Which Inspirational leaders in Movies create Influence on the World? 

inspirational leaders in movies
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It is only a matter of careful observation to find something that uplifts us. Otherwise, inspiration is all around us. Sometimes it may come in the form of an object, from a person, or even from a song. Certain people, however, leave a massive impact on the discipline of leadership and encourage us to become better versions of ourselves. These leaders get famous on a global level due to the power of movies made on them. 

Since these movies are based on real-life leaders, keeping the script and facts in check is necessary. Many big organizations avail content moderation services to ensure the integrity of content posted on social media platforms and other online forums. Likewise, it is necessary for script writers to make sure that the movie script and dialogues are well-monitored to avoid bad publicity. Many leaders personify our crucial virtues. Some of these real-life leaders are: 

King George the Sixth in ‘King’s Speech’  

Born in 1895, King George VI was raised in the Norfolk County of England. King George VI, as portrayed by Colin Firth, must first overcome a number of challenges before ascending to the throne, namely a speech impairment. Consequently, he looks for assistance to treat his speech impairment in order to give speeches in public. This is so because he struggled to control his stuttering and frequent prolongations of particular sounds while he spoke. 

Therefore, he worked on his deficiencies with the assistance of a speech therapist from Australia and eventually established himself as a wise and charismatic leader. He spends his time practicing public speaking while working with a coach. Moreover, he exhibits at least two essential inspirational leadership traits mainly, the humility to ask for guidance from professionals and the resolve to stick to his mission.  

Katherine Goble in ‘Hidden Figures 

In the movie Hidden Figures, Katherine Goble is highlighted as part of the true narrative of the Black female mathematicians working at NASA during the 1960s. Katherine later assisted in calculating the trajectories for the popular Apollo 11 journey to the moon. Inspirational leaders consistently display the vital trait of speaking out against injustice and evil.

During one specific scene, the man who plays Kevin Costner destroys a sign for a restroom reserved for black women that plainly displays systematic segregation. Furthermore, after using a crowbar to break it down, he declares that at NASA they all pee the same color. 

The movie shows how women had to work more than their counterparts of other races and prove themselves more than those around them. They did this while dealing with sexism and racism on a daily basis in their largely white, unscientific political system. Katherine Goble proved to be an inspiring leader who served as an example of how skill development, hard work, and determined desire can overcome hostility. 

Queen Elizabeth the Second in ‘The Crown’ 

The daughter of Queen Elizabeth and King George the Sixth, Queen Elizabeth II was bred and born in London’s Mayfair district, in 1926. In order to influence and bring about beneficial changes regarding systematic structures, the queen frequently used a gentler and slower approach to encourage protocols. These changes benefited the public on a more personal level. When sharing her perspective with prime ministers, she would initially state their stance as “that’s right”. Consequently, she would share her own perspective, which could be referred to as Pascal’s wager. 

Furthermore, she was good at moving things along and starting healthy discussions as a leader. She did this while simultaneously not being hasty in claiming her regal authority. She facilitated a more balanced conversation and sped up the decision-making process by using advanced thinking techniques and communication. When people believe they came up with a good idea first, they value it more. She inspired others to adopt her perspectives as theirs, which contributed to her leadership inspiration and ability to influence others. 

Oskar Schindler in ‘Schindler’s List’

Owning and operating a factory in the city of Krakow in Poland, Oskar Schindler was a German. His factory was situated near the biggest death camp of Nazis, Auschwitz. Humanity’s brighter side always shined through Oskar, fortunately enough. Inspirational leaders can immediately tell when people behave like robots, use society’s pressure as their virtuous compass, or are affected by groupthink.

But following the crowd and acting on groupthink are not morally upright behaviors. Instead of acting like a ruthless automaton and exploiting his factory’s workforce, he chose to be a human. He developed deep relationships with the laborers of the Jewish community and acted morally to save thousands of lives. That too was not for himself. 


Inspirational leaders usually tend to see the best in the people around them. Moreover, they adopt behaviors that make them an inspiration for all. They have a way with their words and actions. This quality automatically draws people towards them and turns them into avid followers.

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