Tame Your Mane Naturally: Top 10 Onion Hair Oils in India (2024) 

Onion Hair Oils in India (2024) 
Onion Hair Oils in India (2024) 
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Having trouble with thinning hair or dull locks? You only need to turn to the knowledge of ancient India! Natural hair care regimens have included onion hair oil, a tried-and-true covert weapon, for millennia. At the moment, there is a modern revival of this powerful cure. 

The Indian market has an array of colourful onion hair oils that all claim to be able to completely change your hair. But how can you choose the ideal match when there are so many candidates? Explore our article as we present the top ten Indian onion hair oil competitors for 2024. We’ll examine the industry titans that support each brand and provide you the tools to select the best oil to bring out the best in your hair! 

 Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil: 

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A popular pick, this oil boasts red onion seed oil alongside other nourishing ingredients for hair growth and damage repair. This natural and toxin-free hair loss oil helps you have stronger and healthier hair with the goodness of nature thanks to its lightweight, non-sticky consistency and delicious scent. Rich in sulphur, potassium, and antioxidants, onion hair oil promotes faster hair growth and lessens hair loss. Redensyl, one of the most recent revolutionary compounds in hair development, both unclogs hair follicles and stimulates the growth of new hair.

The onion oil is free of toxic substances and dangerous compounds like mineral oil, silicones, parabens, and dyes, making it safe for coloured and chemically treated hair.

Upakarma Ayurveda Onion Hair Oil: 

Upakarma Ayurveda Onion Hair Oil

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This Ayurvedic blend combines onion oil with black seed oil, argan oil, and other herbs to revitalise hair and promote scalp health. Rich in the bounty of nature, a combination of nourishing oils, including Jojoba, Amla, Black Seed, and Argan, strengthens hair from the inside out and gives it a shine. The scalp is said to be nourished by Bhringraj Oil. Almond oil, which is high in vitamin D, nourishes the scalp and builds stronger, thicker hair.

Spruce Shave Club Red Onion Hair Oil: 

Spruce Shave Club Red Onion Hair Oil

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This premium oil, crafted with 13 nourishing oils, promises to strengthen hair and reduce hair fall, all while being non-greasy. Club Spruce Shave Red onion hair oil is created to be a non-greasy, all-natural hair oil. It is composed of thirteen natural oils and extracts that combine to strengthen hair roots, encourage hair development, lessen dandruff, lessen hair loss, and provide a healthier head of hair overall. Its non-greasy texture is a deliberate design feature, setting it apart from other hair oils.

This makes the hair oil ideal for people with oily hair as well because it doesn’t make hair even more greasy while still giving your hair and scalp the nutrition and conditioning they require to sustain robust and healthy hair development.

Indulekha Bringha Onion Hair Oil: 

Indulekha Bringha Onion Hair Oil

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Combining the power of onion with bringha (Eclipta alba), this oil tackles hair loss and promotes regrowth. Each drop of Indulekha is prepared utilising age-old knowledge found in the Ayurvedic Granthas. Every herb is grown in the verdant state of Kerala and is hand-selected by professionals before being left to ripen in the sun for seven days. They are then slowly cooked in an oil mixture of almond and virgin coconut to produce a powerful hair healing cure.

Trichofort Onion Hair Oil: 

 Trichofort Onion Hair Oil

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A budget-friendly option, Trichofort offers a potent onion oil formula for stimulating hair growth and improving scalp circulation. Because of its quick absorption, this non-greasy, non-sticky hair oil is ideal for moisturising hair and leaves hair feeling stronger and more lustrous. It can also be applied as a scalp treatment.

Biotique Bio Onion Anti-Hair Fall Oil: 

Biotique Bio Onion Anti-Hair Fall Oil

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This oil leverages the power of onion extract, along with bhringraj and coconut oil, to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. For example, Biotique’s non-sticky Moroccan argan oil strengthens hair roots, and its intense repair therapeutic hair oil, Flame of the Forest, restores lustre.

