Your Guide to Package Booking at a Car Rental inGoa Airport

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A trip to Goa can easily be one of the most memorable days in your life. Unlike many tourist
destinations across the world, Goa and its people enjoy the visitors. Tourists always have
the best experience in the little state of Goa, and everyone does their bit to make it so. 
Once you land in Goa and ask a local for directions or some other visitor for transport
recommendations to get to the party at Vagator or th beach in Candolim, they will give you a
solid piece of advice: the car rental in Goa Airport is your best bet. Despite having a whole
tour package booked and the itinerary sorted, the commute in Goa is a link that everyone
forgets all the time. However, the car rental in Goa airport comes through and saves the day.
So, with transportation secured, here are all the ways you can make use of a package
booking in Goa and enjoy it. 

Choosing the Package 

You have taken care of everything else before you set off for Goa. The hotels have been
booked, the itinerary planned, and you have marked down all the parties and locations you
want to drop by. To tackle the issue of getting around in Goa once you land in the state,
rentals at the airport are at your service. 
Depending on the service provider you come across, you will have a wide variety of rentals
to pick from and choices in how you get to use them. Hiring a car for a day might work if you
plan to stay in the same location throughout your stay. If you need to hit all the state’s major
attractions, relying on public transport and walking can tire you out. This is why you need a
rental package where you get the rental for the entirety of your stay. 
You can opt for a package that comes with a chauffeur or without. If you and your traveling
partners want privacy, then a self-driven car package is the most suited. You can compare
the models of vehicles offered and pick the one that appeals to you. It’s that simple!

What Do You Need to Secure a Car Rental?

In order to procure a self-driven car at Go Goa Car Rentals for commuting around Goa, the
first thing you need is a current and valid driver’s license. If you are opting for the
chauffeured package, you don’t need to produce your driver’s license, but you need to show
some type of original identification such as an Aadhaar card, voter registration card, or
passport. These documents will be returned to you once you return the vehicle. If you are a
foreign citizen, the procedure is similar. You need to produce an international driver’s license
and/or provide a passport photocopy or the original.
Point to note: Make sure that you have a copy of all the necessary documentation at hand
when you are traveling. There is no telling when it will come in handy.

Taking the Trip of Your Life!

A trip to Goa is going to give you a lifetime of memories. You can make sure that they are
good ones by taking all the steps to make your journey easier. Pay attention to the little

things like local transportation, hotel reservations, and working hours at tourist locations to
make sure there are no hiccups while you travel. Being in a foreign land and dealing with
mishaps like this will certainly ruin your vacation. Do your research and enjoy your time in