Top 10 Leggings Brands In India

Top Leggings Brands In India
Top Leggings Brands In India
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In today’s world, leggings have become one of the most common wardrobe costumes for all women over India. From working professionals of all fields to home makers, every woman finds comfort in wearing leggings. It has become one of the versatile and comfort clothes of all woman over time. But as we now we have several brands of colourful brands it become difficult to choose the perfect one. 

This article helps you to choose the perfect brand, transforming you into the most powerful and fashionista in the streets and studios of India. We’ll unveil brands known for their comfort, those offering cutting-edge styles, and hidden gems that cater to specific needs with affordable price range. 


Biba is a best brand in 2024

Image Source:Biba

Biba, a household name in ethnic wear for Indian women, has become a go-to brand for leggings as well. They offer a wide range of leggings that seamlessly blend comfort with traditional elegance. Made from premium fabrics, Biba leggings offer comfortable fit that flatters all body types. Whether you’re looking for everyday wear or something for under your kurtis, Biba has a pair that will keep you feeling confident and comfortable all day long.

Biba leggings can be dressed up or down.Wear them down with trainers and a tunic for a laid-back feel, or dress them down with a kurta for a chic and comfy everyday style.


 Lyra Lux: 

 Lyra Lux is a budget friendly brand

Image Source: Mylyra

Lyra Lux is a well-known brand in the Indian legging market, known for its superior quality and remarkable comfort. Their leggings are a popular option for many ladies because they meet a variety of demands. Lyra Lux leggings are made of premium materials and have an ideal fit. Whether you’re at the gym, doing errands, or just relaxing at home.

Lyra Lux places a premium on each and every thread. Their leggings are renowned for being strong and resilient, so it is perth for your money. It also includes maternity leggings, activewear leggings, and everyday styles. 

Lyra Lux

Global Desi:

Global Desi is one of the best leggings brands in 2024

Image Source: Flipkart

Your one-stop store for and fashionable leggings that will improve your regular outfit is Global Desi. Global Desi stays ahead of the with their trendy and designer-inspired leggings. From bold prints and vibrant colours, they offer a variety of styles making a fashion statement.

Despite their fashion focus, Global Desi doesn’t compromise on comfort. Their leggings are crafted from soft and breathable fabrics that ensure you feel confident and comfortable all day long. 

Global Desi

W For Women: 

W For Women

Image Source: W For Woman

W For Women is aware that each woman is different and has different demands and preferences. They are a choice among those on a tight budget because they provide a huge selection of leggings in a range of designs, hues, and price ranges.

W For Women includes stylish patterned leggings, timeless black leggings, and cosy leggings for everyday wear. Their varied collection ensures you find a pair that perfectly complements your personal taste. W For Women’s leggings seamlessly transition from casual wear to more formal settings.

W For Women



Image Source: Amazon

Saundarya offers a compelling combination of affordability, comfort, and variety, making them a popular choice for everyday leggings. Saundarya caters to the value-conscious shopper. Their leggings are offered at accessible prices, with your favourite styles. Made from soft and breathable fabrics like cotton-lycra blends, Saundarya leggings prioritise comfort. They come in various lengths, including ankle-length, calf-length, and churidar, to suit your preference.


Go Colors:

Go Colors comes under top 10 brands of leggings in 2024

Image Source: Go Colors

This brand has an eye-catching selection of leggings that are ideal for the fashion-forward woman. Go Colours offers an extensive variety of leggings in every possible hue. Find the ideal shade to go with your or mood, whether it’s a bold bright or a trendy pastel. Classic black and neutrals are also available. To make its leggings stand out, Go Colours adds fashionable elements like side stripes, shimmer finishes, and distinctive textures. They offer a variety of lengths and styles, including churidar leggings for a more traditional look. Go Colors leggings are designed to be versatile mixing partners. 

Go Colors



Image Source: bliss Club

BlissClub is here to revolutionise your workout wardrobe with their high-performance, stylish leggings.  BlissClub leggings are crafted from high-quality and fabrics that ensure you can move freely and confidently during any workout, worry-free. They understand the needs of active women. BlissClub leggings offer multiple pockets ensuring comfort over everything.

BlissClub leggings aren’t just for workouts! Their stylish designs transition seamlessly from the gym to running errands or lounging at home. You can look and feel your best wherever the day takes you.


Dixcy Scott: 

Image Source: Amazon

A well-known brand in undergarments, Dixcy Scott has established itself as a trustworthy brands of comfort and reasonably priced leggings. Dixcy Scott, who is well-known for their skill in undergarments, applies the same attention to comfort to their leggings. They make use of supple, airy materials makes you comfortable.

Dixcy Scott provides a selection of fundamental legging styles in a range of hues and lengths. They’re ideal for layering beneath dresses and tunics, wearing every day, or just relaxing at home. Because Dixcy Scott leggings are so reasonably priced, they’re a great choice if you’re looking to stock up on everyday legging staples.

Dixcy Scott


Image Source: Amazon

Another well-known innerwear company in India, Rupa, brings its reputation for comfort and affordability to the legging market. Rupa puts comfort first when making leggings. They fit loosely and comfortably because of the breathable materials, making them ideal for daily usage or relaxing at home.

Rupa provides a selection of fundamental legging styles in various hues and convenient lengths. They are an excellent choice for layering or daily wear, and they are reasonably priced. For many Indian women, Rupa is a well-known and reliable brand because of its longstanding reputation for quality and comfort. You may consistently count on the quality of their leggings.



Image Source: Amazon

The well-known department store company Globus has an abundance of legging selections, making it a simple place to get anything you need for your wardrobe.  Globus is a single location that is home to numerous internal and external brands. To fit your tastes and pricing range, a broad variety of styles, hues, and price points are available. Globus has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for fashionable Global Desi trends or comfortable Dixcy Scott mainstays. They provide a wide range of leggings, from athletic wear to ethnic attire and anything in between.


Here are the Top 10 Leggings Brands In India with the buying link;

2Lyra Lux
3Global Desi
4W For Women
6Go Colors
8Dixcy Scott

FAQ About Top 10 Leggings Brands In India

1. Which company is best for leggings in India? 


2. Who made leggings popular? 

Joseph Shivers

3. What is the best brand for gym leggings? 

Gymshark Vital Seamless 2.0 leggings.

4. Why are Lulu leggings so expensive? 

Because of its high quality. 

5. How do I choose leggings?

leggings should be completely opaque.


Leggings have evolved from basic loungewear to a wardrobe essential. Leggings have become the ideal pair of leggings out there for everyone, leading an active lifestyle.

The top ten legging brands in India for 2024 were examined in this guide has introduced fashionista-focused companies, brands with unmatched comfort, and hidden jewels with unique qualities. 

Thus, keep in mind that you’re doing more than merely pulling on loungewear the next time you grab for a pair of leggings. You’re expressing your individual style, embracing the fashion revolution, and walking out with self-assurance and comfort. Happy buying for leggings!

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