Navigating Adulthood: Top 10 Things To Do When You Turn 18

Top Things To Do When You Turn 18
Things To Do When You Turn 18
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Hey you!! Yeah you with a brand new “Adulter-starter pack” now that you have hit a glorious 18!! Welcome to the club of the incompatible blend of the happy jingles of 18 and the liable jitters of adulthood. The dawn of adulthood, marks an entire era of all the mixed emotions within you. It’s a transformative journey of an individual into an unmapped territory of independence, responsibility, emotions and feelings. You can feel everything and nothing at the same time, it’s indeed the magic of adulthood. 

As the door to adulthood opens, embrace it with fun and responsibilities . It’s a process of self- discovery, grown up decisions, loving, hurting, healing and learning; everything with a gentle stroke of independence. 

Turning 18 isn’t just a blowing of candles or a step into legality, it’s an invitation to embark the journey of life’s process, a deliberate path to discover yourself, personal growth, societal engagement, and crafting the blueprint of your future. You may be confused, stressed, pressured but never leave off the charm adulthood gives. 

So now get ready to embark on the whirlwind journey of laughter, learning and finding adulthood. Buckle up!! And explore the ten essential things to do when you turn 18. Get ready to seize your day, make memories, laugh out loud, live your life, note the hundred eeny little little things around you.

Register to vote: Learn Legal Rights and Responsibilities 

Register to vote is one of the legal right is one of top

First things first!! Finish off all the legalities which should be done when you reach the age 18. Get your driving licence, voter ID and all the other Government identity cards. It opens the door for self realisation of independence and mobility. Adulting is only about ageing, it also includes all the responsibilities that future beholds. Understand legal rights and 

responsibilities. Be wise. Let your decision positively impact the prosperity of the nation. It is a powerful and positive way of staying in your community. 

Learn a skill: Journal your days. 

Learn a skill: Journal your days
Journal your days is one of the top habit that we should do on daily basis

The most important thing to do as you turn 18 is to learn new skills. Be it writing, reading, painting, photography or anything, learn any skill to enhance yourself, to have a productive time. Start journaling your days, start picturing your moments. Believe me, it’s one of the best things you could do for yourself. Once you turn old, memories are the only thing which will be in your shadows and soul. A day of laughter will bring tears to your eye and a loud cry will bring laughter in your heart. So Journal your days and capture your movements. Every word in your journal whispers the tale of your soul. You are the main character in your

journal, it’s your world. It’s a sanctuary of your thoughts, dreams, and secrets. With each stroke of the pen, emotions dance, ideas flourish, and memories bloom like petals in a gardenPages filled with laughter, tears, and wisdom become a treasure trove of self-discovery. 

Volunteer for good cause: 

Volunteer for good cause
Volunteer for good cause about things to do after turning 18 in India

Turning 18 is not just the door of fun and adventure, it also comes with an impending desire to do good deeds. Volunteering is the heartbeat of humanity and compassion. It’s the silent language of empathy and kindness. Visit many people, embrace them. Your hands will not only embrace the needy but also your soul will be spirited, learning that not all get what they want, and not all love what they need. If it’s not now, then it’s never. So volunteer yourself for a good cause before it’s too late. Donate blood, teach students, support environmental problems, and join animal care. A good cause is the best beginning for 18. Volunteering isn’t just lending a hand; it’s weaving threads of compassion into the fabric of society. It’s about stepping up, making a difference, and embracing the magic of generosity. In a world bustling with opportunities, few shine as brightly as the chance to give back.

Adopt a puppy: 

Adopt a puppy
Adopt a puppy is a fun things to do when you turn 18

The biggest sign of turning 18 is being independent. Adopting a puppy is a heartwarming journey brimming with joy. It’s not just a furry friend, it’s a journey to the eternal realm of love and happiness without any expectations. It’s a silent companionship and it’s a 

commitment to nurturing a lifelong friendship. Embracing a puppy means opening your heart to unconditional affection, playful antics, and shared adventures. Through patient guidance and cuddles, you create a loyal companion and a source of immeasurable happiness. Each bark, each tail wag is a reminder of the priceless bond forged—a testament to the immeasurable joy of giving a shelter pup a forever home. 

