Top 10 Alkaline Fruits

Top Alkaline Fruits
Alkaline Fruits
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Alkaline fruits are those fruits that are less acidic in nature. They are said to have high pH levels. Alkaline levels in the body should be higher than the acidic level. If the alkaline to acid ratio is not balanced in the body then a condition called pH imbalance happens. Thus alkaline fruits help counter the risks of acidity and acid reflux. They also prevent the possible infections and diseases that attack our gut.

The alkaline fruits are divided into three categories according to their alkaline levels –

  • Low alkaline
  • Medium alkaline
  • High alkaline

During digestion, our stomach secretes gastric juices which are highly acidic in nature leaving our stomach acidic. The stomach acid ranges from 2.0 to 3.5 which is necessary for digestion. Many times due to unhealthy food habits, the acidic level in the body increases leading to acidity, acidic reflux and gastric disturbances. Food like burgers, samosas, pizza, rolls, cheese, pastries, kebabs, etc contain a large amount of acid, which can hamper the acid/base balance in our stomach. When these foods are broken down, they leave behind residue known as acid ash that causes tummy problems. Citrus fruits are acidic in nature, but citric acid actually has an alkalising effect in our body.

Therefore a balanced diet should be maintained that incorporates a blend of everything. Here is a list of 10 fruits that are alkaline in nature and should be infused in our daily diets.

Apples –

Apples is one of the top alkaline fruit

Apples  (Image source – BBCI)

Apple has a pH level of 8.0, they are a excellent source of magnesium, potassium and calcium. All this is vital to help the immune system function properly. It also balances natural hormones because of the enzymes produced. Apart from this apples contain fiber which helps in absorbing stomach acid.

Coconut –

Coconut is also alkaline fruit

Coconut (Image source – Bing)

According to the pH levels, coconuts are a medium to high alkaline fruit with 5.5 to 7.8. Coconuts are consumed in  various forms such as coconut oil, coconut milk, etc. The point to note is that when consumed in fresh form coconuts are alkaline, but when consumed in dried form they are acidic. Coconut water is alkaline in nature, it helps reduce the acidity in the gut. It is considered as magical for curing many health-related issues.

Grapes –

Graphes is comes under top 10 alkaline fruits.

Grapes  (Image source – Alpha Coder)

Grapes are low to medium-alkaline fruit. Their alkaline level recorded is 8.5pH. This greatly depends on the place where they are grown, for example- grapes grown in colder climates are more acidic as compared to those which are grown in warmer temperatures. Grapes consist of various immunity boosters like- vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A, and antioxidants. It is good for the cardiovascular system, normal circulation of blood, and lowering of blood pressure.

Lemons –

Lemon is between alkaline and acidic

Lemons (Image source – Alpha Coder)

Lemons lie somewhere in between alkaline and acidic nature. Naturally, in raw form, lemon is highly acidic in nature with a pH of 2.0, but lemon juice is fairly alkaline once it is metabolized. After it is metabolized in our body, the pH scale of lemon becomes near to 7. It is pretty helpful in the digestion process; it prevents kidney stones and chances of cancer to improves heart health.

Bananas –


Bananas (Image source – Refinery)

The banana’s pH ranges from 5.6 to 6.5 and is categorized as mild to high alkaline fruit. Unripe bananas have a pH of 5.6, while ripped bananas have a pH of  6.5. Bananas are not only delicious but also nutritious; they are composed of healthy vitamins that protect our hearts like vitamin B6, fiber, vitamin C, manganese, and potassium. It does not contain fat, sodium or cholesterol. Manganese in bananas is well known for reducing acidity in the stomach.

Avocados –

Avocados comes under as mild to high alkaline fruits

Avocados (Image source –Huff Post)

Avocados are classified as mild to highly alkaline fruits. Their pH value is 6.5, and they are rich in fiber. Avocados are a great source to reduce acidity in the stomach. It contains manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and different vitamins.

Kiwi –

kiwi is also alkaline fruit

Kiwi (Image source –Fruit Runner)

Kiwi is scientifically good for medical conditions like hypertension, eye problems, depression, diabetes, and cancer. It is high in alkaline levels with vitamin C, amino acids, electrolytes, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

Cucumber –

Cucumber is an alkaline fruit that gives a cooling sensation

Cucumber (Image source – Fresh Point)

Cucumber is an alkaline fruit that gives a cooling sensation when consumed. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can be incorporated into the diet in the form of salads.  It has an acidic pH of 5.1 to 5.7 but is alkaline in nature. It contains a good amount of potassium, which makes it alkaline.

Melon  and watermelon –

Melon has a pH range of 6.0 to 6.7

Melon  and watermelon (Image source – Amazon)

Melon has a pH range of 6.0 to 6.7, which lies in medium to higher alkaline levels. The most optimal way to consume melons is to add them to your morning diet; they are very nutritious and helpful in reducing acidic reflux. They are highly enriched with magnesium, which is known for reducing stomach acidity.

Watermelons are a watery fruit with high uric acid

watermelon (Image source –Life Hack)

Watermelons are a watery fruit with high uric acid. In fact, its water is alkaline in nature with pH level being 9.0 . Watermelons are helpful in detoxifying the body and colon. It contains a great source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber, and lycopene.

Both melon and watermelon are seasonal fruits mostly available during summer.

Dates –

Dates are highly alkaline in nature with a pH level of 6.5 to 8.5

Dates (Image source – Medical NewsToday)

Dates are highly alkaline in nature with a pH level of 6.5 to 8.5 offering unlimited benefits to our health. They are a rich source of vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium, fiber and protein. They are also rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, and flavonoids. Dates are effective in reducing the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer promoting brain health.  Dates are available throughout the year. They are considered excellent for gut health.

FAQs about the top 10 alkaline fruits-

Ques: What are alkaline fruits?

Alkaline fruits are fruits that are less acidic or have higher pH levels. They are known to balance the body’s pH by reducing the acidic levels.

Ques: What are the benefits of consuming alkaline fruits?

Consuming alkaline fruits counters the effect of acidity and acidic reflux. They help prevent infections and bacteria from attacking our gut, strengthen the digestive system, and prompt overall well-being.

Ques: What is the impact of alkaline fruits on our weight?

Weight loss can not be entirely dependent on alkaline fruits however, alkaline fruits containing low calories can be incorporated into the weight loss diet plan.


Consumption of alkaline fruits is healthier for our tummies. There are a lot of alkaline fruits that are healthy and delicious. It is very important to balance the acidic-basic level of the body. The above-mentioned fruits provide nourishment and balance the alkaline levels.


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