Felicity Blunt: Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Career, Husband, Net worth, and more

Felicity Blunt
Felicity Blunt: Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Career, Marriage, Net worth, and more
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Being an English literature agent, Felicity Blunt is a very famous face on the British celebrity list. Her name is also taken with famous actors and actresses. Felicity Blunt was born on the ninth of August 1980 and was brought up in England London moreover, she is one of the most seasoned 4 children among her family. The name of her people is Barrister Oliver Simon Peter Blunt and Joanna Mackie. To know the story behind Felicity Blunt follow our article.

Who is Felicity Blunt?

The English literary Agent Felicity Blunt was born on the 8th of January, 1981 in the United Kingdom. She is mostly known as an English Literary Agent and British celebrity. Felicity Blunt is also famous for being the wife of actor-director and producer Stanley Tucci. It was a time when she was in the headline due to her pregnancy.

Stanley Tucci was hitched to another woman named Kate Spath who was a socially trained professional. They got hitched in the year 1995, and in the year 2009, his better half, Kate Spath passed on due to chest-threatening development. They were as one till the end.

Felicity Blunt Age

Felicity Blunt was born on the 8th of January 1981 in London. As of 2022, she is 41 years old. The pretty Felicity Blunt is not only an intelligent woman but also has an excellent personality. She looks very stunning in her height of 5feet 7inches. Felicity has a bodyweight of 60kg.

Felicity Blunt Family

Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband

FatherMr. Oliver Simon Peter Blunt
MotherMrs. Joanna Mackie

Felicity Blunt was born in a well-to family and they lived together in the United Kingdom. Her father Mr. Oliver Simon Peter Blunt was a barrister in London during his time and her mother Mrs Joanna Mackie Blunt was a teacher. Felicity has shared her childhood with her fellow siblings Emily Blunt, Susannah Blunt, and Brother Sebastian Blunt. Felicity’s elder sister Emily Blunt is a singer and actress by profession. Her brother Sebastian is also an actor.

Felicity Blunt Education

SchoolWestminster School
UniversityUniversity of Bristol

Being a student she always had a deep interest towards study. In her early days, her books used to be her best friend. In this way, she has completed her early schooling at Westminster School in London. She also attended the University of Bristol to pursue her degree of graduation.

Felicity Blunt Marriage

Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband

Marital StatusMarried
HusbandStanley Tucci

Felicity Blunt and Stanley Tucci are the most controversial names on social media handles. In an interview, she ravelled that she and Stanly dated each other since 2011. After a one-year love relationship, they decided to tie their knot forever and got married in 2012.

They become parents of their first child on 25th January 2015. Felicity gave birth to her son Matteo Oliver Tucci in London.  Before getting married to Felicity Blunt was married to Stanley Tucci and they have three kids together Camilla Tucci, Kate Tucci, and Isabel Tucci.

Stanley Tucci, who played Peeta Mellark in ‘The Hunger Games,’ is doing well in his work and considers himself fortunate to have Felicity as his wife. After the death of his first spouse Stanley never expected to be love again his 50s. 

Stanley Tucci first marriage was with Kathryn Spath. Kathryn Spath and Stanley Tucci got married in 1995 and they were blessed with three kids, 1 son and 2 daughters were born. The children names are Camilla Tucci, Isabel Concetta Tucci and Nicolo Robert Tucci. Camilla Tucci, Isabel Concetta Tucci are Kathryn Spath and Stanley Tucci daughter name. Daughters Camilla Tucci born in 2002, and daughter Isabel Concetta Tucci born on 21 Jan 2000 and a son Nicolo Robert Tucci born on 21 Jan 2000. Isabel and Nicolo are twins.

Felicity Blunt Career

She made her career in London as a Barrister. She then worked as an intern at Curtis Brown, a United kingdom based publishing business, before progressing to be a literary agent. Curtis Brown, based in London, United Kingdom, has been one of the world’s most prestigious literary and talent agencies. Felicity Blunt is a literary agent who works with both fiction and nonfiction writers.

Tamar Cohen, Renée Knight, Rosamund Lupton and Jessica Cornwell were among the numerous debut authors who helped to shape their careers. Frances Quinn, Anna Jones and Tessa Kiros are some of her nonfiction clients who specialise in the topic of cooking.

Felicity was a very meritorious child since her childhood. Her father was a barrister in London and he always supports her. After completing her higher study she joined as a trainee of the barrister in London. Later she completed an internship in the Wylie Agency and Curtis brown. She worked in Vivienne Schuster at Curtis Brown. After completing her internship she was appointed as a Literary Agent at Curtis Brown agency.

Felicity Blunt on Social Media


Felicity Blunt can be found on Twitter as @felicityblunt. She has over 11.9k Twitter followers and 2984 Tweets, indicating that she is quite active on Twitter and follows over 602 different personalities.