Plan a trip with friends: 

Plan a trip with friends
Plan a trip with friends is a  most memorable thing to do when you turn 18

The most memorable thing to do when you turn 18 is to plan a trip. What are you waiting for!! Pack your bags! Call your friends! Go on a trip. When you turn back nothing will make your heart skip more than the adventurous trip you planned with your friends. It’s not obligatory that your trip should be expensive, and a long trip. Even a sudden unplanned trip will make your heart brim with laughter. Spend quality time together. Talk to one another, throw away your mobiles for at least an hour or two and have a hearty conversation with your friends which will make you recharged . With your friends together, each

moment becomes a story and a tale. From mapping out hidden trails to chasing sunsets, it’s a tapestry of thrill and laughter. With backpacks and spontaneity as companions, delve into unknown terrains, seek breathtaking vistas, and bond over shared escapades. 

Creative Arts and Craft Night: 

Creative Arts and Craft Night
Creative Arts and Craft Night

Amidst the digital words, the appreciation for little things and handicrafts is underrated. They’re an invitation to explore artistic expressions, wielding brushes, threads, or clay as tools of creation. Gathered around tables, laughter intertwines with creativity as visions take shape on canvases or transform into intricate designs. Each stroke, each delicate fold, narrates a story—a canvas infused with colours, a masterpiece born from the interplay of hands and hearts. These nights aren’t just about crafts; they’re symphonies of shared passions, where friendship blooms amid the tapestry of artistic endeavours, leaving behind memories crafted from brushes dipped in laughter and dreams.

Explore Higher Education or Career Paths: 

Set your Path. Be clear. After 18 life is easily not going to be the way you want. You fight. You struggle. Be ready for all the challenges. Choose your life path. Narrow down your interest, explore the skills associated with your interest. Learn additional courses. Enhance your professional skill. Research career opportunities aligned with your passions and aspirations. Consider internships or apprenticeships to gain practical experience.With all your combined efforts and struggles, you will never be down the ladder. Make your learning a fun and happy process. 

Set Meaningful Goals: 

Define what success means to you. It may not be the typical concept. It may vary. If life is all

about winning then all will be losers. Find your purpose. Establish both short-term and long-term goals. If you are 18 and found your purpose, then you are an achiever for sure. Whether big or small, they’re seeds sown for progress, igniting passion and purpose. It’s about envisioning the future, charting aspirations, and embracing the journey of self-discovery. 

Do what your heart says. 

As you turn 18, though you will face a nerve-wracking situation, don’t miss living your life. Amidst the several responsibilities, do what your heart says. Enjoy every little thing around you. Do what makes you happy. Get a tattoo, read a novel, join dance class, enjoy every bit of your life and not worry about society’s judgement until you do not disturb others’ peace. 

Improve your network: 

Make new friends. It’s the heartbeat of relationships, where laughter harmonises with empathy, and stories intertwine like a beautiful melody. Whether over coffee or amidst

bustling gatherings, it’s the vibrant tapestry of human interaction—forging friendships, nurturing bonds, and celebrating diversity. It’s a space where smiles transcend barriers, fostering understanding and acceptance. In these shared encounters, we find belonging, 

support, and the warmth of shared experiences. Socialising isn’t just about interaction; it’s the symphony of souls, orchestrating a world where connections bloom and hearts resonate in harmony. 

FAQ About Top 10 Things To Do When You Turn 18: 

1. Should I consider registering to vote? 

Absolutely! Registering to vote is a significant step in civic engagement, allowing you to participate in the democratic process and have a say in local and national matters. 

2. What financial steps should I take at 18?

 It’s wise to start budgeting, saving money, and considering your financial goals. Explore opening a savings account, learn about investing, and consider creating an emergency fund. 

3. What do most 18 year olds do? 

beginning college or starting their career 

4. How can I ensure responsible use of newfound freedoms after turning 18?

 It’s crucial to balance newfound freedoms with responsible decision-making. Educate yourself on legal responsibilities, practice good judgment, and seek guidance when needed.


As I draw the curtain on this journey through the top 10 essentials of turning 18, I hope these pointers serve as a compass, guiding you through the thrilling landscape of adulthood. Remember, this milestone isn’t just about legality; it’s a launchpad for dreams, a canvas awaiting your brushstrokes of independence and responsibility. Embrace each experience, whether it’s mastering finances, championing causes, or nurturing relationships, for they shape the mosaic of your adulthood. As you step into this exciting phase, may these steps empower you, guide you, and inspire you to craft a life rich with purpose, joy, and adventure. Cheers to the journey ahead; go out there and conquer the world! 

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