Top 10 Fashion Bloggers In India 

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers In India 
Top 10 Fashion Bloggers In India 
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While scrolling through social media pages, I ran into a trove of treasures wrapped in fashion inspiration that I could not resist sharing with you. It was not the first time I found myself drenched in the rain of the fashion world, but this terrain of fashion was entirely out of the question. Here, we are talking about the Top 10 Fashion Bloggers In India.

This palette of vibrant vogue cuisine is a must-be taste for those who are style mavens. I happened to stumble across the top 10 fashion bloggers in India, and every single one stamped an enduring trace of my sense of style. As a result, if you want to turn up your modes of attire, stay tuned with me on this exciting journey to explore the vibrant and panoramic world of Indian fashion by the standards of these wonderful, influential content creators. So, let the ball roll. 

Here, we are talking about the Top 10 Fashion Bloggers In India:

Komal Pandey: Redefining Style and Substance 

Image source: whosthat360

When talking about the fashion bonanza, Komal Pandey comes to mind first. She has reached the vogue pinnacle as a fashion stylist at POPxo and a YouTuber. She also walked the ramp at Paris Fashion Week and is in acquisition with Google, Vaseline, Myntra, Whisper, etc., as a brand collaborator. She accounts for 19.4 lakh plus followers on her Instagram handle. She started a blog named ‘The College Couture ‘ about recyclable fashion. 12.4 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel throw light on creating content around ethnic and western wear, haul videos, makeup, and skincare routines, and breaking fashion myths. She is known for her distinctive signature style, where

she experiments with bold prints and pulls off classic ensembles, and her wardrobe choices reflect her confidence and individuality. With the constantly evolving fashion industry, she possesses top-notch adaptability. She is a trailblazer in the digital fashion era. 

Instagram handle: @komalpandey 

Fashion Blog: The College Couture 

Aashna Shroff: A Social Media Sensation 

Aashna Shroff: A Social Media Sensation 
Image source: thepeacockmagazine

Aashna Shroff is a shining name in the world of fashion lovers. She is a famed fashion blogger as well as an entrepreneur. She has a follower base of 907K, and she collaborates with massive brands such as Nykaa, Maybelline, Myntra, and L’Oreal. She is among the TEDx speakers. Apart from this, she treasures the 185k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her distinctive style and philanthropic social activities intensify the power of authenticity and relatability in the world of trendsetters. She remains a progenitor with her versatile wardrobe that blends with high-end fashion, encompassing accessible street style and traditional trails that resonate with a broad audience. 

Instagram handle:@aashnashroff 

Fashion Blog: The Snob Journal

Kritika Khurana: A Fashion Maven

Kritika Khurana: A Fashion Maven
Image source: Reddit

She is popularly known for her diverse aesthetics, impeccable style, and social media presence. She has 1.1 million followers on her Instagram handle and is a winner of the Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Influencer Award for 2020. With her exquisite blend of contemporary attire with boho chic, she kings the hearts of her audience. She is a gravitational force in the fashion world that attracts many followers. Beyond this, Kritika also has a YouTube channel with 575K subscribers, where she discusses styling techniques, makeup know-how, and lifestyle routine tips. Her creativity, authenticity, and unwavering crafting vogue are a testament to her passionate journey. 

Instagram handle: @thatbohogirl 

Fashion Blog: That Boho Girl

Riya Jain: A Trailblazing Fashionista 

Riya Jain: A Trailblazing Fashionista 
Image source: indiaforums

With a broad spectrum of 4.2 lakh plus followers, Riya Jain is the emerging talk of the fashion town. She is celebrated for her go-to looks, keeping them very comfy: denim crop tops and shorts. Her signature styles are incomplete without her experiments with hairstyles. In the saturated world of fashion influencers, she is the groundbreaker. 

Instagram handle:@riyajain 

Fashion Blog: CaughtInACuff 

Masoom Minawala Mehta: A Vogue Maven and Entrepreneur 

Masoom Minawala Mehta: A Vogue Maven and Entrepreneur 
Image source: hindustantimes

She is renowned for her blazing waves of attire and the confidence and empowerment she imparts to her followers. The global influencer possesses 14.1 lakh+ followers on her Instagram handle. Apart from this, her YouTube channel holds 56.7k subscribers and revolves around

women’s empowerment. Her entrepreneurial spirit and influential presence make her stand out in the digital space of style and chic. The success of Style Fiesta opened the gateway to other ventures and collaborations within the fashion industry. By being the proud owner of Empower, she is working for a cause that aims to help women-led businesses. 