Felicity Blunt Wiki

Full NameFelicity Blunt
Nick NameFelicity
Date of Birth8 January 1981
BirthplaceLondon, England
Zodiac SignCapricorn
ProfessionLiterary Agent
SchoolWestminster School, London
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandStanley Tucci

Felicity Blunt Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight60 kgs
Eye ColourGrayish-blue
Hair ColourBrunette Colour

No doubt, that she is a self-dependent person and it is mostly seen when she put a smile on her face. She has gained a beautiful fair complexion along with a suitable height. Also, she gasped much attention due to her charming grayish-blue eyes and brunette brown hair.

Felicity Blunt Net Worth

Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband

According to the media information Felicity Blunt has a net worth of $880000 US dollars as of 2021. She represents both fiction and non-fiction writers and has helped the careers of authors like Rosamund Lupton, Tamar Cohen, Renée Knight, and Jessica Cornwell, whom she had signed as debutants. Her non-fiction clients include writers such as Anna Jones, Frances Quinn, and Tessa Kiros, who write predominantly in the field of cookery. Since 2012, she has been on the board of the ‘Women’s Prize for Fiction.

Felicity Blunt Lifestyle

Felicity Blunt is a very popular literary agent and British celebrity. She took birth to her parents Oliver Simon Peter and Joanna Mackie Blunt. Felicity was born and brought up along with her elder sister Emily Blunt. Since her childhood, she was very meritorious and focused on her career goal.

Kate and Tucci were moreover on a break for sooner or later when he got into an endeavour with Edie Falco. Before Kate kicked the pail, Tucci got the occasion to work closely with Emily Blunt in the year 2006 in the film named The Devil Wears Prada which was a productive film.

Felicity Blunt Photos

Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband

Felicity Blunt Facts

Felicity is as pretty as her sister. Though she has less interest in acting or singing.

Felicity is taller than her husband.

She is carrying a soft and shy nature with her.

She likes to keep her hair untied able.

She is presently working in the UK.

Felicity has more than 7.4k fans on her Twitter account.

Felicity Blunt’s husband has done more than 35 movies.

Felicity is his second wife of Stanly.

According to Felicity her best friend is a book.

She uses to drink alcohol occasionally.

Her uncle Crispin is a Member of Parliament.

Her grandfather was a major general.

Felicity is 20 years more junior than her husband. But they have a strong and mature understanding.

Apart from her husband she likes to watch Benedict Cumberbatch movies.

She has represented many brilliant authors from Maurier estate to Rosamund Lupton.

According to the financial calculation, she has an estimated net worth of $ 14 million as of 2022.

Stanley has two kids from her first marriage.

Stanly and Felicity have two kids.

Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

She belongs to the Christianity religion.

She likes to have Italian foods.

Felicity spends her holidays in Paris.

Apart from her work, she likes to travel and shopping.

Her lucky colours are black and red.

Her favourite actress is Kate Winslet.

Felicity Blunt FAQs

Who is Felicity Blunt?

Felicity Blunt is a Literary Agent and also the wife of famous actor Stanley Tucci.

How long is Felicity Blunt?

Felicity Blunt stands for 5 feet 7inches.

Who is Emily Blunt?

Emily Blunt is a famous TV actress and Felicity Blunt’s elder sister.

What does Felicity Blunt do for a living?

Felicity Blunt works as a literary agent at Curtis Brown.

What does Felicity Blunt do?

A literary agent is an agent who represents writers and their written works to publishers, theatrical producers, film producers, and film studios, and assists in the sale and deal negotiation. Literary agents most often represent novelists, screenwriters, and non-fiction writers.

Is Felicity Blunt related to Emily Blunt?

Felicity Blunt is a well-known literary agent based in London. She was born to Joanna and Oliver Blunt on 18 January 1982. She is the elder sister to Sebastian, Susannah, and Emily Blunt. The 40-year-old has been associated with Curtis Brown Agency since 2005.

Does Stanley Tucci have kids with Felicity Blunt?

Blunt and Tucci have two kids together, a son named Matteo Oliver, whom they welcomed in 2015, and a daughter named Emilia Giovanna, whom they welcomed in 2018.

Is Felicity Blunt Emily’s sister?

It was at Emily’s 2010 wedding to “The Office” star John Krasinski where Tucci met her older sister, Felicity Blunt, according to Oprah Daily. The two really hit it off and ended up marrying two years later in 2012.

Who does Felicity Blunt represent?

Felicity represents a wide variety of brilliant authors from the Daphne du Maurier estate to Rosamund Lupton, Renee Knight, Tammy Cohen, and Curtis Brown Creative alumna Laura Marshall.

Where is Felicity Blunt from?

“And especially when we first met, it was only two years after Kate died.” According to ABC News, Tucci left New York City, where he lived with Kate, for a “fresh start” across the pond in Felicity’s hometown of London.


Felicity Blunt with her Husband
Felicity Blunt with her Husband

Felicity Blunt is not only famous for her husband’s fame rather she has created her own identity. While searching about her we came to know that she is not only an intelligent girl but she also has a great personality.