Zesty Turn For Taste Buds: Top 10 Healthy Beers 

Zesty Turn For Taste Buds: Top 10 Healthy Beers 
Zesty Turn For Taste Buds: Top 10 Healthy Beers 
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It is quite essential to enjoy your life with the tarty inflection of your taste buds, but the option for fulfilling this inflection should account for having negative health implications. Thus, to fulfill the craving for citrus and sweet flavor, we are here with a blog post unveiling the top-notch quality of beers brewed out of organic and natural ingredients. So, let’s explore these healthy beers with us today! We are talking about Zesty Turn For Taste Buds: Top 10 Healthy Beers.

Here we are discussing about Zesty Turn For Taste Buds: Top 10 Healthy Beers :

Boosting Beer: Budweiser 

Image Credit: Amazon. in 

Alcohol Percentage: 0% 

Flavor: Beer 

Unique Features: 

● This beer, formulated with ingredients like barley, hops, and yeast, is one of the healthiest beers because it is free of any alcoholic content and has an exact beer taste. 

● In addition, it is known for its refreshing and crisp taste, which is more than enough to pace up your mood and give your taste buds a smooth and zesty turn. It is also a healthy treat.

Official Site: https://us.budweiser.com 

Price: ₹594 

Link to buy: https://www.amazon.in

Ace the Ale: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 

 Ace the Ale: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 
Image Credit: Garden Grocer

Alcohol Percentage: 5.6% 

Flavor: Ale 

Unique Features:

● This beer is the talk of the town due to its completely natural and organic ingredients, like cascade hops, which are popularly recognized for their cavernous aromas of citrus and pine. 

● This beer is also recognized for its served pairing, which goes excellent with recipes or dishes like beef, salty snacks, and spicy platters. 

Official Site: https://sierranevada.com/ 

Price: $16.99 

Link to buy: https://www.totalwine.com

Beer Boom : Yuengling Light Lager Beer

Yuengling Light Lager Beer
Image Credit: WikiliQ

Alcohol Percentage: 3.2% 

Flavor: Craft beer 

Unique Features: 

● Encased in the tasteful notes of being dry, light, and malty, this beer is specifically renowned for its tart inflection, turning taste buds with nuts and turkey.

● The serving component percentage of this beer accounts for 99 calories and about 3.2 grams of carbohydrate content. Apart from this, the recommended serving temperature for this beer is between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Official Site: https://www.yuengling.com

Price: $22.9 = ₹1,919 

Link to buy: https://pavlishbev.com

Wheat Magic: Hoegaarden

Image Credit: Amazon. in 

Alcohol Percentage: 0% 

Flavor: Wheat 

Unique Features: 

● One of the most fascinating aspects of this beer is that it is recognized as the first premium beer extracted from wheat in India. This attribute makes it stand out in the market, particularly in the national market.

● Apart from this, the other admiring, as well as astounding feature of this beer, is its appearance. At the same time, it is poured down in the hexagonal glass with a cloudy and creamy allure, and the specialty of this glass is that it helps in keeping the beer colder for a longer duration of time. 

Official Site: https://hoegaarden.com

Price: ₹100 

Link to buy: https://www.bigbasket.com

Subtle Haze of Clouds: Abita Purple Haze Beer 

Abita Purple Haze Beer 
Image Credit : WikiliQ

Alcohol Percentage: 4.2% 

Flavor: Fruity Beer 

Unique Features: 

● This beer stands out in the market because of its groundbreaking taste, which is an amazing feast for your taste buds. It is formulated by brewing real raspberries, giving it a crisp taste with a subtle purple color.

● The inclusion of raspberries adds to the fruity and smelly aroma of the beer, while the unique blend of Pilsner and wheat exudes a tartly sweet taste. 

