YouTube SEO: The Complete Guide to Rank Your Videos in 2023

YouTube SEO guide
YouTube SEO guide
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YouTube is the best platform for content creators who want to showcase their talent to the world and establish themselves as a brand. Ordinary people have gained celebrity status and moved on to create stellar fanbases using the power of this platform. Therefore, it only makes sense for companies and brands to want to leverage the platform to reach a wider consumer base actively searching for products and services that they are offering.

However, YouTube is a competitive platform with many videos uploaded by hundreds of thousands of content creators daily. It’s easy for your content to get buried deep into the platform. That is unless you spend some time optimizing your content to rank better, or it may not get found.

In this blog post, we will feature some of the strongest YouTube SEO guide strategies you can use to optimize your videos/channels in 2023 so that your content ranks better and gets you the right audience while cutting through the clutter.

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Produce Fresh and Engaging Content

No amount of SEO will get you anywhere unless your content can differentiate itself from the hordes of similar videos on YouTube.

Therefore, plan your content so that you know what to make and when to post.

Producing stellar content is the only sure-shot strategy to grab eyeballs and ensure that the content is both fresh and engaging for the audience to gain more views, comments, and subscribers on your channel while giving a significant boost to audience retention.

Focus on a Target Keyword

Almost every YouTube SEO guide will tell you that keywords are an important part of rankings on YouTube; therefore, focus on specific keywords you want to target to rank better. YouTube works by matching videos to user searches with the highest quality videos relevant to their search at the top of the list.

Moreover, as users watch and consume more content, the YouTube algorithm recommends content based on what the individual is watching and what it feels a user is most likely to click on. However, hunting for the right keywords takes time and effort.

Therefore, to simplify the process, try using tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc., as they can help you automate searching relevant keywords, making it easier to include the exact phrases you want in the video’s title and description.

Choose a Relevant Title for Your Video

Don’t try to sound fancy by putting in an obscure title just because it sounds great. It won’t help you rank better in searches. The best idea is to keep the title relevant to the content of the video so that your users don’t feel misguided and the content resonates positively in terms of content, engagement, and overall rankings.

Be as specific as you can be while coming up with a catchy video title to perform better on YouTube search results. The same strategy also applies to the description, so try and include your main keyword and other relevant phrases here. Hiring professional YouTube Video Marketing Services can greatly help if you are unsure how it works.

Pay Attention to the Thumbnail

Your video’s thumbnail plays a vital role in getting more click-throughs. It’s your calling card to what users can expect in the video. And since YouTube gives a sneak peek into the video by automatically playing it for users, you need to put a relevant thumbnail that’s as close to the content of the video as possible without appearing like a clickbait.

Remember, the higher the number of users who click on your video through the search results and the longer they interact with the video, the better ranking your videos will get in the long run. The end goal on YouTube is to reach the trending page to attract the maximum number of users.


YouTube is one of the world’s leading search engines. Unless you are doing it right, you won’t be able to make the best of this platform that attracts many viewers every day, helping your products and services reach a consumer base that no other platform can deliver.

If you need video SEO services to enhance your channel with the right SEO tactics, get a professional onboard to help your brand build a sustainable channel that attracts new users and helps you retain those you already have.

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