Khadi Onion Hair Oil: 

Khadi Onion Hair Oil

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This natural option, free from harsh chemicals, nourishes the scalp and hair with the goodness of onion and other botanical extracts.This oil makes use of onion extract, which is well known for promoting hair growth. Khadi blends it with other plant extracts, each of which offers special advantages for the condition of your hair. A healthy scalp is key to healthy hair.

WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil: 

WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

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This oil combines the benefits of onion with black seed oil to combat hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. It’s designed to keep your hair from snapping. This hair oil’s active components control hair loss and encourage hair growth.

Juicy Chemistry Onion Hair Growth Oil: 

 Juicy Chemistry Onion Hair Growth Oil

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This cold-pressed onion oil, infused with carrier oils, promises to improve hair density and manageability. This natural and efficient hair care set is designed to strengthen hair follicles, increase blood flow, and stimulate hair growth. It minimises breaking of hair and encourages growth, enhances scalp health and blood circulation; aids in regulating hair loss and fall.

Ayurvedic Secrets Onion Hair Oil: 

Ayurvedic Secrets Onion Hair Oil

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Formulated with a blend of Ayurvedic herbs and onion oil, this option aims to strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth. It is made from a wholesome combination of natural oils that are infused with the goodness of nature, and it is entirely free of dangerous chemicals. It strengthens hair from the roots to the tips to guarantee hair development.

1Mamaearth Onion Hair Oilhttps://www.amazon.in/Mamaearth-Onion-Growth-Control-Redensyl/dp/B07W7CTLD1 
2Upakarma Ayurveda Onion Hair Oilhttps://www.flipkart.com/upakarma-onion-black-seed-hair-oil/p/itm6daf300c4fdf0 
3Spruce Shave Club Red Onion Hair Oilhttps://www.amazon.in/Spruce-Shave-Club-Natural-Extracts/dp/B07QLQ89ZX 
4Indulekha Bringha Onion Hair Oilhttps://www.amazon.in/Indulekha-Bringha-Ayurvedic-Control-Bringharaj/dp/B00S850C5C  
5Trichofort Onion Hair Oilhttps://www.amazon.in/TruSoul-Baidyanath-Authentic-Ayurvedic-Natural/dp/B0BLYTLYXG 
6Biotique Bio Onion Anti-Hair Fall Oilhttps://www.amazon.in/Biotique-Onion-Black-Silky-Strong/dp/B08JR3V8JK 
7Khadi Onion Hair Oilhttps://www.amazon.in/Khadi-Shuddha-Onion-Hair-Oil/dp/B08K4RJR55 
8Khadi Onion Hair Oilhttps://www.amazon.in/Khadi-Shuddha-Onion-Hair-Oil/dp/B08K4RJR55 
9Juicy Chemistry Onion Hair Growth Oilhttps://www.amazon.in/Juicy-Chemistry-Horsetail-Blackseed-Organic/dp/B08C4KVQRF 
10Ayurvedic Secrets Onion Hair Oilhttps://www.amazon.in/Seer-Secrets-Hair-Oil-Restorative/dp/B07L876TW9 

FAQ About Top 10 Onion Hair Oils in India (2024);

1. Which onion hair oil is the best? 

Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil 

2. Is onion oil good for hair regrowth?

 It promotes hair growth. 

3. Can I use onion oil daily?

 Use it one a week. 

4. Does Mamaearth onion oil really work?


5. Can I leave onion oil overnight? 

Don’t leave it loo long as it may have side effects.

 6. Which is the No 1 hair oil in India?

 Kesh King Ayurvedic Anti Hair Fall Hair Oil 

7. Which is the most powerful onion? 

White onions.


The journey to healthy, flourishing hair takes a fascinating turn with the diverse world of Indian onion hair oils. This article explored the top 10 contenders for 2024, each offering unique blends and benefits. Remember, the perfect oil depends on your specific hair type and concerns. 

Whether you seek a budget-friendly option, a blend infused with additional Ayurvedic herbs, or a cold-pressed oil for maximum purity, there’s an Indian onion hair oil waiting to be discovered. So, embrace the power of nature, explore the options we’ve unveiled, and embark on your path to achieving those luscious, healthy locks you’ve always desired! 

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