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Lamar Van Dusen says a small firm employs a small number of people, often under 500 individuals, and functions independently of larger organizations.

Small enterprises are usually individually owned and operated by a single person or a small group.

A physical store, a website, a dining establishment, a pastry shop, a cleaning company, a gardening service, or a consulting company are all examples of small businesses.

According to Lamar Van Dusen, Most Canadians have considered establishing and operating a business at some point.

They like having the autonomy of their boss, generating considerably greater earnings than when they worked for another person, and having job security (for example, no one can dismiss us). These are excellent reasons to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. 

What are the kinds of small businesses?

A sole proprietorship is a business controlled and run by one individual. The sole proprietor personally incurs all business obligations and liabilities.

Limited Liability Company structure includes elements of corporations and partnerships. It limits the owners’ liability as individuals and allows for pass-through taxation.

A corporation is a unique legal body that shareholders control. This corporate structure offers its owners little responsibility but is liable for increased taxation.

  • A retail store includes an organization that sells things to customers.
  • A service business delivers goods or services to companies or customers.
  • A manufacturing enterprise creates products by transforming raw resources into finished goods.
  • An ecommerce firm sells items or services through the Internet.
  • A freelance business offers services on an agreement or project basis.

Why is small business important by Lamar Van Dusen?

A corporation can officially qualify as a small business if it wants to perform for government contracts. Numerous government contracting opportunities are designated particularly for small businesses, meaning that only a small business can win them.

Lamar Van Dusen says that a small business faces very different operational challenges than a large corporation. Small firms may need help with obtaining financing, may focus on a nearby or local area of expertise, and frequently have significantly less bureaucracy (which is a positive thing).

From the bright side, small businesses have a reputation for their adaptability and versatility (it’s much easier to turn around a small boat quickly than a large destroyer), client focus (probably because every client is important to their achievement), and innovative thinking (which in turn is why larger companies frequently gain small businesses).

The Benefits of Owning a Small Business

Control and independence

As a business proprietor, you control your revenue, expenses, and debt completely. You make all critical decisions.

Freedom and Way of Life

You can work wherever and whenever you choose and set your hours. If you value family time, you can run a company from home to save a commute. Your company can be a complete manifestation of what you are. Owning your own business, particularly for women, can provide the lifestyle freedom required to raise a family while having a successful job.

Countless Financial Advantages

Assuming you have a high financial risk tolerance, there is no restriction to the number of earnings and income you can generate, and by running a company of your own; you gain from the work you put in. You may raise and borrow cash for the new company through investor financing rather than your own.

Personal Satisfaction, Growth, and Creative Freedom

As a company owner, you should be doing something you enjoy. You can create something that can become part of your legacy and turn your skills, hobbies, and passions into revenue. Finally (and with a little luck), you’ll earn personal gratification from implementing your concepts, interacting directly with consumers, and watching your firm succeed.

Tax Advantages

Most countries’ tax regulations are designed to reduce the taxes paid by business owners, and virtually every business expense is often deductible, lowering a company’s taxable revenue. Long-term capital-gains rates are frequently lower for gains.

Lamar Van Dusen says, Best of all, instead of pulling yourself into another person’s business, owning your own can have you getting up on Mondays with a smile, eager to get to work.


It’s a calling for certain businesspeople. You can shape your own life and realize your aspirations. So, even if your company does not reach such lofty heights, you can still be a powerful change agent.

While you may not be able to alter the globe, the impact of what you are selling on individuals may be significant. And you may be able to turn what you love into a profession you enjoy.

As per Lamar Van Dusen, Small companies also prefer to stock products made locally or by smaller manufacturers with a lower environmental impact.

Small companies are likelier in community centers, where people like to stroll or ride. It means fewer clients and staff members will drive to the establishment.

To summarize, small companies are the lifeblood of our communities. Your company is making a difference in the world in ways you may not have recognized.

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