Transform Your Look: Top 10 Hair Color Brands in India 

Hair Color Brands in India 
Hair Color Brands in India 
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Hair colour has become a common tool for people to showcase their sense of style and individuality, whether they are covering up grey hair or experimenting with bright hues. Numerous hair colour products are available in India, the land of beauty and heritage, with an extensive selection of hues and formulations to cater to a wide range of tastes and requirements. 

Selecting the proper hair colour brand is crucial to getting the desired effects without endangering the condition of your hair. We have put up a list of the top 10 hair colour brands in India to assist you in sorting through the endless alternatives. These companies have won praise for their excellence, inventiveness, and capacity to provide hair with nourishing and protective treatments in addition to brilliant, long-lasting colour. 

Come along as we examine the top hair colour brands available in India and learn how to effortlessly and confidently achieve the colour of your dreams.

L’Oréal Paris: 

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Permanent hair colour applied at home using Pro-Keratin, which is strong and nourishing. Complete hair colour treatment using Triple Care colour Regime, which includes colouring cream, shampoo, and hair mask. It gives salon-quality outcomes in half an hour. Perform a patch test. Put on gloves, add colouring to the developer bottle, and shake to combine. Apply colour and wait the suggested amount of time. A crème mixture that doesn’t drip and works for all hair types.


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Try Garnier Black Naturals if you want to hide grey areas. A variety of hues are available in Garber including Black Naturals Shade 4.16 Burgundy, Black Naturals Shade 1 Deep Black, and more. There are many shades of Garnier Colour Naturals hair colours, including burgundy, deep red, light brown, caramel brown, and many more.

These colours are free of ammonia. Look through the extensive selection of Garnier hair dyes available in a variety of colours, including brown, burgundy, black, and other tones.


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Schwarzkopf provides premium hair colour products that produce intense, long-lasting colour while preserving the health and vibrancy of the hair thanks to its expertise in hair care and style.


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To improve your hair colouring experience, Matrix SoColor has an anti-drying solution and provides up to 100% grey coverage. There is more to Matrix SoColor than just hair colour. Even after colouring, Matrix SoColor keeps the hair’s internal structure intact. This permanent hair colour from the Matrix brand goes deep to preserve hair integrity while producing the most true-to-tone fashion effects. The hair care experts at Matrix put a lot of work into creating a line of permanent hair colour that is incredibly successful for ethereal hair colouring. Rich, vibrant chocolate hair colour with mahogany reflections and all-around keratin protection is what the Matrix SoColor, a nourishing permanent hair colour enhanced with Kera-Protect TechnologyTM, offers.

Wella Professionals: 

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For all hair types, wella colorcharm provides a selection of hair colouring and lightening solutions designed to produce remarkable, long-lasting effects. With 66 years of experience in the hair industry, wella colorcharm is the most reliable colour brand for all consumers. Top hair colour creators created the product to offer professional-quality colour, enabling anyone to find or create their ideal shade.


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Revlon Colorsilk is a multi-dimensional colour that provides long-lasting, glossy colour that looks natural. It gives a better condition to your hair. Colorsilk is a permanent hair colour that offers 100% grey coverage without the use of ammonia. Its recipe incorporates Revlon 3D Colour Gel Technology, which produces multi-tonal, natural-looking colour that gives your hair dimension and definition from root to tip.

Godrej Expert: 

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Godrej Expert Is Composed of There is one unit of Crème per pack. There is no ammonia in it. Rich in milk protein and aloe vera, it leaves your hair feeling silky and provides 100% grey coverage as well as a deep, glossy finish that lasts.


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A salon-quality hair colour designed specifically for Indian skin tones and hair textures is Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour in LV Brown. Developed by Indian hair professionals, it is the first of its type and offers 100% grey coverage without the use of ammonia. A brilliant brown hair colour that has moisture-lock and a salon-quality sheen that lasts for up to eight weeks.

The three-part recipe for Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour in LV Brown includes a colourant, developer, and our famous Shine Tonic. This ground-breaking ingredient enhances the colour’s richness and gives it a salon-quality glossy sheen when combined with the creamy colourant and developer.

Indus Valley: 

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Damage-Free Gel Hair Colour is free of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, sometimes known as bleach. A substance called hydrogen peroxide bleaches hair so that colour can be applied, turning naturally coloured hair grey. Gel colour only colours the hair that is already grey; it does not dye the hair that was initially coloured because it is a natural hair colour and does not include hydrogen peroxide. Packed with the goodness of eight incredibly exotic herbs for hair care that condition and nourish hair, it not only stops additional greying but also avoids the dryness, breakage, and roughness of hair that chemical hair colours would otherwise cause. With its cutting-edge PPD Free Hair Colour and damage-free technology, you can colour your hair at home in 35 minutes and have it looking great for up to five weeks. Especially if you’re new to using organic hair colour, the six brilliant and beautiful tones of Indus Valley New Damage-Free Gel Colour let you experiment more freely. This hair dye is entirely vegan.This hair colour is completely cruelty-free.

Streax hair Colour: 

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There are numerous colours of Streax hair colour to suit a range of tastes and hair colour requirements. Streax has a wide variety of alternatives to pick from, whether you’re seeking for grey covering, bright trendy colours, or natural tones. Because Streax hair colour is designed to last, your hair will keep its colour intensity and vitality for a longer amount of time. The colour is engineered to withstand fading and hold onto its richness over several washings.

FAQ About Hair Color Brands in India:

1. Which hair colour brand is best in India?

 L’Oréal Paris 

2. What is the number 1 hair colour? 


3. Which hair colour is most attractive in India?


4. Which hair colour is the best quality?

 Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color

 5. Which brand is best for permanent hair colour? 

L’Oréal Paris 

6. What is the prettiest hair colour?



Selecting the proper hair colour brand is crucial to getting the desired look without compromising the integrity and health of your hair. With so many options on the market, it’s crucial to take quality, shade diversity, colour longevity, and formulation into account.

Investing in a respected hair colour brand guarantees that you may experiment with confidence and express your particular style while maintaining the health and beauty of your hair, regardless of whether you choose an economical at-home solution or a salon-quality brand. 

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