Official Site: https://abita.com/brew/purple-haze/ 

Price: $2.99 =₹ 249 

Link to buy: https://halftimebeverage.com

Light of Lager: Bira 91 Light 

Bira 91 Light 
Image Credit: Spencers.in 

Alcohol Percentage: 4.0% 

Flavor: Beer 

Unique Features: 

● This light and low-calorie beer comes in a blend inculcated with about 80 calories and only 3 grams per 300 ml of the beer served.

● This beer is formulated out of components like barley malt, hops, and maize. This beer is also recognized for its clean and light taste and its refreshing taste filled with the loads of aroma of piney hop. 

Official Site: https://bira91.com/beer-details-light 

Price: ₹140 

Link to buy: https://www.spencers.in

King Brew: Left Hand Good Juju 

Left Hand Good Juju
Image Credit : graficaimprress

Alcohol Percentage: 4.5% 

Flavor: Organic Ginger 

Unique Features: 

● Packed in with the richness of golden color allure, this beer is made out of entirely organic ginger, which is juiced manually through hands at home only. 

● This beer is a pale ale with a zesty tart of organic ginger, and the best as well as most recommended temperature to serve the glass of this beer is between 40 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Official Site: https://lefthandbrewing.com 

Price: $12.99 = ₹1,084 (pack of 6). 

Link to buy: https://www.totalwine.com

Talk of the Feast: Kingfisher Radler

Kingfisher Radler
Image source: Mishry

Flavor: Mint, lemon, strawberry, and black currant 

Unique Features: 

● One of the most amazing parts of having this healthy beer is that it does not only come in one flavor; instead, it is available in many other flavors in the market, which you can choose according to the mood and taste cravings of your buds. 

● The other fantastic aspect of this beer is that it has zero percent alcoholic content while giving an exact taste like a real beer. It is produced out of real fruit juice and barley malt, which makes it a natural beer with health implications. 

Official Site: https://www.kingfisherbeer.co.uk/



Price: ₹70 

Link to buy: https://www.nowgrocery.com

Brew Draft: Guinness Draft 

Guinness Draft 
Image Credit: Amazon. in 

Alcohol Percentage: 4% 

Flavor: Nachos, Rosemary, and Garlic 

Unique Features: 

● It comes in a distinctively black royal color, making it an iconic beer, which is a testament to harmony, and it came out to be a perfectly balanced beer.

● This beer is particularly known for its blended taste mixture. As you take a sip of this beer at first, the zesty aroma of a sweet taste comes out, accompanied by a later bitter taste due to the presence of wheat and barley. 

Official Site: https://www.guinness.com 

Price: SGD 110.15 = ₹6,819 

Link to buy: https://www.amazon.sg

Shoot the Shot: Deschutes Brewery Da Shootz 

Deschutes Brewery Da Shootz
Image Credit: almaluna.id

Alcohol Percentage: 4.0% 

Flavor: Citrus 

Unique Features: 

● This beer gives out a tasty blend of rich taste infused with the presence of light, crispy citrus, citrus, and a sweet aroma with bubbly and refreshing allure.

● This blend is formulated with a low content of ABV and IBU. 

Official Site: https://deschutesbrewery.com 

Price: $11.99 = ₹1,001 

Link to buy: https://www.highspiritsliquor.com


Why are the beers mentioned above regarded as healthy beers? 

The beers mentioned above are regarded as healthy beers because they are produced in such a way that they either have zero percent alcohol or have a low content of alcohol at all. 

Are there other flavors also available on the market for these beers? 

Yes, there are other flavors available in the market, particularly in Kingfisher Radler, like black currant, mint, lemon, and strawberry cranberry. 

Are there any conditions for purchasing these beers? 

One of the most common eligibility criteria for purchasing these beers is that you should be at least 21 years old. 

From where can these beers be purchased? 

They can be purchased offline and online through their official website or online shopping platform. 


As we come to the end of this blog post to acknowledge

that there are alternatives to fulfilling the alcoholic craving of your taste buds, and the alternative for this is healthy beers, which hold a badge for not showing out any side effects on health as alcohol has.

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