Instagram handle: @masoomminawala 

Fashion Blog: Style Fiesta 

Juhi Godambe: Fusion of Elegance with Chic 

Juhi Godambe: Fusion of Elegance with Chic 
Image source: Instagram

Juhi Godambe is a perfect example that highlights the definition of genuine style, which is not restricted to only showcasing the clothes we wear but also the principle of reflecting one’s values, individuality, and determination to contribute to the societal good, making a positive impact. She possesses 5.5 lakh plus followers on her Instagram account. Her blog is a platform distinguished for its informative content, aesthetically pleasing clicks, and cavernous connection with the audience. She is also the founder of Arabella, a well-known brand. 

Instagram handle:@juhigodambe 

Fashion Blog: The Juhi Godambe Blog

Siddharth Batra: Redefining Gender-Neutral Fashion 

Siddharth Batra: Redefining Gender-Neutral Fashion 
Image source: socialnationnow

Siddharth Batra’s impact on the fashion industry is undeniable, and his influence can be seen by his Instagram followers, who number 254K. His journey from personal style mode to being a globally famed fashion blogger is evidence of Batra’s power of passion, dedication, and distinctive perspective toward contemporary attire. His YouTube channel has 42.2K subscribers, which he uses to experiment with his quirky style. Siddharth is not bound only to be an influencer but also a trendsetter and storyteller who blends fabric with style. He is a fashion maven who has led the way for a gender-neutral style that promotes metrosexuality. Siddharth encourages men to follow a simple skincare routine and talks about skincare and makeup as tools for self-care.  

Instagram handle:@siddharth93batra 

Fashion Blog: Siddharth Batra Blog 

Pareesha Sharma: A Chic Aficionado

Pareesha Sharma: A Chic Aficionado
Image source: Facebook 

Pareesha, the collaborator of many famous brands such as Lifestyle, Baggit, Adidas, Orient, Mirraw, Daniel Wellington, Cadbury, etc., is a very enthusiastic and extravagant fashion blogger. Her adoration for creating engaging and quirky content revolves around fashion, lifestyle, skincare, and redefining approaches to style. Pareesha’s Instagram handle accounts for 1.2 lakh plus followers. She has emerged as a successful blogger, model, designer, stylist, and entrepreneur in the evolving fashion landscape. 

Instagram handle:@pareesharma 

Fashion Blog: The Pareesha Sharma Blog 

Santoshi Shetty: An Architecture of Attire 

Santoshi Shetty: An Architecture of Attire 
Image source: indiatoday

As an architecture student, her infatuation with the fashion industry boomed. With her unique and versatile blend of style, her Instagram account counts for 7.3 lakh plus followers. She prefers edgy pieces and loves vintage-inspired fashion. She has also walked the

ramp for various fashion shows and has won many blogger awards from Cosmopolitan and Elle. This idiosyncratic sense of creativity makes her stand out in the crowded land of the fashion industry. 

Instagram handle: @santoshishetty 

Fashion Blog: The Style Edge 

Sakshi Sindwani: A Positivity Icon 

Sakshi Sindwani: A Positivity Icon 
Image source: forbesindia

Renowned for her content on body positivity, self-love, and self-esteem, she has 515K followers on Instagram. She is known as ‘Stylemeup with Sakshi.’ She has also acclaimed the award for cosmopolitan blogger as the Body Positivity Icon. The transition reels and viral challenge videos are sure to keep you entertained. It’s hard not to groove when she dances. Apart from Instagram, she consistently attracts people to her YouTube channel, which accounts for 92.3K subscribers. Sakshi Sindwani is stumbling to change narratives instead of getting clutched into clichés. 

Instagram handle:@stylemeupwithsakshi 

Fashion Blog: StylemeupwithSakshi 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I start my fashion blog in India? 

Starting a fashion blog begins with identifying a niche, crafting a website that enhances your availability, producing high-quality content, and building a solid social media presence. 

Who are the top 10 fashion bloggers in India? 

The above-mentioned bloggers are the top 10 fashion bloggers in India. 

How do fashion bloggers gain popularity in India? 

Making engaging content, collaborating with brands, and building a solid social media presence contribute to a blogger’s popularity. 

How do fashion bloggers earn money? 

Fashion bloggers earn money by collaborating with brands, sponsoring products, doing affiliate marketing, and advertising on social media platforms. 

What are the key social media platforms used by Indian fashion bloggers?

Popular platforms include Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest.


As I swam into the fascinating world of these fashion bloggers, their creativity, versatility, and unique perspectives invoked in me the spark to carry on my urge to make a name for myself in

the fashion industry. So, if you also want to kick-start your career in the fashion niche, don’t forget to take inspiration from the above fashionistas. 

Vaisakh V K