10 Pictures Of Shraddha Kapoor Without Makeup

Shraddha Kapoor Without Makeup
Image Source: Instagram
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Shraddha Kapoor is someone who was our childhood crush a kind of childhood crush or maybe you can say it is a school crush or college crush in other words. Because there was a certain time when her movies or her ads or her public appearances were the talk of the town but after 2019 we have not seen her too much on the movies or onscreen or even her public appearances are very less compared to them before 2019.

She has lost the touch of the limelight in this lockdown era and even after the lockdown has been removed. Maybe it is her own choice to not show herself more in the limelight or maybe it is because fans have forgotten her because of her fewer movies. But recently a movie of hers got released where she is starring with Ranbir Kapoor as “Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkar” and the audience loved it.

Even if she is not seen in movies but her Instagram handle is something that her audience loves she is so true on Instagram and often posts many pictures related to her own life and not just brand promotions or posts after getting ready or movie promotions her Instagram handle is very good when you want to get to know her personally.

She has a very pretty face and heart and her fans love her for that that is why she has over 80 million followers on Instagram.

Here are some pictures of Shraddha Kapoor without Makeup that you will love:

Shraddha Kapoor’s “Jhalli Mode On”

Shraddha Kapoor image Without Makeup
Shraddha Kapoor image Without Makeup (Image Source: Instagram)

This is a very recent photo of Shraddha which she shared on her Instagram handle as we can see from her caption her Sunday mood is being jhali and see that from her pics. 

She shared these pictures after getting a haircut done some media people also spotted her at her local salon after getting that hairstyle done and later that very day she shared these pictures on Instagram.

We can see that glow on her face after getting a makeover I mean who does not glow after getting a haircut done right?  At least I do even after some days I regret getting a hairstyle done but even though it’s for a little while I glow like so much okayy!!!

Shraddha and her dil chota mat karo baal karo state

Shraddha Kapoor pic
Shraddha Kapoor pic (Source: Instagram)

This is her photo which she shared on her Instagram and we are in love with that peachy-pink glow of her on her cute face. Shraddha is seen wearing a cute pink t-shirt in this very pic of hers.

We can see why she has chosen a pink t-shirt only obviously to match her pink glow. In this pic of Shraddha, she has not done any makeup on her face and has seen applied a minimum lip gloss which is also pink in color.

We can see how Shraddha’s skin is even without any makeup or filter on, even I want that pink glow on my face.

Birthday of Shyloh

Shraddha Kapoor pic Without Makeup
Shraddha Kapoor pic Without Makeup (Image Source:Instagram)

This is also one of the recent photos which she has shared on Instagram. She is celebrating the birthday of her pet shyloh in this pic of hers and we can’t decide who is more cute Shraddha or Shyloh. 

But we can’t take our eyes off Shraddha she is in a morning mood and everyone wants to look that good in the morning and want to have the glow and shine that Shraddha is having in the morning.

We yet don’t know if it’s skincare or the love that she gets from her pet or it is because of her birthday but we are loving her bare face and reality-checked photos more nowadays.

Shraddha and her pink era

Shraddha Kapoor picture
Shraddha Kapoor picture (Image Source:Instagram)

Okay, so here we go again with that pink fewer. I mean look at that beauty I so wanna see Shraddha back in movies again, oh god pleaseee!!! 

Shraddha is seen wearing a pink night suit and it is again matching with the pink glow of Shraddha also. In this Sunkissed photo of hers, she is again without any makeup and filters on, and look at the radiance of her skin and the inner glow she has.

I wanna know the secrets of her thig pink glow if they are home remedies or skincare regimes or any kind of therapy it is. But I wanna say that I am loving this side of Shraddha more now. Shraddha should start wearing those blue eye bracelets more often because with all these photos of hers, she is gonna get the nazar of a lot of people.

Again the Pink Love!!!

 Pictures Of Shraddha Kapoor Without Makeup
Shraddha Kapoor looks stunning Without Makeup (Image Source:Instagram)

Oh the aesthetics of this beautiful picture, you all have to admit that this photo is so fucking aesthetically good okay. The overall peachy-pink vibe of this photo is forcing me to get pets and one of those balconies. 

