Which software, CyCHART EHR or WeCounsel EHR, is best for your practice?

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Are you searching for an effective IT health solution for your business? This essay will provide a thorough study of two commercial software products, CyCHART and WeCounsel EHR. To help you choose the best software for your practice, let’s compare both programs’ features, usability, constraints, and price models.

An overview of CyCHART Software and WeCounsel EHR Software:

A Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution for solo and small ambulatory offices is CyCHART from Cyfluent. It supports general practices and the specialties of cardiology, ophthalmology, podiatry, and pulmonology. It was created by Cyfluent and can be installed and deployed from almost any Internet-capable device in a day. The program is entirely cloud-based and accessible anytime and from any location. CyCHART is ideal for one-person or small offices with fewer than three doctors. The system serves not only general practitioners but also cardiology, podiatry, ophthalmology, and pulmonology medical practices.

WeCounsel EHR is an online video conferencing tool that includes a physician dashboard, patient scheduling, video calling, and live chat features. Utilizing editable note-taking templates, clinics may schedule appointments and manage the bill. In addition, an open API enables users to link it with well-liked third-party modules to send data like appointment scheduling, SSO login, etc.

Through private messaging, interactive scheduling, and client management features, practices can manage mental health services from a single location. For example, clinics can set up phone calls with patients through various methods, including email, live chat, and videos. In addition, patients can access papers from practitioners, such as forms and test results.

What unique features do they offer:

The core of Cyfluent’s high-quality medical software suite is CyCHART. The system provides secure web-based dynamic medical charting with quick access to a patient’s health information from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the program lets clinicians electronically record patient medical data during a visit.

The patient’s summary page includes a variety of patient history data elements, including allergies, prescriptions, problems, problems with the patient’s health, family history, personal habits, contacts, patient alerts, body measurements, previous vitals, prior encounters, vision, quality indicators, and insurance.  The Summary page can be altered to display the sections in any order, omitted sections, or both.

Encounter -For convenience, Encounter simulates the paper note by displaying all sections of a progress note on a single screen. Multiple meetings can be opened at once for a patient to review earlier issues rapidly. Through adaptable templates that create sentences and paragraphs based on selections and input made during the meeting, clinicians can document quickly and effectively. Prescriptions, labs, and procedure results management are all integrated and accessible from within the Encounter. Automated checks for drug contraindications, dose alerts, and generics improve accuracy and patient satisfaction with CySCRIPT eRX, operated with only one click.

To fill in the gaps in their respective EHR/PM product lines, most other vendors in the healthcare practice solutions market rely on third-party partners and software bridges, making workflow integration and single-vendor support challenging or impossible.

Key Features of WeCounsel EHR?

Secure Video:

  • Use end-to-end encrypted video functionality to conduct one-on-one or group appointments while adhering to HIPAA requirements.


  • Use the chat features to communicate with patients between appointments. Follow the patient’s development and offer more assistance.

Secure Document Storage:

  • Online, in a cloud-based, encrypted telebehavioral platform, store critical patient paperwork. Access essential information at home, at work, or while traveling.

Waiting Rooms:

  • Use a virtual waiting area while scheduling appointments online. While conducting online sessions, give patients a comfortable environment.


  • Use a mobile device to access the platform and stay in touch with patients. Mobile access is safe and encrypted.

Telebehavioral Network:

  • Establish connections with primary, chronic, emergency, and other healthcare suppliers to increase industry-wide access to behavioral health services. Build relationships to get recommendations and grow your business.

On-demand Sessions:

  • Access referral options for on-demand care during sessions to enhance your revenue. Examine patient information, then accept appointments depending on availability.


  • Establish a virtual calendar to set up appointments and inform patients of your availability. Allow patients to schedule appointments by deciding on times from the open calendar.

Online assessments and intake:

  • Make digital evaluation and other intake forms available to patients. On a safe, virtual platform, receive and save documents that have been digitally signed.


  • Allow customers to pay online. To get payments directly, link a Stripe account to a supplier portal.

Key differentiators & advantages of CyCHART Software and WeCounsel Software:

 CyCHART Software:

Numerous medical practices have increased patient volume, decreased charting costs, and eliminated time-consuming procedures thanks to Cyfluent’s CyCHART EHR solution. Office personnel can handle more daily patients by streamlining operational processes thanks to the implementation of CyCHART EHR. Maintaining complete patient encounter data in CyCHART helps doctors give every patient the highest possible standard of care while lowering the number of claim denials. The EHR from Cyfluent is efficient and easy to use. Assists practitioners in meeting their needs and achieving predetermined goals and objectives. Additionally, it provides patients with a more comfortable and positive experience throughout their appointments. This EHR is Meaningful Use compliant and ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certified for ambulatory care.

CyCHART EHR creates a Health Risk Assessment, enabling the medical practice and health insurance provider to analyze and manage potential hazards. Additionally, the software provides simple-to-use modules for managing chronic diseases, clinical flowcharts, e-prescribing, and nutritional notes.

 WeCounsel EHR is the only platform that offers a cutting-edge tool package that raises the standard of care for mental health practitioners.

Use online scheduling, exams, and other tools to streamline time-consuming tasks and concentrate on providing care. Benefit from extra incentives provided by the extensive network of healthcare organizations. Expanding your audience and attracting new clients boosts your bottom line. It Enhances communication by using videoconferencing and messaging to allow patients to share documents.  It reduces billing Time by providing clients with critical documents and educational resources; you can bill them more quickly during video conferences.

What are the drawbacks of each approach?

CyCHART’s drawbacks include difficulty identifying the current module you are working on because so many modules are being developed at once.

User comment indicates that one of WeCounsel’s drawbacks is that the software lacks a whiteboard feature. As a result, users may experience difficulties during setup. Additionally, the customer assistance offered by this product is poor.

Check the price:

Monthly subscriptions are available for the CyCHART EHR Software Pricing. WeCounsel’s pricing begins at $24.99 per month, in contrast.

Final thought!

It was built with mental health experts in mind, WeCounsel EHR. With a solution that enables you to create a long-lasting practice, it is intended to address the principal difficulties in managing a private practice. 

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