What’s the difference between traditional dry cleaning and eco-friendly dry cleaning?

What’s the difference between traditional dry cleaning and eco-friendly dry cleaning?
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You have options when it comes to dry cleaning services. You have two options for dry cleaning: either choose a traditional dry cleaner or an ecofriendly option. Compare the two to discover the differences before making a choice. Here are some differences between traditional dry cleaning and eco-friendly dry cleaning:


Traditional dry cleaners clean garments using perc and other harmful chemicals. When using these chemicals to clean, dry cleaning employees run the danger of injury to themselves. Cancer is just one of the health issues exposure can cause. Additionally, the pollutants contaminate the water supply and the air. As a result, there is a risk to marine life, humans, and the ozone layer. Even worse, as you pick up your clothing, perc is still present. Your entire family is in risk when it vaporizes and enters your home. By just bringing your clothing home, you run the risk of developing the same health issues as dry cleaners’ staff. By using Love2laundry, you can stay away from these harmful chemicals. They will use environmentally safe liquid silicone to clean your garments. They are the best dry cleaners London.

Dry cleaning techniques

Traditional dry cleaning methods are no longer used in the cleaning industry. They rely more on water-based cleaning techniques. The dry cleaners can now wash the clothing without using solvents thanks to the automatic washers. You should contact best dry cleaners in London to avail best services.

Energy consumption

Dry cleaning is done with standard equipment at traditional dry cleaners. These devices waste energy, and their outdated mechanisms emit emissions that contribute to noise and air pollution. When a dry cleaner makes the switch to eco-friendly, they make sure that every wash is green. They use energy-efficient machinery with low emissions and minimal to no contaminants as a result of this.

Cleaning power

There is a misconception that ecofriendly dry cleaning is less effective than traditional techniques. Since liquid silicone has a low surface tension, it won’t bead up on the fabric’s top. Instead, it permeates the fabric to get rid of odors and stains. Many individuals concur that using eco-friendly dry cleaning services makes their clothes significantly cleaner. Due to the odorlessness of liquid silicone, they even smell better.


Unlike eco-friendly dry cleaning, which offers clothes a smooth and soft texture while preserving their color, traditional dry cleaning leaves clothes rigid and uncomfortable. A light touch on the material will reveal the differences between these two techniques. Love2laundry provides the best dry cleaning service in London.

Garment bags

Traditional dry cleaners pack the clothes in plastic bags and send them home. Marine life and the environment are both endangered by plastic. Each year, 8 million tons of plastic make their way into the oceans, and the substance can get stronger and more resilient over time. Sadly, marine life can become entangled in plastic and perish as a result. Eco-friendly dry cleaners don’t use typical plastic bags since they care about the environment. You will receive a reusable garment bag when you use one of these dry cleaning services, so you won’t have to worry about polluting the environment with plastic garbage. You can use it to safeguard your dry cleaning among other things.

If you are in search of best dry cleaners in London, then you should contact Love2laundry. They have a knowledgeable and accommodating laundry service that will attend to your specific demands. They will show up at your doors prepared to relieve you of some of your daily responsibilities. Finding a laundry service that is closer to you than your doorsteps is all that is necessary.

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