What to Expect When You Have an IUI Procedure?

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The word IUI outlooks for intrauterine insemination. It is a therapy in which infertility is healed. The motive of this procedure is that whenever a sperm is placed inside you, it will enter your uterus and fertilize an egg. It helps women to get pregnant who cannot be pregnant due to medical reasons.

What can parents expect from this procedure?

What is an IUI Treatment?

  • It is a medical treatment; parents must know that they must undergo some medical tests.
  • In the tests, the doctor will see if the uterus is safe to carry a baby. This procedure is done when a woman is ovulating.
  • Doctors will provide medicine to make you healthy and fit for this procedure.
  • Doctors regularly will do your ultrasounds and blood test.
  • Parents possibly have to visit the doctor’s clinic frequently for regular examinations.
  • Your partner should be present on the day when the procedure will start because he needs to donate the sperm.


The danger in the IUI Procedure:

The IUI procedure done by the best IUI specialist in Noida is simple and easy. However, all medical treatments include some amount of seriousness. Danger in the IUI procedure is:

1.     Infectivity

Whenever an outside element enters your body, it can lead to some infection. Although it is done with full safety and cleaned tools, there is a chance that germs get stuck to it.

2.     Bleeding

When a doctor injects other sperm into your uterus, it can lead to bleeding from your lower part. However, there is nothing serious about bleeding; it will also not affect your chance of getting pregnant.

3.     More than one baby

When doing the IUI treatment, more than one sperm is placed inside your body. Since it is not probable that one sperm will come and interact with eggs. But when multiple sperms are placed, there is a chance that two or three sperms can come in contact, and you can get pregnant with more than one baby.

How is This Procedure Done?

1.     Formulating the sperm taster:

The basic stage of the IUI process is getting sperm. Whether your partner can provide his sperm to the lab or you can use frozen sperm. After that, the sperm gets properly cleaned so that useless sperm can get separated. There are better chances of getting pregnant if using less charged and cleaned sperm.

2.     Observing for ovulation:

This is an important step to check when you are ovulating. If the doctor places sperm at the wrong time, the whole procedure will be wasted. Various methods can observe ovulation. You can check it yourself, or your doctor can help in monitoring them.

3.     Deciding the best possible timing:

Finding the appropriate time is a vital step. It is done after two or three days of ovulation. Your doctor keeps examining your ovulating cycle, and they will decide when to start the procedure.

What Will Be the Total Price of IUI Treatment?

There is not any specific price for this procedure. It can range according to different doctors and hospitals. It is normally economically friendly and less of cost than other treatments. If we take an approx, the amount can range from $300 to $1000. If any person already has medical insurance, it can help them reduce the actual cost.

Final Thought:

IUI is a comparatively secure procedure that can be a perfect decision for couples who wants to become parents. After thoroughly checking the woman’s and man’s bodies, the doctor will prescribe a perfect method for the couple.