourcing Amazon store product maintenance services from companies with less experience and bad reviews is yet another mistake. It will not only take away the peace of mind but will also result in lower sales. Before hiring experts, you must always learn about their experience, the number of Amazon brands they have worked with, testimonials, what technical tools they possess, and more. Choosing the right team for managing your Amazon account and store is the most cost-effective solution to run your store well. 

  • Ignoring your customer reviews, especially negative ones

Over the years, as per the market and customer analysis, customers provide negative reviews due to late shipments, poor consumer experiences, inaccurate product listings, delivery of damaged products or wrong items, and more. Well, negative reviews are common in the field of eCommerce business but, ignoring them is the biggest mistake you can ever make. As per Amazon marketplace policies, customers are no less than Gods, and ignoring their complaints or negative reviews is a poor practice. 

When you choose not to revert back to negative reviews or comments, the consumers who had queries will never get back to you. Moreover, your brand reputation can also get in danger as offended customers will make other users aware of the same. On the other hand, Amazon will analyze your performance as a seller and ban you for a certain period. 

The following practices might offend Amazon as well as its customers. If you are making one of the enlisted mistakes then your eCommerce store is in danger. 

If you are taking too much time to respond to the customers’ queries or complaints.

  1. Giving the wrong and irrelevant product details to the customers and not following Amazon policies regarding descriptions.
  2. Arguing with the customers and responding to them irreverently. 
  3. Providing the products in incorrect condition to the customers.
  4. Bribing the customers with cashback or Amazon deals for positive feedback or reviews.
  • Ignoring the importance of consumer feedback 

In today’s online shopping style, consumers check reviews of at least 10 similar products and then decide which product they must buy. As per a survey done by Marketing Land in recent times, 90% of customers indicate they rely on reviews when making a purchase decision. Thus, customer reviews are a significant purchasing incentive on Amazon. If you are not encouraging the customers to write reviews, you are making a mistake. As fewer product reviews on the Amazon homepage decreases the importance of your product and hence, no sale.  

If there is more negative feedback on your store than positive ones, there is nothing to get scared of. As a seller, you must also react as a problem solver. Always make the negative feedback visible and clarify their doubt publicly so that the new customers witness how important the customer community is for you. Deleting or leaving bad reviews confirms the doubt of the customers. It becomes efficient that your products are not worth it or the product description is not accurate. 

  • Trying to compete with Amazon itself

Amazon is not only a giant eCommerce platform but also a seller itself. When you decide to sell on Amazon, you automatically compete with Amazon as well. Especially when you are selling the products that Amazon is also interested in selling. You are interested in selling your products on Amazon because it is the biggest platform and you can expect a good number of customers in your store. 

Don’t make the mistake of focusing on Amazon as your competitor and not on other sellers. Neither should you try to imitate Amazon by selling the products Amazon sells. Carry forward your real retail business to Amazon and avail of Amazon product description writing services to attain customers’ attention. 

  • Applying other eCommerce channel’s rules on Amazon 

Although there are numerous similarities and many eCommerce platforms work the same way, there are also many distinctions between them. The way eBay or other platforms operate as a search engine and seller platform is much different from how Amazon operates, and if you apply the same rules as others, you are making a mistake. In doing so Amazon will get disappointed and may suspend your account. 

  • Keeping the price of product constant  

Often sellers don’t change the price of the product to avoid losses but, not changing the price as per the customers’ and market’s needs can leave your products non touched. Why? Because your competitor’s product price is higher than yours and you don’t want to face losses anymore? Well, the simplest way for you, the seller, to reduce pricing errors is to invest in a reliable automated price updating system. 

  • Using non-standard main images 

Another biggest mistake that sellers make is while choosing your primary product images for Amazon with unclear objects and irrelevant backgrounds. Avail Amazon product photo editing services so that you can get to upload clear and catchy images in your Amazon catalog. 

Not rectifying your product images and uploading them with incorrect dimensions can leave you behind the competitors. Potential customers may visit your Amazon product page due to good Search Engine Optimization and keyword insertion in Amazon products. But, what if they reject your product right there, because of irrelevant and poor-quality product images.  

  • Keeping the price of shipping too high 

Customers may not mind paying for shipping at times, but they may object if it becomes excessively high, such as 20% of the item’s cost. Determine your base selling cost in order to earn a profit, then aim to cut shipping as much as possible. High delivery charges are one of the most common factors that sway shoppers away from a purchase.

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