Top 10 women oriented romantic movies

Top women oriented romantic movies
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We adore romantic films because they transport us to a world of love, passion, and emotion. These are some of the most uplifting and thought-provoking romance films for women.

These movies show how love transforms and how the women at its core are resilient and creative. These films provide a variety of love experiences cantered on the heroes’ remarkable travels, from classics to modern treasures.

Our top 10 women-oriented romance movies will delight you whether you’re looking for a historical piece, a modern love tale, or a film about self-discovery. Let’s see whether these remarkable ladies can teach us about romance.

Here is the list of best women oriented romantic movies

The Holiday

This is one of the best Women oriented Movies
Source – movieweb

Nancy Meyers’ The Vacation follows two single ladies who sell their houses for a vacation getaway to get over their breakup. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz played Iris and Amanda well.

Meyers wrote the screenplay targeting Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black. Despite her sad background, Winslet was lauded for her humorous performance in The Holiday. The Holiday provides everything a feel-good romantic comedy needs and more.

Despite its seasonal time, the picture only occasionally focused on winter or the holidays. The Holiday’s romantic comedy appeal comes from its female characters’ desire to spend alone on self-love rather than with their pals.

It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated is second top women oriented movies

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Source – movieweb

In It’s Complicated, Meryl Streep and Alan Baldwin portray a divorced couple with emotionally unfinished business. Jane and Jacob. Meryl Streep plays Jane, and Alan Baldwin plays Jacob in this Nancy Meyers drama.

Jane’s growing love for Steve Martin’s Adam fuels the flames. The movie takes a new approach to divorced couples’ boundaries and exes who fall in love. The movie explores sexuality in later-life relationships uniquely and funnily.

Due to critical acclaim, Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin were nominated for Golden Globes for their roles in the film. Zoe Kazan and John Krasinski made the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures’ Best Ensemble Cast list.

Nancy Meyers was nominated for Best Director and Screenplay at the Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice, and Satellite Awards. Street and Baldwin were also considered.


Titanic is a classic because of its original narrative, groundbreaking spectacular effects, and sizzling on-screen chemistry between its leads
Source – Netflix

James Cameron’s 1997 picture “Titanic,” still captivates audiences. World audiences loved this epic love tale, which received 11 Oscar nominations and cemented its place in movie history. Jack, a lower-class artist, and Rose, a higher-class lady, fall in love during the disastrous maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic in 1912. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet feature in the James Cameron picture.

The film’s universal portrayal of love, class stratification, and human perseverance amid one of history’s deadliest maritime disasters makes it popular. Digital formats let viewers feel the drama and suspense without rewinding or switching tapes on VHS.

Titanic is a classic because of its original narrative, groundbreaking spectacular effects, and sizzling on-screen chemistry between its leads. Each age group should see it to see how film can transfer us to another time and make us feel.

Something’s Gotta Give

Something’s Gotta Give
Source – movieweb

Nancy Meyers directed Diane Keaton as Erica and Jack Nicholson as Harry Sanborn in Something’s Gotta Give. Erica, Marin’s mother, was shocked to learn that Marin was dating a younger man.

Harry grows to like Erica as she challenges him and calls him out on his womanizing in relationships. Nicholson and Erica scored well in this highly acclaimed film about an unusual relationship between two very different individuals.

This movie was a financial and critical success, earning Keaton Golden Globe and Oscar nods. Nicholson was ignored for too many of the latter. Something Has to Give realistically shows middle-aged folks struggling and seeking love, which keeps fans returning.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Source – Netflix

Lady Chatterley’s Lover, D.H. Lawrence’s 1929 book, stunned readers and concerned government officials. The book was prohibited for decades for its indecent nature.

This classic is now widely available, including a 2022 Netflix remake directed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre. Modern viewers are more tolerant of violent sequences and curse language. Emma Corrin’s affluent married Lady Chatterley has an affair with Jack O’Connell’s gamekeeper.

The Proposal

The Proposal is comes under top movies in 2024
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Sandra Bullock plays Margaret, a nasty employer who urges her worker, Ryan Reynolds, to pretend to be her fiancé to escape deportation. The director is Anne Fletcher. Although most film critics panned The Proposal, the unusual chemistry between Bullock and Reynolds in a predictable story makes it unique.

The Proposal is a good comfort picture for audiences who want to be amused but not challenged. Betty White and Oscar Nunez’s different personalities and humorous repartee make the picture succeed. “The Proposal” is about Margaret’s journey as she overcomes her worries and accepts love, not the ending.

20th Century Girl

20th Century Girl is one best women oriented movies
Source – Netflix

Director Bang Woo-ri’s touching adolescent romance 20th Century Girl occurs at the start of the century. In 1999, South Korean female Na Bo-ra (Kim Yoo-jung) drives this drama.