But I know that even after doing all that I will not be able to glow like Shraddha I mean the pink fever is getting high here okayy!! Her pets, her rag, her cushions, her dress everything is going just perfectly with this picture.

Even though she is glowing from within I can see that I am pretty sure that this is not any skincare or makeup but this is from all the love and peace she is surrounded with okay?

The Goofy Shraddha

 Shraddha Kapoor looks stunning Without Makeup
(Image Source: Instagram ) Shraddha Kapoor looks stunning Without Makeup

The goofy Shraddha is the mood forever. This side of Shraddha is so true and without any fakeness and I love this side of Shraddha rather than seeing her onscreen in an unsuitable role for her.

You cannot guess what is on Shraddha’s mind but you can clearly guess the reason for her glow, which is nothing but a lot of sleep and good food maybe and we can’t forget about the love she and from her pets or even her family.

And how did I know that she has good and very well-managed sleeping I am following her on Instagram for a lot of time now that I know everything I am like an insider.

Foody One

Actress Shraddha Kapoor looks best without makeup
Actress Shraddha Kapoor looks best without makeup (Image Source:Instagram)

Okay, so I guessed it right, right? Good food is something that is also giving Shraddha glowing skin. It is of course necessary to not it junk food but it is alright once in a while, right? Everyone has a cheat day, so why not the celebs also?

Shraddha is often seen eating a lot of Maharashtrian food from her Instagram stories and even from her Instagram posts and we are loving the way she has her roots touched by her culture and tradition. 

When we do this love or surround ourselves with people who give us love or whom we love and find peace we glow from within.

Shraddha being Shraddha

Picture Of Shraddha Kapoor Without Makeup
Picture Of Shraddha Kapoor Without Makeup (Image Source: Instagram)

The Oily hair, without makeup, and in bed and having my time. Who does not want to live it is not possible for us without Sundays or weekends. This is Shraddha’s photo which she shared at the end of last year and we are knowing that she chilling because of the year-ending season.

This is a very close selfie of hers and we are loving her even in this one look the radiance she has on her skin is something next level and we are here for that only. 

The Winter Glow

gorgeous actress Shraddha Kapoor  looks beautiful with minimum makeup
Gorgeous actress Shraddha Kapoor looks beautiful with minimum makeup (Image Source:Instagram)

The winter glow is on point in the case of Shraddha but not in ours. The Christmas and winter energy is next level in these photos of hers and we are in awe with all these photos that Shraddha shared last Christmas. 

She shared these photos on a day before Christmas with her pets and in night suits only I think the long break that Shraddha has taken from the limelight is not only us but Shraddha is also enjoying and as stated to me only that we glow from within when we do things that we love.

Shraddha is such a goofy child and has a positive energy and after seeing this side of hers I glow by seeing her only.

The Candid one

Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor Without Makeup
Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor Without Makeup (Source:Instagram)

I am pretty sure that this photo of Shraddha is a candid one and we can observe that Shraddha is in a sleepy mood in this pic of hers, I mean she is looking tired in this photo and who does not look with all the festive season going on.

Even after being such tired and sleepy that glow of hers is still there on her face and it is the same as at night or in the morning, I totally wanna know about the skincare routine that Shraddha follows from her diet to everything.

FAQ 10 Pictures Of Shraddha Kapoor Without Makeup:

What is the recent movie of Shraddha Kapoor?

Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkar (Starring with Ranbir Kapoor)

Who is Shraddha Kapoor dating?

Rohan Shreshtha

Did Shraddha Kapoor Date Aditya Roy Kapoor?

Yes, but it was never made official by any of them

How many pets does Shradhha Kapoor have?

She has one official pet named Shyloh

What is the upcoming movie of Shraddha Kapoor?

Stree 2


All these photos of Shraddha were shared by her on her Instagram handle and we are loving the positive and charming energy that Shraddha has in every pic of hers. This raw side of any celeb is something that their fans always wanna see as how these celebs live their life daily and Shradhha does not look back when showing her raw side to her fans.

Not just the raw side but the roots of Shraddha are also very traditional and cultural shraddha is often seen doing a lot of Maharathstrian things on her Instagram handle and being that she is a Maharashtrian we love how she does not fake her life on Instagram.

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