How to Use GST Number Search Tool Online?

How to Use GST Number Search Tool Online?
How to Use GST Number Search Tool Online?
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With the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), India’s previously prevailing tax structure was completely changed. Instead of the previously existing Tax Identification Number (TIN), every small, medium, or big business entity must now register under GST for compliance with a 15-digit GST number to declare credit returns and collect taxes. 

This unique Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is free for every Indian business and is meant for identification. As a result, you can get data instantly regarding your business across India by conducting a GST number search. The GST number search tool online is a facility provided free of cost by the Government of India with a single click of the mouse. In this blog, you will learn about the usage of the GST number search tool online. Keep reading!

How to Use GST Number Search Tool Online
How to Use GST Number Search Tool Online

The Utility of GST Number Search Online

The GST number provides the proof of authenticity and genuineness of a registered business taxpayer. With the help of a GST number search tool, you can easily find an invalid and fake taxpayer. Furthermore, with the GST number search tool, you can verify the GST status of a business and claim input tax credit which can only be authenticated if the GST number is correct. It helps to assure that the collected tax passes via the GST supply chain.

Why is it Essential to Verify the GST Number?

Since there are cases galore where individuals manipulate GST numbers, verification of the GST number helps confirm a taxpayer’s authenticity. In addition, it helps attain transparency in all kinds of business-related information for a particular tax period. Therefore, a GST number search is essential to ensure that the GST money land in the right pockets. It is also a chance to contribute towards nation-building and achieving a transparent tax mechanism.

How to Use GST Number Search Tool Online?

To use the GST number search tool online, you must follow the steps mentioned below – 

  • Enter a valid number in the GST Number Search box below
  • Click on the “Search” button.

If the GST number is correct, the details that can be confirmed here are as follows –

  • The legal name of the business
  • Additional Place of Business
  • Principal Place of Business
  • State Jurisdiction
  • Date of registration
  • Centre Jurisdiction
  • Type – Regular taxpayer or composition dealer
  • Constitution of business – company, sole proprietor, or partnership
  • GSTIN status / UIN status
  • Date of Cancellation (if applicable)

Once all these details are confirmed, GSTIN authenticity gets established. 

Features of GST Number Search Tool Online

  1. GSTIN Authenticity

Since there is rampant fraudulence wherein a supplier can manipulate consumers by misusing GSTIN, it is necessary to establish the authenticity and validity of the GST number declared by the supplier.

  1. Instant Verification of GSTIN Online

The GST number search tool is a 100% online tool that aids in GST number verification with a few clicks on your smartphone. 

The ways to ascertain GSTIN online are:

  • GST number search tool – As mentioned earlier, you must enter the correct GST Number in the search tab and click on Search and Verify GST Number to uncover the mandated status or information.
  • The GSTIN Verification tool brings the data straight from the GSTIN of the GOI and shows the GSTIN search results.
  1. Knowing GSTIN or GST Number Structure

Despite rules and regulations, tax evaders have always devised novel ways to fool consumers and the Government by faking alpha-numeric codes resembling GST numbers. Therefore, knowing how a GST number is structured is critical to spotting malpractices. So, we need to understand the bifurcation of the 15-digit GST number. 

  • The first two digits of the GST number are the unique state codes.
  • The next ten characters of the GST number reflect the taxpayer’s PAN number.
  • The 13th digit depicts the registration number of the taxpayer and the associated PAN number.
  • The 14th digit of the GST number “Z” is by default for everyone and does not represent anything.
  • The 15th digit is the Check digit which can either be a number or an alphabet.

Knowing what each digit in the GST number stands for will help you verify the authenticity while undertaking a GST number search. 

Looking for a Credible GST Number Search Online Check Platform?

Razorpay’s GST number search tool instantly scans and ascertains the GST number with a single click. So, find out whether a business is authentic or not for free of cost only at Razorpay. GST Search by Razorpay enables you to verify the genuineness of any GST number (GSTIN) online, without any charge and also view additional business particulars such as the business’s legal name, date of registration, status, business type and other information.

Visit their website today to learn more!

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