Beyond The Basics: Top 10 Blazer Colours For Men

Top Blazer Colours For Men
Top Blazer Colours For Men
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The foundation of a well-rounded wardrobe, blazers effortlessly transition from casual to formal wear. They are the ultimate style chameleons, able to completely change an outfit just by changing the colour. We explore the range of blazer colours in this guide, highlighting the best 10 hues that will up your style ante. These colours are stylish and versatile for every event, from classic looks to striking pieces. Let your blazer speak for you, weather you are in a ball room dance or in a professional environment, let your style speak. . 

Blazers are only been seen at formal events and stuffy boardrooms. The modern blazer is a multifaceted chameleon that can be worn with any ensemble to add personality and shift from being an authoritative emblem to a statement piece. This article reveals the top 10 blazer colours which goes well with all occasions. 


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Camel is a fantastic choice for those who want to experiment with bolder colours but still maintain a sense of sophistication. This warm, neutral hue exudes a timeless elegance that pairs effortlessly with a variety of colours and textures. For a polished and put-together look, pair your camel blazer with trousers in a similar shade of beige or brown. Camel looks equally stunning against darker colours like navy, black, or even burgundy. A camel blazer can easily be dressed down for a more casual vibe. Try pairing it with a crisp white t-shirt and your favourite jeans.

Light Blue: 

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This cool shade is ideal for the warmer months because it gives every ensemble a hint of summer. Wear your light blue jacket with linen trousers or white chinos for a carefree, beachy vibe.Wear a navy skirt or khaki trousers for a refined and traditional look. Don’t be scared to pair your light blue blazer with jeans for a polished yet laid-back aesthetic. The outfit is finished with a dapper white button-down shirt.  Light blue provides an uncluttered space for accessories. Try adding colourful accents to your pocket square, scarf, or shoes.

 Olive Green: 

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Olive green is a true chameleon in the world of bold blazers. It offers a touch of ruggedness and earthy sophistication that elevates any outfit. Unlike flashier colours, olive green remains versatile, allowing you to experiment with a range of styles.

Pair your olive green blazer with khaki chinos or dark wash jeans for a classic military-inspired look. Brown combat boots or loafers complete the vibe. Olive green doesn’t shy away from other bold colours. Experiment with burgundy trousers or a mustard yellow sweater for a truly unique ensemble.  


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The colour burgundy embodies robust elegance. This deep, jewel-toned shade is striking without being too ostentatious. It instantly adds sophistication to any ensemble, making it ideal for a night out with friends, business, or evening gatherings.

Wearing grey trousers with your burgundy blazer creates a sophisticated, respectable ensemble that is timeless. The striking ensemble is finished with a silk tie and a fresh white shirt. Burgundy is not averse to a contemporary spin. Try wearing a turtleneck or patterned shirts for a modern twist on this timeless hue. You may also dress down burgundy blazers for a smart-casual ensemble.


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Maroon is a close cousin to burgundy, offering a touch more richness and depth.  Pair your maroon blazer with navy trousers for a timeless and polished look that’s perfect for work or formal occasions. Maroon complements neutral tones beautifully.

Pair your blazer with beige chinos, grey flannel trousers, or even a cream-coloured linen shirt for a sophisticated yet relaxed vibe. While maroon looks stunning with neutrals, it can also handle bolder pairings. Experiment with a patterned shirt in teal or emerald green, or add a pop of colour with a mustard yellow pocket square. Similar to burgundy, maroon takes centre stage. Opt for classic and elegant accessories.


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Although many people might not think of cream as a “bold” colour, a cream blazer can make an unexpected statement. It radiates a classic beauty that defies fads and seasons.  Because you may dress it up or down for different events, cream is really versatile. Your cream blazer will seem put together and professional if you wear it with pants or a skirt that is either beige or ivory in colour. This monochrome outfit is ideal for professional settings or formal gatherings. A classic combination that never goes out of style is navy and cream.

Light Brown:

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Light brown provides a laid-back sophistication that is ideal for people who like to experiment with more vibrant hues without sacrificing their approachability. Warmth emanates from this earthy colour, which goes well with many different textures and patterns and is a flexible addition to any wardrobe. Wear beige linen trousers or tan chinos to embrace the easygoing vibe of light brown.

An elegant white t-shirt or a chambray shirt finishes the laid-back yet polished style. Boat shoes or loafers give it a polished look.For workplaces with laxer dress codes, light brown blazers can also be dressed up. Wear yours with grey flannel trousers or navy chinos. A button-down shirt with rolled sleeves gives it a more relaxed vibe. Brown leather derby shoes complete the professional yet approachable look.

Light Pink: 

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In the world of blazers, light pink is like a breath of fresh air. For people who love a little whimsy and don’t mind standing out, this vibrant and feminine colour adds a dash of individuality to any ensemble.  Since light pink is a bold colour, it’s advisable to wear neutral accessories with the rest of your ensemble. Wear your blazer with a cream skirt, white jeans or black trousers. This makes it possible for the pink to steal the show. Try a monochrome design with a twist for a more cutting-edge style. Wear your light pink blazer with a somewhat darker pink skirt or trousers.

This results in a unified appearance with a hint of fun contrast. Denim and light pink blazers go together like clockwork. For a flirtatious and lively casual appearance, team yours with white trainers, dark wash jeans and a white t-shirt. This is ideal for breakfast dates or weekend excursions.


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Choose a neutral-coloured, patterned blazer for a more adaptable look. Consider modest plaid in beige and brown, pinstripes in navy and grey, or houndstooth in black and white. These go well with many different solid-coloured shirts, skirts and pants.The overall effect of your blazer is greatly influenced by the pattern’s scale. Naturally, a big, bold pattern will stand out more than a smaller, more detailed one. Select a scale that fits both your desired level of boldness and your body type.Because patterned blazers are so striking, it’s best to accessorise sparingly.

Scarves, pocket squares, and ties in solid colours will go well with the pattern without drawing too much attention to themselves. 


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The goal of textured blazers is to give them more personality and dimension.  They encourage a deeper inspection and appreciation of the finer points in the weave, in contrast to smooth materials. They are therefore ideal for people who like to display an elegant but unique sense of style.Think of textured blazers in traditional hues like brown or blue for a chic and adaptable look.  A great alternative that adds a touch of warmth and casual sophistication are corduroy blazers.

A simple blazer is made more stylish without being unduly garish by the modest texture added by herringbone weaves.  These textured neutrals look great with a range of shirts, trousers and jeans in solid colours. Although traditional hues are usually a safe choice, textured blazers can also serve as a backdrop for more daring selections.  Try a complex weave in a dark burgundy or a deep green corduroy blazer.  These will give your ensemble a pop of colour personality while yet providing the textured depth you desire.

FAQ About Top 10 Blazer Colours For Men;

1. What colour blazer should I buy? 

Neutral colours such as navy, grey and black 

2. What colour blazer goes with everything?


3. Which colour blazer is best for brown skin?

 Navy blue

4. Which colour shirt is best for blazer? 


5. Which colour blazer is best with jeans? 

Dark blue. 


 Finally, let go of your phobia of fashion and go into the realm of statement blazers! This guide has revealed an array of hues, designs, and materials, each providing a distinctive means of showcasing your individuality and transforming your ensemble. Find the perfect bold blazer to match your style, whether it’s the elegant warmth of camel or the whimsical playfulness of pastel pink.

Therefore, embrace your inner fashion icon and don’t be scared to try new things and have fun. Never forget that the greatest accessory is confidence, and wearing a statement blazer is the ideal way to show it off!

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