When her closest friend leaves the country, she offers to watch her crush. Bo-ra befriends her infatuation best friend, Poong Woon-ho (Byeon Woo-seok). Bo-ra develops feelings for Poong Woon-ho.


Carol's movie scene
Source – Netflix

Todd Haynes skillfully turns Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt into a fascinating 1950s historical drama. Two key cinematic performances stand out. Rooney Mara plays the youthful, photography-obsessed Therese.

Cate Blanchett plays Therese, an affluent, sophisticated lady divorcing her husband and having an affair with her younger self. Haynes won six Oscars for portraying their hidden affair, including acting awards for both performers.

Ali’s Wedding

Ali’s Wedding Movies
Source – Netflix

After seeing Jeffrey Walker’s lovely and entertaining Ali’s Wedding, you may ask why there aren’t more Australian Muslim romantic comedies. Walker wrote and directed Ali’s Wedding.

Ali is an honest young man who spins a harmless lie after failing his immigrant father’s expectations and then playfully struggles to keep it up as his life unravels. Film actor Osamah Sami co-wrote the screenplay.

Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice Movie scene
Source – Netflix


All romance fans with an evening to kill and a desire to read must consider Jane Austen. Fans of the author’s best-known book may also see Joe Wright’s 2005 film version.

Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen portray Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. The Oscar nominee includes gorgeous surroundings and Dario Marianelli’s rich soundtrack. All of them contribute to the film’s dreamy, romantic feel.


These top 10 female-driven romance films take us on a lovely journey through love while presenting strong, resilient, and diverse female characters. These movies address several love scenarios that all ages may understand. Discover “The Holiday” and “It’s Complicated,” feel-good holiday films and dramas.

Modern classics like “Something’s Gotta Give” encapsulate midlife love’s intricacies, while “Titanic” still inspires tears. “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” questions love and passion while defying norms.

“The Proposal” makes us chuckle, while “20th Century Girl” transports us to the turn of the century with its youthful love story. “Ali’s Wedding” is a poignant Australian Muslim romantic comedy, whereas “Carol” is a gripping story of unrequited love.

Finally, the worldwide appreciation for “Pride and Prejudice” proves Jane Austen’s love stories’ longevity.

These movies are significant contributions to the movie canon and our top lists because they illustrate women’s strength, tenacity, and love. These tales show that love has no borders and is worth fighting for despite its challenges.

Look no further for a movie that will make you laugh, cry, or feel warm and fuzzy. Grab some popcorn and enjoy an exciting look at women-centric love flicks.

FAQS About Top 10 women oriented romantic movies

What are decent romantic movies?

Popular romantic films include ” Carol,” “Titanic,” “Pride and Prejudice,” ” The Proposal,” ” It’s Complicated,” ” Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and “Crazy Rich Asians.”

How do romantic movies affect relationships?

Romantic comedies and dramas may affect romantic relationships by setting unreasonable expectations and idealizing love. They may make you crave great gestures that aren’t possible or acceptable.

The upside is that romantic comedies and dramas enable couples to discuss their emotions, deepening their relationships and giving them something in common.

What are romantic movies called?

Although “romance movies” is the more common term, the genre may be further classified into “romantic comedies” and “romantic dramas” depending on tone and approach.

Why are romance movies so popular?

Romantic films are popular because they let viewers leave their lives and experience the characters’ passions. These films address universal themes of human connection and make us laugh, feel good, and feel less alone in our trials and victories.

Why do romantic comedies appeal to so many?

Romantic comedies attract viewers for several reasons. These flicks may relax, entertain, and release emotions. They also enable the reader to escape reality for a world of romance and happy endings. Escapism is any entertainment that helps viewers forget their worries. Since love films represent our own goals and experiences, we find them more accessible to connect to.

Where can I find romantic films from a given decade or country?

Search engines, databases, and streaming services may find romantic films from a given period or country. Filter your search by period (e.g., 1980s romantic films) or country (e.g., French romantic films) to discover relevant results.

Are there any broad categories for romantic movies?

Romantic film subgenres include “20th Century Girl,” ” The holiday,” ” The Holiday,” and others. The diverse perspectives of each subgenre on romantic love and relationships make them accessible to readers of many moods and reading preferences.

Do romantic comedies and movies have the happiest endings?

Many romantic comedies and dramas finish with the leads together, but not all. Sometimes, romantic comedies and dramas’ heroes and villains don’t get together, and the ending is up for interpretation.

Can couples benefit from watching romantic comedies?

Watching a love film together might help you discuss your thoughts and desires. Couples may benefit from watching a romantic film. Viewing these films together may improve relationships by building emotional bonds and encouraging open communication.

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