Why Moti stone works for Scorpio natives

Pearl stone
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Moti or pearl gemstone is the gemstone with creamy texture. Its looks are ravishing and is the first choice of the people who want white or off-white shades in their attire. Apart from fulfilling the fashion needs, this Gemstone has some healing properties. It delivers good results for the zodiac signs like Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries and Scorpio. Let’s explore in this post some astonishing Moti facts and why it works good for Scorpio natives.

Interesting Moti facts

Why Moti has always been in demand among the users who seek around beauty and charm? The following facts throw light on the subject.

1. Moti is representative of the Moon. And, Moon is considered the ‘hub of emotions’. Astrologers call it the ruling planet that governs emotions. Due to the impact, it makes, Moti brings benefits like stress-free life. Those who do stressful job can experience a sense of calmness when they wear Moti as suggested by the astrologer.

2. Pearl or Moti charges up the desire to explore new places or bond with new people. Thus, the native can become more sociable and charming when they pick pearl gemstone from the certified sellers.

3. Pearl brings hope and positivity. In many cases, pearl has changed the life of those people for better who are mentally disturbed or are under stress.

4. Children under the age of 12 are given pearl to wear as a pendant to stimulate their throat chakra. It shows the effect by reducing the instances of illness in those children who suffer mostly from cough and cold.

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5. Pearl boosts confidence. It promotes free expression of thoughts and ideas. There are professions where these traits are needed the most. These professions demand deep study and concentration and good memory power. So, pearl is useful for legal counsellors, speakers, psychologists, therapists, etc.

Why pearl for Scorpio horoscope?

A Scorpio horoscope is one where the First house of the horoscope or Lagan has Scorpio. It is ruled by the tough planet Mars that enjoys friendly relationship with Moon. Thus, the Scorpio ascendants can enjoy better luck and harmony in relationships when they wear Pearl-studded ring or pendant.

When the moon is the lord of the 9th house of the horoscope, it attracts good fortune. It is because the 9th house is the house of worldly pleasures. All positive things that define good life become possible to achieve for the Scorpio natives when they wear Pearl as suggested. In a Scorpio horoscope, the moon, the lord of the 9th house, when is in the strong position can enhance the emotional and psychological health of the ascendant. Moon is represented by Pearl. That is why, Moti stone is preferable as Scorpio horoscope gemstone. They can also benefit from red coral apart from Moti.

How to select pearl for best results

Pearls are born due to irritation caused in the nacre of mollusks. Thus, the stone is a rarity and is cultivated by creating situations similar to this natural phenomenon. The cultivated pearls prove better when it has some inclusions and are unpolished. Sometimes, pearls are polished for aesthetic reasons too. But the ones used for boosting the luck of Scorpions are supposed to be untreated and unpolished.  A few tips to select pearls for good results for Scorpio are:

a. Natural white pearls are the best choice for Scorpions if they are buying for astrological reasons.

b. Pearl should be worn if the ascendant wants to make a career in creative field. The Scorpio horoscope people should wear them in the little finger of the right hand for the best results.

c. When required to boost mental health or to enhance psychological wellbeing, pearl is suggested for Scorpio

Shop for the best Moti stone price so that it proves friendly to pocket. Pearl sellers provide the authenticity certificate and get all the gemstones tested and certified for purity. It helps the buyer have the best quality Moti stone that can boost their luck, creativity, health, intuition, and provide better career opportunities, love in relationships and overall, very good social position Mars that governs the Scorpio sign is friendly with the moon. Since pearl represents moon, it yields the best results for Scorpio horoscope people. The gemstone can benefit the wearer in all walks of life. Consult a good astrologer to understand the role of Moti Stone in Scorpio’s life if you are planning to buy one for yourself.

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