Why Blizzard and Activision Are So Popular in Gaming

Why Blizzard and Activision Are So Popular in Gaming
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Why is Blizzard Entertainment so popular in gaming

The main reason could be, that it isn’t just Blizzard.

The company is now referred to as Activision Blizzard. The two companies joined as almost equal partners to form one stronger company.

Blizzard has also made some of the most popular games the world has ever seen, making it the first source for gamers to check for games. Blizzard made the “Warcraft” series, the “Starcraft” series, and the extremely popular MMORPG “World of Warcraft”.

So with more people coming back to check, and the constant release of new updates, and teasers for new games, they keep everyone interested. So when the games get released, they make the money that they want.

Activision is popular for pretty much the same reason. People want what Activision makes.

The Call of Duty series has clearly made Activision a fortune, as every time one is going to be released, the hype for the game is wild. Activision knows how to please its customers, so that’s why people keep coming back for more.

Most of the high-quality games that are released nowadays are Activision games. Making them the big name in present-day gaming. People may have their complaints about some of the games, what could be better and such, but what does it matter? They care that the consumer bought the game, and will most likely buy another game from them, if released.

But this takes away from all the other game companies that are making quality games, but aren’t getting sales because of the major companies stealing all their “thunder”. If you ask me, this isn’t a very fair playing field for other game companies.

So in conclusion I believe that we should give the smaller game companies the respect they deserve, by looking at their games, not just the ones that are made by major companies.

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