Why buy organic products?

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Whether it is to encourage the protection of the environment, to modify one’s relationship with food or quite simply to participate in the economic development of local producers, eating organic has many advantages.The idea of organic food like turmeric root was to create healthy foods that are free from chemicals and synthetic substances, as well as other harmful substances like pesticides and fertilisers.

What is an organic consumer product?

An organic product is a product from organic farming. That is to say, it claims never to use chemicals during its production. In France, the regulations require that it contain at least 95% of ingredients from an organic production method “which implements agronomic and breeding practices that respect the natural balance of the environment, as well as animal welfare”.

An organic product therefore does not in principle contain any GMOs or pesticide residues . This designation is controlled by independent institutions which determine the conditions for affixing the AB logo to the packaging of organic foods according to very precise specifications.

The consumption of organic products continues to increase throughout the world. Organic farming is becoming for the French the reflection of a growing desire to consume in a more authentic and traditional way, while choosing healthier and healthier products.https://organixlover.com

Why eat organic, local and seasonal?

When we consume locally, we eat most of the time in season according to the foods made available by organic producers. Not to mention that it allows you to discover or rediscover sometimes forgotten French fruits and vegetables , which are nevertheless part of our culinary heritage.


Seasonal fruits and vegetables also usually have better taste quality than non-organic foods. They benefit from better growing and ripening conditions, and are subject to specific environmental conditions (soil, climate, sun, irrigation, etc.).

The establishment of these natural conditions allows fruits and vegetables to gorge themselves with a maximum of nutrients from the soil essential for our health. As a result, foods are tastier and nutritionally enhanced.

Consumers of organic products also avoid synthetic pesticides and substances potentially harmful to health.

Why choose organic cosmetics?

Choosing certified organic cosmetics means taking care of your skin in a more natural way by using plant active ingredients selected for their multiple properties such as vegetable oils, plant powders or even essential oils. Organic cosmetics are now as varied and pleasant to use as conventional cosmetics.

How to go organic?

There are a thousand and one ways to eat organic ! You will have to find yours according to your budget and your habits. Direct sales from local producers, purchase of organic products in specialised stores or supermarkets or home delivery of organic baskets, the choice is vast.

Whether in supermarkets or in organic stores, the bulk department is a must when you want to go organic both to take care of your health but also to promote zero waste. Offered in large packaging, bulk products offer the opportunity for the French to consume organic products more economically.organic products oats, moringa and  best turmeric supplement available here.

Do you want to consume quality organic products, carefully selected from local producers in your city and at a lower cost?

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