Exploring Water Parks in Ahmedabad 

Exploring Water Parks in Ahmedabad 
Exploring Water Parks in Ahmedabad 
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In the days of yesteryear, an incident took place on a scorching summer day in Ahmedabad, where the giant sun showered its thermal rays on the entire land. Seeing the extremely fiery condition of people, a person named Shankar Bhai Chaudhary came out as a savior to embark on the adventure to beat the heat. The people of Ahmedabad wondered about the question of pointing. Then only Shankar Bhai opened the gateway to aquatic wonderland, the water parks that will empower the city to promise its people an escape from relentless summer heat. It was the time when the foundation of Shanku’s Water Park and Resort was laid. This park became the first water park to be established with the best rides and safety in Eurasia. This served as the stepping stone for the others to walk on the same path and replenish Ahmedabad with exhilarated and refreshed vibes. Here, we are talking about Exploring Water Parks in Ahmedabad.

This enhanced the fame of Ahmedabad, an appealing city in India situated in the state of the honorable Prime Minister’s hometown. The incredible sights fascinate some tourists, but when it comes to fun and entertainment, it has loads to offer. To have a day encompassing 360-degree enjoyment with family and friends, plan a day off to set off on an adventure at a waterpark. Let’s explore the thrilling water parks in Ahmedabad to give your summer vacation a worthy treat. 

Here, we are talking about Exploring Water Parks in Ahmedabad :

Shanku’s Water Park and Resort

Shanku's Water Park and Resort
Image source: tripadvisor

Located just off the highway, this waterpark is the desired destination for both extroverts who want an adrenaline boost and introverts who are just keen on a relaxing day under the soft sun rays with family and friends. With their well-designed water slides, lagoons exposing geographical panoramas, lazy streams, and wave pools, they stand out in the crowd of aquatic kingdoms. The park is designed in such a way as to create the perfect ambiance for an exquisite day off, with green lawns veiled in vibrant colors fused with relaxing music. The unique part of spending your day in this park is that ‘Water World offers a wide spectrum of rides, tube slides, and whatnot. Besides this, the rainforest-oriented theme area enclosed with privacy lets you enjoy the cold stroke, and the rain dance area is best to kick off the scorching heat. This does not end here without heart-jerking rock climbing, rappelling, mud dives, and kayaking adventures. Shanku’s also provides a range of party packages and day packages. So, do not wait to choose your package today! 

Spot Site: Ahmedabad Mehsana Highway, Ahmedabad 

Visiting hours:10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays 

:9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekends 

Entry fee:1000 rupees on weekdays 

:1200 rupees on weekends 

Swapna Srushti Water Park

Swapna Srushti Water Park
Image source: easemyshift

Sited in the Amarnath Dham area, Swapna Srushti Water Park is among the best water parks in Ahmedabad. It has a variety of pools and slides, as well as unique attractions. It treasures the diverse categories of pools, including the island pool, lazy river pool, wave pool, and the fun-filled package for your little ones with the junior pool and kiddie pool loaded with numerous fun activities. This park is packed with different types of rides and slides, like the amusement park, thrill ride, and super slide. To experience the idiosyncratic science phenomenon, do not forget to get into the Thrilling Fog Zone, which exposes the splash of artificial rain to make your day off a red-letter day. The outlets and buffets feature adds to its popularity among kids as well as adults. The bonus point of visiting this park is the experience of DJ parties and live music nights. The souvenir shop allows you to make your visit memorable. It is the best place to hit the heat and stay cool in the pool. The amenities offered by this aqua adventure zone and its convenient location make it a ‘worth visiting’ water park in Ahmedabad. 

Spot site: Gandhinagar-Mahudi Highway, Near Amarnath Dham, Cross Road, Amarapur, Gujarat 

Visiting hours: 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Entry fee: 600 rupees on weekdays. 

:700 rupees on weekends 

(Additional 50 rupees as locker charge) 

Splash: The Fun World

Splash: The Fun World
Image source: oceanparkwaterworld

Situated on the Sarkhej Sanand Road in Ahmedabad, this park is spread over 12 acres of land. Splash the Fun World is the popular jubilant day-out place in Ahmedabad. It encircles over 25 rides of different types, including water rides and regular rides. Like other water parks, this recreational zone has a lazy stream where you can float as well as swim in downward movement. The most unique characteristic of this park that attracts visitors is its banquet garden and the multi-cuisine restaurant for those who want to experience a leisure retreat filled with aqua adventures. This park is mainly an attractive place for youngsters due to its DJ party nights. It also has the feature of a conference hall. Besides this, the park also offers special packages for group bookings incorporated by schools, NGOs, etc. The nearest attractions to the Splash water parks include the Sabarmati Ashram, Calico Museum of Textiles, etc. 

