Here’s How You Can Beat Alberta Online Casinos with Technology

Beat Alberta Online Casinos with Technology
Here’s How You Can Beat Alberta Online Casinos with Technology
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Alberta online casinos offer games that are a fusion of chance and strategy. While these virtual options are perfect alternatives to their traditional counterparts (i.e., brick-and-mortar setups), they tend to be more competitive due to the involvement of Beat Alberta Online Casinos with Technology in their basic framework. This is why many casino fans prefer to play Alberta online casinos over mechanical ones. 

Online casinos, unlike physical setups, use RNGs to decide wins and losses. For those unaware, RNGs are algorithms designed to show the outcomes based on likelihood/chances. 

Because online casinos work differently than traditional casinos, one needs to employ different strategies to increase their chances of winning big at digital setups. Especially with a predictive algorithm getting better and more clever every day, it is essential for players to unearth the true potential of technology and its impact on online casinos. 

Now the question is, how? Continue reading, and you’ll find answers to all your questions in the following sections of this article.

AI Explained:

Before we head over to examine the influence of high-tech devices and predictive algorithms on online casinos, it is crucial to have a brief look at the functional definition of AI and how exactly online slots work in the real world. 

As its name suggests, artificial intelligence is a branch of programming that helps machines take over the core duties of humans they perform in their daily lives. These include reasoning, perception, and learning to deal with simple and complex tasks. AI achieves this by implementing ML and DL concepts that make it possible for machines to perform like humans without actually having any human assistance in the process. 

Today, AI is prevalent in almost every major industry – business, medicine, or gambling, to name a few.

Online Slots Explained:

Now that you know what AI is and how it helps humans achieve simple and complex tasks without their contribution, it is time to see how online slots work in real life. 

If you’ve played in online casinos, you must be aware that the purpose of these slots is to predict numbers and different combinations after the reel is spun. Remember, these slots are not designed randomly. In fact, there’s whole mathematical reasoning, logic, and statistical elements behind the actual working of these slots.

As mentioned earlier, RNGs are responsible for generating winning combos, which itself is an enormous pool of numbers, making it impossible for players to predict the outcome based on their intuition or basic math. Apart from this, there’s also the involvement of RTPs (return to players), which basically is the amount you can expect to win on your investment if and only if you spend sufficient time on that particular slot. The only trouble is RTPs are never paid out in a single game. This means the players will never know when the win may come. 

Variance is another barrier that makes it tough for players to win big at online casinos. Remember, a casino that guarantees consistent wins always keeps its payout low. 

Thus all of these factors, including RTPs, RNGs, and variance, account for the slot’s challenges and low payouts. And this is exactly where AI steps in to straighten out the process for regular gamblers. How? Let’s find out. 

Understanding the Relationship Between the Two:

There is no denying that slot games are purely a game of chance. However, AI can still be used to analyze online slots and possibilities of odds and positive outcomes. With these statistics at hand, you can explore games with better variance, which will eventually increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Some AI algorithms can also use simulations to explore games with maximum RTP. If used appropriately, these AI-based tactics can guarantee more returns and big wins. Some of these algorithms have even predicted slot outcomes accurately in the past. Sure, you can’t expect AI and ML to outsmart RNGs by a huge margin. But still, these algorithms provide enough direction and data to move forward in the right direction. 

Role of High-Tech Devices & Predictive Algorithm:

We have highlighted the role of AI, ML, and DL in the previous sections. In this section, we will enlist a few AI-based devices/technologies you can use to turn the game in your favor. While these devices do not directly impact the gambling algorithm on the table, they streamline the overall user experience. 


Smartphones continue to empower the digital casino landscape, all thanks to their high-end specs and exceptional graphics. With a high-resolution screen and fast processing times, a smartphone can easily replace your PC, making it easy to play your desired games whenever and wherever you want.


Online gambling is not just about making a lot of bets. In fact, it is about making the right move at the right time. You should know when’s the right time to pack everything and cash out your bettings. A stopwatch prevents gamblers from dragging their games and losing in the excitement of playing and winning more.


A smartwatch is another wise investment you can make to get hold of your time. According to research, most gamers lose because they spend too much or too little time online on their bets. A smartwatch not only helps you track your time but also notifies you of the current status of your bankroll, which further helps you make smart decisions. 

VR Headsets:

A wearable VR headset sets the stage for you and keeps you glued to your seats without losing interest. The high-quality sound and animations will give the real casino feel – something most online gamblers find missing in a virtual gambling experience. 

Casino Bankroll Manager:

Last but not least, you can use bankroll managers to track your deposits and withdrawals. This promotes responsible gambling and helps you keep track of your account and investments.

Final Wrap Up:

Uncertainty is the essence of online gambling. The more predictable the game gets, the more fun you can have as a player. But because there’s a lot of money involved, it is definitely a good idea to facilitate your online gambling experience by leveraging technology and innovation.