Why Should Developers Learn Android Development in 2023?

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Discover the main justifications for studying Android programming. This article will also cover the qualifications and responsibilities you should find why to hire Android app developers.  

The Top 8 Arguments for Studying Android Development in 2023

Smartphones have altered our world during the last ten years. More people than ever are utilizing cell phones for a variety of purposes. Android developers are in demand as the number of people using Android devices rises. This article is for you if you need help deciding whether or not you should learn Android development. To assist you with making a choice, we have highlighted the top 8 reasons to study Android development in 2023 in this post.

Let’s first discuss the foundations of Android development before moving on to why you should learn it:

Describe Android.

Android is an operating system for mobile devices that are used to create a variety of mobile apps. It was introduced by Google in September 2008 after being made by the Open Handset Alliance, a group of developers.

In February 2020, Statista estimated that there were well over three billion smartphone users globally. Of all the operating systems available for use on various smartphones, Android is the one that consumers choose the most. Android, the operating system that powers many brands of smartphones and tablets, is used everywhere.

Who Can Become an Android Developer?

You can be an expert coder to learn Android Development. You may enroll in any online Android Development courses featured in this article. If you are a novice and want to pursue a career in the field, you can further take the different methods described in this article.  

What Function Do Android Developers Serve?

On the Android platform, several mobile apps are made by Android developers. They create the applications we use on our smartphones and tablets as one of their primary tasks. They often work together to create better applications with fewer problems in cross-functional teams. The quality and responsiveness of an application, while it is utilized is another duty of Android developers.

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Why You Should Learn Android Development in 2022: 8 Reasons

“Any rational person would argue that Android is evolving reasonably quickly and bringing it to consumers,” said the author.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, aptly said that the rate of Android innovation has never been higher. Global smartphone adoption is accelerating, and Android has been a major participant in this market. Here are the main arguments for learning Android coding.

  1. It Uses Open Source Software

An open-source operating system is Android. It is a mobile operating system built on the Linux platform, and anybody may use it for free. The GPL applies to the Linux kernel that powers Android. When a binary (a piece of software that has been produced and is ready for use) is made accessible to the public, it implies that any modifications made to the source code must also be made available.

Because it makes it simple for developers to modify and alter the programming codes, it gives them a lot of flexibility.

  1. Colossal Market Share for Devices

The past ten years have seen Android become the most popular smartphone operating system globally. However, it is no longer merely an OS for smartphones. It also powers several additional devices, like Google Glass, Android TV, Android Wear, and e-readers. Since Android powers each of these devices, the development principles are essentially the same for all of them.

Android maintained a share of roughly 91% of the mobile operating system market in India as of 2019, according to a Statista analysis. The behemoth dominates the international market as well. As of the fourth quarter of 2016, it controlled more than 80% of the worldwide smartphone market.

  1. Easier Market Entry

You need to construct your APK (Android Package Kit) and submit it to the Android mobile application development platform in order to create an Android app. The registration procedure for the iOS platform is substantially more complicated than this one. Who knows why? Well, since it takes numerous processes and is far more challenging to get Apple’s permission.

Typically, android applications are authorized and released within a day. On the other hand, using the Apple App Store to do the same operation takes time.

  1. The Apps’ Huge Market Share

Statista reports that as of the first quarter of 2021, there were 2.56 million applications accessible for Android users on the Google Play Store, which is considerably higher than the 1.85 million apps available for iOS users on the Apple App Store.

Large corporations are actively seeking Android developers as a result of the expanding market share of Android applications, which has led to Android development’s current status as the most sought-after professional career path.

You can make your Android applications available to millions of consumers globally after you master Android development and begin creating apps.

  1. A Wide Range of Job Opportunities to Select From

The need for Android developers is expanding in tandem with the market’s fast expansion. Therefore, if you want to pursue a career in Android development, getting a competitive compensation package will be simple.

Android specialists have a variety of distinct job titles. You may be eligible for several in-demand positions thanks to your specific knowledge in mobile development, including those of mobile architect, mobile application developer, android developer, android engineer, and mobile embedded software engineer.

There has never been a better moment to hone your Android abilities and begin your job search, regardless of your level of experience with the platform.

  1. Liberty

You may work from any location you wish if you want to continue a career in Android development. A 9 to 5 job is optional for every Android developer. Once you start working in this field, you can work for the organization you have joined or work independently from home s a freelancer. Nowadays, many well-known companies enable their workers to work remotely. Make sure that your expertise and talents stand out in your job applications.

  1. Easily Learnable

Java programming language expertise is mainly needed for Android development. Many developers first introduced object-oriented design concepts via Java, which is regarded as one of the simplest coding languages to learn. You may easily make effective Android apps if you have a basic understanding of Java.

Other languages like Kotlin, C++, Python and C# may also be utilized to develop Android apps. No language can be said to be the best language for developing Android apps. Thus Android developers must decide which language to use for each project depending on their goals and tastes.

  1. A Variety of Online Courses

These courses will aid you in gaining all the information necessary to become a fully qualified Android Developer if you are a newbie and need help determining where to begin. With the aid of these online courses, you may improve your abilities even if you are a seasoned expert while relaxing at your home:

  • Advanced Android App Development Course on Coursera
  • Kotlin for Android Development Principles on Pluralsight
  • Develop an online portfolio by switching from Java to Kotlin for Android Development on Pluralsight in 2021!
  • Simplilearn on Udemy Certified Android App Developer Training Course


Not only is Android development a simple talent to pick up, but it is also in great demand. You offer yourself the most significant opportunity to achieve whatever job objectives you set by studying Android Development. Once you get going, it will only take a short time to find your ideal job, get promoted, or launch your own prosperous Android development firm.

Thus, the top 8 reasons to learn Android development are as follows. These arguments will assist you in making the best choice about whether or not to study Android development.