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Adonis Graham
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Adonis Graham is mostly known for being the kid of Canadian-American rapper and singer Drake Graham. His adorable appearance brings him a lot of attention as well as his father. This article is created to introduce you to the celebrity kid’s wiki, bio, family, and many more interesting facts.

Who is Adonis Graham?

Scrolling down the wheel, many of you have to know about that who is Adonis Graham? Well, let us tell you that Adonis Graham is a Canadian-American celebrity kid who was born to his parents on 11th October 2017, United States. He has completed his five years in California.

Adonis Graham Age

Date of Birth17 October 2017
Age4 years (as of 2022)

The famous Canadian – American rapper and singer Drake Graham and his wife Sophie Brasseux has become parents on 17th October 2017. As of 2022 their son, Adonis Graham is now 4 years and 4 months old. Every year Drake celebrates his son’s birthday with lots of fun and family members.

Adonis Graham Family

Adonis Graham with his parents
Image Credit – Adonis Graham with his parents
FatherDrake Graham
MotherSophie Brasseux
Grand FatherDennis Graham

Adonis Graham is the son of popular Rapper and singer Drake Graham. On the other hand, his mother Sophie Brasseux is a French well-known artist. However, she is mostly known for her appearance in adult movies. She is also known as Rosee Divine in her adult industry. We have also gathered that his paternal grandfather Dennis Graham is a practising Catholic and he belongs to Memphis. Once, his grandfather used to be a drummer. On the other hand, his paternal grandmother worked as a florist and English teacher. According to the sources, his grandparents got divorced when his father was just about 5 years old.

Adonis Graham Education

According to the sources, Adonis is rising by her mother and he is just five years old. As a kid and he is now in a learning process so, his mother his education at home. Now Adonis is learning the basic things under homeschooling. Over time we will update the pieces of information regarding his education.

Adonis Graham Father

Aubrey Drake Graham popular as Drake Graham is a popular American-Canadian rapper and singer who rose to fame as an influential figure in modern popular music. Drake has been credited for popularizing singing in hip hop. He started his carrier with the debut drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation. Followed by the pursue his career in the music industry by releasing Room for improvement, Comeback Season and so far Gone.

Adonis Graham Relationship

As we know that Adonis is a star kid so, he has a huge fan following. But, he is not at the age of carrying relationships. Though he has many friends in his school and playground. We are very sure that soon this celebrity kid will create his history in ahead.

Adonis Graham Career

As for the celebrity kid, Adonis Graham is a 5years old kid. Currently, he has started his studies and learning his basic lessons from homeschooling. Due to his celebrity background, he has become a popular public figure. We wish he would become a great person and will do better work to make his parents proud of him.

Until his father proved his paternity, Brussaux was an unknown child of Drake and Sophie Brussaux. To keep his son from being overshadowed by the media for as long as possible, he sang about it in Scorpion. He was born in the same month as his father, who was born in October. In another song from Scorpion, Drake sings, “I just love my bed and my mum,” and many believe that he was alluding to Adonis’ middle name of Mahbed. His mother used to be an adult film actress and is an artist. Rapper Drake was accused of being an unfit parent in Pusha-diss T’s track in 2017, which led some to speculate that Drake had given birth.

Adonis Graham Wiki

NameAdonis Graham
Age4 years
Date of Birth17 October 2017
BirthplaceCalifornia, US
Zodiac SignLibra

Adonis Graham Physical Appearance

Height4 feet
Weight18 kgs
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlue

The popular celebrity Adonis Graham is a celebrity kid of Rapper, and singer Drake Graham. He is very popular for his adorable appearance and celebrity background. He has owned a height of 4 feet according to the current year and age.

The celebrity kid, Adonis Graham is a very popular public figure as he belongs to the popular rapper family. As of 2019, this kid had a bodyweight of 13. According to his current age, his present weight would be around 18 or 20kg.

The cutest, adorable celeb kid Adonis, has grabbed a huge number of fans following him by his soft and polite behaviour. His tiny little hands and every foot of him are noticed by his followers. Adonis uses his sparkling blue eyes to attract his fans towards him. On the other hand, his curly, brown, Maggi-like hair gives him a different stage of style.

Adonis Graham Net Worth

As we know, Adonis Graham is a five years old kid and has no sources of earnings. Hence, his parents earnings will be denoted as his earnings. His parents have a net worth of 1 million dollars as of 2022.

Adonis Graham Photos

Adonis Graham with his Father
Image Credit Source – Adonis Graham with his Father
Adonis Graham Pic
Image Credit Source – Adonis Graham Pic
Adonis Graham Pic
Credit Source – Adonis Graham Pic
Adonis Graham with his Father
Image Courtesy – Adonis Graham with his Father
Adonis Graham Pic
Image Source – Adonis Graham Pic

Adonis Graham Facts

Adonis Graham’s full name is Adonis Mahbed Graham.

At the time of his birth his responsibility was denied by his father. Later he accepts him.

His parents become more famous after declaration of parenthood.

His mother used to be a porn star earlier.

Adonis had been seen in many occasions with his parents.

As of 20202 Adonis’s father income had been increased by $150million.

Adonis is very active on social media along with his parents.

Adonis has a huge number of fan following in his social media handles.

Adonis often makes live video wherever he visits.

He attracts his fans with his cute appearances.

Adonis is an avid pet lover.

Adonis watches movies often.

He has his personal profile in social media.

Adonis has been found doing various activities along with his parents.

He loves to do doing makeup of her mother.

Being a star kid Adonis is also has fashion knowledge.

He likes basketball

Adonis Graham FAQs

Who is Adonis Graham?

Adonis Graham is a famous celebrity kid.

What is Adonis famous for?

Adonis is famous for being the celeb kid of famous rapper Drake Graham.

Where does Adonis belong to?

Adonis Graham belongs to California.

How old is Adonis Graham?

Adonis Graham is about 5 years old

How long is Adonis Graham?

As of 2022, Adonis grows to 4.5feet.

Who is Drake Graham?

Drake Graham is a popular rapper and singer who has a record of selling 170million music singles in his career.

What does his mother do?

Adonis’s mother was a famous adult star but currently, she is taking care of her son.

Where does he getting his classes?

Currently, he is getting his lessons from homeschooling.

What is his favourite food?

Adonis loves to eat pizza, ice cream, and any fast foods.

What is Adonis’s favourite colour?

Adonis’s favourite colour is blue.

What is the colour of his eyes?

He has beautiful eyes in blue.

What is Adonis’s favourite sports item?

Adonis is very good at playing basketball.

What is Adonis’s favourite destination?

He enjoys the sea beaches.


Adonis Graham Pic
Image Credit Source – Adonis Graham Pic

According to us, Adonis Graham is a very intelligent boy and has the ability to do lots of activities to do. Watching his interest in sports, we can assume that he would like to be a sports person in the future.