Skills Acquired by Mary Kom Along Her Journey to Becoming a Boxer

Skills Acquired by Mary Kom Along Her Journey to Becoming a Boxer
Skills Acquired by Mary Kom Along Her Journey to Becoming a Boxer
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Becoming a boxer is not an easy feat, and it requires certain skill sets which need honing over a long period. From a beginner’s perspective, the skill training starts with the boxer stance, the jab, the uppercut punches, and the hook. With time, perfect synchronization of footwork and punches can be achieved but only with complete dedication and constant practice by the aspirant boxer. If an individual aspires to become a boxer, he or she needs to undergo intensive training sessions and that too while maintaining a strict diet to stay in shape and get stronger. As the skill sets get perfected over time and through intensive practice sessions, boxing not only helps to stay fit but also works magically as a stressbuster. All the facts about this combat sport are relevant for any individual planning to pursue a career in boxing as depicted in the Mary Kom biography.

Mary Kom biography tells us that she is one such name in the world of boxing whose unwavering fighting spirit and passion for the sport are no less than that of a warrior who fights her way up to victory and global recognition.

The name Mary Kom first surfaced all over media in the year 2018, when she became the first Indian woman to have won the gold medal in boxing at the Commonwealth Games. Not that she was new to this sport, but the win at the Commonwealth Games made this 6-times winner of Asian Amateur Boxing Champion famous all over the world. With that, the entire world also got to know what struggles and hardships Mary had to go through before she made India so proud by winning gold at the Commonwealth Games.  

Her winning moment is celebrated even now, and a movie was even made on her life as a tribute to this extraordinary fighter lady which is gloriously mentioned in the Mary Kom biography. Claiming to have a different story of struggles and a unique set of challenges behind each of Mary Kom achievements, Mary Kom has shown how no dream can be fulfilled without a fair share of struggle in one’s life. Born into a family lacking financial strength in a rural hamlet in Manipur, Mary Kom had three siblings, all of whom had learned to work to earn a livelihood with their parents who were peasants in the field. According to the biography of Mary Kom, she had to spend her childhood in utter poverty where accumulating basic sustenance in itself was a challenging task, and even the thought of becoming a boxer never seemed like a possibility. However, she never gave up on her dream even when her family was not supportive of her passion for boxing. She continued following her passion with reinforced self-motivation and practiced boxing even at the cost of keeping it a secret from her father until she was eligible for competing at national championships.  

At every step of her life, she had to battle poverty and prejudices trying to pull her down, but with every blow, she reignited her zeal and became stronger. She was not ready to take a no for an answer when it came to fulfilling her dream. On her inspiring journey to becoming a boxer, Mary Kom acquired several skills. These skills were not only developed by her in the boxing ring but also outside of it. 

Balancing physical strength and techniques

The Mary Kom biography shows us that she started boxing when she was not just young but also inexperienced, with only her stamina to see her through every competition. However, with time she realized that without skill if she applied only her strength, she would exhaust herself succumbing to over-exertion. That was when she decided to develop her skills of throwing the punches strategically while calculating every move of the opponent. To further the objective, she invested in learning and mastering unique techniques of making better and swifter moves while maintaining her physical balance so that she was the one coming out victoriously from the boxing ring.

Focusing on the strengths

Mary Kom had no dearth of weaknesses and struggles that were well enough to threaten her career as a boxer. She had faced many opponents who were far more trained, fitter, and better equipped to fight within the ring than she was, but she never lost hope. She rather developed the talent of not feeling pessimistic because of her weaknesses and instead focused on her strengths to become formidable for her opponents to tackle. She started boosting and applying her core strengths which gained her an advantage over her opponents. Mary Kom biography is the best depiction of her strengths.

Never losing faith in yourself

Skepticism and rejection have always topped the list of Mary Kom when she was nurturing her dreams of becoming a boxer, starting from the disapproval shown by her father in pursuing her passion to all the other acquaintances who expressed doubts about her survival in the world of boxing as a woman. Even when she became a mother, everyone suspected her ability to return and continue thinking that her life was going to take a 180-degree turn and that she would never go back to that ring again. However, Mary Kom absorbed all the criticism and packed all the negativities in a punch hitting her critics back every time. Through the Mary Kom biography, she has belief in her skills and never succumbed to the negative criticisms or obstacles that often came between her and her dreams, be it poverty, hunger, or gender biases, she has created history. 

The stardom that Mary Kom enjoys today is not about her fate being so generous to her, but it is her unyielding perseverance, hard work, and indomitable spirit that kept on encouraging her to take every bold step needed to juggle the roles of a mother, daughter, sister, and wife while materializing her childhood dream of becoming a renowned international boxer from India into reality.

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