Why Choose India for Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee Replacement
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India has become the top destination for knee replacement surgery around the world. With high expertise, Indian doctors use the latest technology to provide high-quality service at a lower cost.  

Not only do patients from smaller cities come for knee replacement treatment to metro cities in India, but people from several international destinations are also coming here. More than 1,00,000 patients around the globe visit India for knee replacement surgeries. 

The Indian government is playing its role by easing the restrictions on citizens from various countries to travel to India for treatment. Read below to learn about knee replacement surgery and why you should choose India for knee replacement surgery.

What is knee replacement surgery?

A complex surgical process known as Arthroplasty (Knee replacement) is done to replace the disabled or damaged knee joints with artificial knee joints. 

Diseases, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, trauma, etc., are the reasons for the knee’s disability and damage. This treatment is mostly advised when all other treatments fail to relieve knee pain, which makes it difficult to perform daily tasks.

Why choose India for Knee replacement surgery?

High-quality health care

Why does a patient from western countries like U.K. and U.S.A. visit India for knee replacement surgery if the treatment quality is not on par with their countries? The healthcare services provided by India are among the best in the world. 

The paramedical staff, doctors, and nurses are well-trained and prepared to perform knee replacement surgeries that could save lives. India has a sizable pool of healthcare professionals with the necessary competence and knowledge. 

Apart from knee replacement surgeries, nearly all major surgeries are performed here with a higher success rate. It includes heart surgery, eye surgery, orthopaedic surgery, marrow transplants, hip replacements, etc. Even the paramedical staff and nurses are highly qualified to take care of the patients after surgery.

Cost-effective treatment

When compared to western and developed countries like Singapore, U.K. and U.S.A., the cost is 60% less for knee replacement surgeries in India. This is one of the major factors that attract people from all parts of the world to visit India.

Anyone looking for a general cost estimate for knee replacement surgery in India should be aware that prices start at USD 4000+ and go up to USD 6000+. However, this price is only for one knee. If you need to have both knees treated, expect to pay between USD 8400+ and USD 12000+. The cost shown here includes a patent and the two participants travelling with him or her. Therefore it is subject to change.

If you are wondering how much a revision knee replacement would cost, you should realise that it will increase the overall cost by 20% to 40%. This is due to the fact that the prior implant’s removal and dressing are also taken into account. 

Language and communication

Communication plays a crucial role in the journey of knee replacement or any surgery. It is extremely important to encode and decode what has been said and received. Good communication is always associated with a higher success rate in the medical journey.

English is the language used most frequently for verbal communication in India. It is the second-largest English-speaking country, according to some estimates. For patients who cannot speak English, hospitals in India also employ multilingual interpreters. These services mostly serve patients from Africa and Arab countries.

Better connectivity

The Indian government has streamlined the requirements for medical visas to ensure hassle-free visa applications for patients and their attendants. The government has introduced the e-Medical visa and e-Medical attendant visa to further simplify the process. It is in addition to permitting multiple entry and long-term stays. 

Twenty-six authorised airports and five designated seaports in India now allow medical tourists from 166 countries. Along with e-Medical visas, travellers can enter India three times with convenience.

Use of modern technology

Being a developing nation, India places a high value on having an effective and modern healthcare system. Having the latest medical technology and cutting-edge diagnostic tools in hospitals is one method to do that.

With each passing day, India’s primary and secondary treatment facilities develop stronger. Some of the best orthopedic hospital in India are equipped with latest cutting-edge medical technology for knee replacement treatment.

Less waiting time

The waiting time for knee replacement surgeries in India is very less. It is a great advantage when you compare this with western countries, where one has to wait for weeks or months for treatments. 

It makes it clear why it has been favoured by many who need their knee replacement surgeries to be done faster. In India, there are established procedure for treatments that avoids further complications and any health problems in future. 

In fact, many patients use knee replacement surgeries in India as an option to get faster treatment as they are fed up with wait times in their native countries. India always welcomes patients all over the world who desperately need medical attention.

Affordable hotel rooms near hospitals

Patients who go for knee replacement surgeries always go with companions or partners. It is true that any treatment necessitates a lengthy recovery period following surgery. Hotel bookings near hospitals have increased as a result of the ongoing expansion of medical tourism. 

Knee replacement surgery is performed in metro and large cities as part of medical tourism. There are many affordable couple-friendly hotels available in cities if you are travelling with your partner. 

Your friends and family members can book hotel rooms on an hourly basis as well. Check the hotel rooms for adequate hygienic practices and sanitisation using various ways before you decide to stay.

Bottom line

The two major aspects you should consider while choosing India for knee replacement surgery are the right doctor and right hospital. These two will have a major impact on the success rate of knee replacement surgery.

Remember that, at least in India, less expensive medical care does not necessarily equate to lower-quality treatment. Best medical practices can be found in top hospitals, and at least one of them will undoubtedly specialize in providing the care you require. India is a good option to thoroughly consider if you are looking for a knee replacement surgery abroad. 

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