Top 10 Sandals For Women In India

Top Sandals For Women In India
Top Sandals For Women In India
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Sandals or foot weat has now become one of the fashion statements you make in thus society. Besides your dressing style and fashion, the footwear you wear has also become one of the fashion identities. So one has to make sure that sandals are not only meant for fashion but also for comfort. And so, the sandals one wear should not only be fashionable but also comfortable.

Eventually, in this article lets see he top 10 sandals of women which are not only fashionable but also comfortable. 

Metro Sandals: 

Metro Sandals

Image Source:  Metro Shoes

In India, Metro Shoes provide a range of styles to match your dress and taste, from stylish strappy sandals for work to adorned wedges for a night out.Comfort comes first with Metro sandals, despite their stylish appearance. They frequently make use of well-made straps and cushioned footbeds to guarantee that your feet feel comfortable all day. Metro offers a range of sandals to suit different needs. There are chic heels for a dash of glitz, cosy wedges for running errands or casual get-togethers, and sophisticated flats ideal for the workplace.

Khadims Sandals: 

Image Source: Khadims

It is a comfortable wear is a top priority for many Khadims sandals. To make sure your feet feel good even after long days, they frequently have flexible fabrics, supportive straps, and cushioned soles.Khadims offers a range of price points. 

Hush Puppies Sandals: 

Hush Puppies Sandals

Image Source: Hush Puppies

Women’s sandals from Hush Puppies, a company renowned for its classic styles and emphasis on comfort, are ideal for daily wear.In Hush Puppies sandals, a padded footbed and arch support are top priorities. Sandals from Hush Puppies are made with premium materials and construction techniques to last. This guarantees their resistance to normal wear and tear.Hush Puppies sandals are renowned for their classic appeal, but they also feature contemporary design aspects to stay current. There are numerous types available, ranging from elegant slides to bold sandals, all with a timeless silhouette.

Mochi Sandals:

Mochi Sandals

Image Source: Mochishoes

Popular in India, Mochi is a footwear brand that focuses on elegance, comfort, and affordability to meet the varied sandal demands of women. Moch i has a huge selection of stylish and functional sandal styles. There is a Mochi sandal to go with any outfit or occasion, from chic flats for work to adorned wedges for a night out and cosy flip-flops for everyday wear.In many of their sandals, Mochi puts comfort first, even with a dash of style. To make sure your feet feel good all day, look for features like flexible fabrics, supporting straps, and cushioned insoles. Mochi offers a variety of price points. They are a well-liked option for customers who are budget cautious because they provide a decent assortment of stylish and cosy sandals at reasonable costs.

Birkenstock Sandals: 

Birkenstock Sandals

Image Source:Dillards

Birkenstock sandals are distinguished by their persistent dedication to comfort and their distinctive, instantly recognisable design. The unmatched comfort of Birkenstocks is their claim to fame. Their naturally shaped cork footbed conforms to your foot’s contours, offering outstanding arch support and a comfortable gait. This makes them perfect for anyone who value comfort above short-term wear, particularly those who have foot pain.High-quality materials like leather and cork are used in the strong construction of Birkenstock sandals, which is their trademark. 

Inc.5 Sandals:

Inc.5 Sandals

Image Source: Amazon

Inc.5 offers fashionable sandals at reasonable prices to India’s fashion-conscious women. A large selection of sandals that follow fashion trends are available from Inc.5. There is an Inc.5 sandal to fit your style preferences, ranging from strappy sandals and wedges for a night out to embellished flats and minimalist designs for everyday use.Inc.5 prioritises style, but many of their sandals also have comfort aspects. To guarantee some degree of comfort during the day, look for things like well-designed straps or cushioned insoles.  Given their reputation for being reasonably priced, Inc.5 sandals are a fantastic choice for consumers on a tight budget who still want to be in style.

Catwalk Sandals: 

Catwalk Sandals

Image Source: Ajio

Women who like to add some flare and individuality to their footwear selections can find what they’re looking for in runway sandals.A vast selection of fashionable and striking sandal designs are available at Catwalk. They cater to women who want their footwear to make a statement, offering everything from strappy sandals with striking buckles to adorned flats and hefty heels.Comfort is often given priority in Catwalk sandals, even with their stylish appearance. They frequently have features like padded insoles and stylish straps to make sure your feet feel comfortable all day.Sandals fit for a variety of circumstances are available at Catwalk. There are alternatives for work-appropriate flats, evening sandals for a night out, and daily wear.

Bata Sandals: 

Bata Sandals

Image Source: Bata

Sandals from Bata, a well-known brand in India, are available in a variety of styles to suit different demands and tastes. For many years, Bata has been a reliable brand in India, renowned for its emphasis on comfort and quality. Their sandals are made using sturdy materials and manufacturing techniques to last.Sandals from Bata are renowned for being reasonably priced. 

Kolhapuri Chappals: 

Kolhapuri Chappals

Image Source: Amazon

Originating in the Maharashtra region of Kolhapur, Kolhapuri chappals are a distinctive fusion of style and history. For Indian women, these handcrafted leather sandals provide a flexible and comfortable footwear option. Kolhapuri chappals have a long history because they have been made utilising age-old methods for millennia. Having a pair allows you to be a part of this cultural history. 

Flite Sandals:

Flite Sandals

Image Source: Amazon

Women’s sandals from the well-known Indian footwear brand Flite are reasonably priced and come in a variety of styles.Flite offers a range of fashionable sandal designs while being up to date with fashion. You can find a Flite sandal to fit your needs, whether you’re looking for flats or wedges for casual outings or heels and pumps for business or dressier situations.Comfort is given first priority in many of Flite’s sandals, even with their emphasis on style. To make sure your feet feel comfortable all day, look for features like flexible fabrics, supporting straps, and cushioned soles.Because of their reputation for being reasonably priced, Flite sandals are a fantastic choice for budget-conscious customers who value both fashion and functionality.

1Metro Sandals
2Khadims Sandals
3Hush Puppies Sandals
4Mochi Sandals:
5Birkenstock Sandals
6Inc.5 Sandals
7Catwalk Sandals
8Bata Sandals
9Kolhapuri Chappals
10Flite Sandals

FAQ about top 10 sandals for women in India;

1. Which women’s sandals are most comfortable?

 Keen Women’s Elle Mixed Strap Sandal

2. Which brand of sandals is most comfortable in India? 


3. What sandals are in fashion right now?

 Black Flatforms

4. What is a good sandal for walking? 

ECCO Women’s Flowt Sandal.

5. Which is the No 1 footwear brand in India? 



The weather in India is perfect for chic and cosy sandals, and this guide has looked at many amazing options to meet your needs and tastes. We’ve covered a variety of brands and designs, from the classic Birkenstocks with their unmatched comfort to the chic Catwalk sandals that make a statement.

So choose your style and rock your step with your favourite sandals. 

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