Will Maine Launch Legal Sports Betting by 2024?

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Sports betting is more popular than ever before. Many states have been quick to change their betting laws to allow easier access to sportsbooks. Other states, like Maine, have been slower to react to the times.

Maine legalized sports betting in May. After years of negotiating, Gov. Janet Mills finally signed legal sports betting into law. Sports fans will have to continue to be patient, though, before they can bet online.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Maine?

Legalizing sports betting in Maine has proven to be more complicated than you might expect. Gov. Janet Mills did sign a bill making sports gambling legal. Mills signed the bill in May, but it did not take effect until August.

However, that was not the end of the story. Online sportsbooks are still not available in the Pine Tree State. That is not the only issue, either.

Prior to Gov. Mills signing sports betting into law, the Governor had a protracted battle with tribal leaders in Maine. The source of the conflict concerned who would be in charge of online sports betting.

Eventually, Mills caved to the tribes’ demands. As a result, lawmakers have a complicated task ahead of them to create the infrastructure for gambling operators to follow.

Who Is in Charge of Sports Betting in Maine?

So, now that sports betting is legal in Maine, who is in charge of the industry? The answer is not as simple as you would assume.

The law signed by Gov. Mills gives full control of online sports betting to Native American Tribes in the state. Tribal casinos slot are also allowed to operate mobile betting apps. Non-tribal venues are only allowed to operate retail sportsbooks.

According to Champion, online sports betting is still at least a year away. The delay means that fans will likely miss out on this NFL season and the next one. However, online betting should be ready in 2024.

Why Is Maine Online Sports Betting Delayed?

Dozens of other states have already launched online sports betting. So, why is Maine lagging behind the pack? There are several causes for the delay.

First and foremost, the debate between legislators and tribal leaders lasted a long time. In the end, the Native American tribes in Maine won the right to control online and mobile sports betting in the state. This was a huge victory for the tribes.

Second, as we have seen in other states, setting up regulations for sports betting operators takes time. The MGCU only started two months ago and still has a long way to go. This process could take months if not a year or more to do.

Champion, the ED of the MGCU, has stated before that he expects the process to take roughly 18 months. As a result, Maine sports fans will be lucky to have legal online sports betting by 2024.

How to Bet on Sports Online

No online sports betting operators are allowed to be based in Maine. However, sports fans in the Pine Tree State do have options for legally wagering on sports online.

You could travel to neighboring New Hampshire to place your bets using a mobile app. Or you can sign up at one of our recommended sports betting sites. We have reviewed countless sites searching for the best online sportsbooks.

Our experts have personally tested each site as well to ensure it is a safe betting site to use. The sites we recommend also have awesome payment methods available and are convenient to use.

There are a ton of benefits to betting online slot gacor that brick-and-mortar sportsbooks simply cannot compete with. For instance, online sportsbooks are more convenient, allow live betting, and typically offer betting rewards. You can take advantage of all of those benefits and more by signing up at one of the sites above.

Other States That Could Legalize Online Sports Betting Soon

Sports fans in Maine are not the only ones who have to be patient. There are several other states that could legalize sports betting soon.


The Buckeyes State is just months away from launching sports betting. Gov. Mike DeWine signed sports betting into law last December. However, no operators have been able to launch yet.

Lawmakers have used 2022 to create the infrastructure for sports betting in Ohio. As a result, no operators are allowed to accept bets until January 1st, 2023.

Both online and retail operators will launch on the same day. Operators will be live just in time for the NFL and CFB post-seasons. In the meantime, sports fans will simply have to be patient or go outside of the Buckeyes State to bet.


Another state that could have sports betting soon is California. There are two propositions on the ballot for Cali voters to consider this November.

California voters will get to decide which proposal they like the best. Either way, it seems to be a matter of “when” not “if” California legalizes sports betting. Lawmakers still need to set up regulations for sports gambling based on which prop passes.


The Lone Star State could also legalize sports betting soon. There is no bill on the table yet, and Texas Lawmakers are not back in session until next year.

Despite these hurdles, there is optimism that a new law will be passed in the coming years. Legislators were close to an agreement in 2021, but they missed the deadline to get new legislation passed.

There is plenty of support for legal sports betting in the Lone Star State. Some sports teams have even started partnering with gambling operators already.

According to Brownwood News, the fate of sports betting in Texas could hinge on the upcoming gubernatorial election. Beto O’Rouke has voiced his support for legalized sports betting. He would also allow for legal casinos to operate in the Lone Star State.

His opponent on the hand, incumbent Greg Abbott, has not been as open to legal betting. However, Abbott has seemingly softened his stance on legalizing casino betting in recent years. His Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, is still staunchly against the idea.


Georgia is another state where sports betting legalization could hinge on next month’s elections. The debate in the Peach State is unique as it is one of the few states with no casino operators.

Sports teams in the state have already voiced their support for legalized sports betting. Legal betting could help improve fan engagement. It would also help teams increase their profits, especially if they add sportsbooks inside their stadiums.

Unfortunately, those profits are years away. Even if sports betting is legalized in Georgia, it would likely not launch for a year or two. Lawmakers would need to create regulations for operators before sportsbooks could launch.


Last but certainly not least is the state of Washington. Online sports betting is currently not allowed in Washington. But, that could be changing soon.

Retail sports betting was legalized in Washington in 2020, but it is only allowed at tribal casinos. However, there is hope that the success of online betting in other states could change the laws in Washington.

After all, other states have seen their profits go through the roof after legalizing online betting. New York, for instance, broke online betting records immediately after launching its online sportsbooks.

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