Spot site: Sarkhej, Sanand Road, Village Telav, Kolet Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Visiting hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Entry fee: 500 rupees to 750 rupees 

Maniar Wonderland

Maniar Wonderland
Image source: dreamstime

This water recreational park is located at Sarkhej Sanand Road, near the Splash Waterpark. It is known for its exquisite architecture, countless water rides and slides, enriched quality service, and a wide variety of buffet and fun activity options. The special glitter of this park provides the Cockscrew, the Space Bowl, the Boomerang, and over thirty fiery wild rides to embark on the spark of adventure. The availability of many restaurants and bars serving national as well as international cuisine ornaments the service of the park. Another reason for choosing Maniar Wonderland as a holiday destination is the affordable pricing it provides with its well-maintained attentive and friendly staff. This park should be enlisted in the bucket list of those who want to experience the halyconic aura of a fun-filled day. 

Spot site: Sarkhej Sanand Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

Visiting hours: 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

Entry fee: 180 rupees for children 

: 220 rupees for adults 

There are additional charges for each ride. 

Bliss Aqua Water Park

Bliss Aqua Water Park
Image source: ashaval

Located on the Mehsana Highway, this park offers a diversity of rides to make your heart pump fast. The Bliss Aqua Water Park put forth an array of heart-pounding cyclone slides, tornado slides, and pendulum slides to whirl in the motion of exhilarating vibrations of enjoyment. If you are looking for an ecstatic experience to groove your dance moves while getting drenched, then the head-to-toe rain dance floor is a must to explore this aquatic wonderland. For those who are planning a long week of holiday, Bliss Aqua Waterpark offers the option of resorts to relax and rejuvenate after the delightful odyssey of enjoyment. 

Spot site: Mehsana-Unjha Highway Road, Motidua, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Visiting hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

Entry fee: 800 rupees (Monday to Saturday) 

:1000 rupees on Sunday 

7S WaterPark

7S WaterPark
Image source: myahmedabad

Sited on the Rohisa, Hathijan, in Ahmedabad, 7S Waterpark is a compilation of giant slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, kiddies pools, family slides, landscape gardens, and aqua play shops for a completely gratifying expedition. The attraction prepositions of this park hold the execution of its restaurants. They serve you exotic food cuisines. The resorts of 7S Water Park have an aura of natural beauty that holds the breath. The tendering of international safety norms in architecture makes this park shine brightly in the city of Ahmedabad. 

Spot size: Rohisa, Hathijan, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 

Visiting hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Entry fee: 650 rupees on weekdays. 

:700 rupees on weekends 

: Additional 100 rupee locker charges. 

Hence, the heart of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, is the gateway to your entry into the kingdom of water. The wide range of waterparks in Ahmedabad enables us to choose from affordable and

sustainable picks. The water parks of Ahmedabad provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time and bond with their family and friends. Apart from the execution of all possible thrilling activities, these parks have kept in mind each safety measure to make sure that your loved ones as well as you experience the best water-friendly experiences without worrying about anything. If you are looking for a splendid day with family and friends to have an adventurous and relaxing day, then the above-mentioned water parks in Ahmedabad are worth checking out! 

So, don’t wait to set on the exquisite panorama of adventure; choose your destination today! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a one-year-old baby allowed in the Water Park? 

Yes, but keep him or her away from the pool. Especially from the wave pools, they are quite deep. 

What type of clothing is recommended in the Water Park? 

Only the swimwear of Lycra or Nylon is allowed. 

Are there group or party packages available? 

Yes, the parks offer special group and party packages at discounted rates with catering and reserved pavilion services. 

Is outside food and beverages allowed in the Waterpark? 

No, outside food and drink are not allowed in the park. 

Is there a refund policy in case of unfavorable weather? 

Normally, the refunds are not offered. If the inclement weather does not pass within an hour, then the ticket can be validated for the next day. 

What safety measures are taken in place? 

The parks execute the attentive staff, and qualified lifeguards, and posted signs in restricted areas for particular age groups.

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