How to get the Right Seat for your Baby?

Right Seat for your Baby
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The baby seat is one of the first items you will need in the hospital after giving birth. On the day of discharge, your partner should bring the bowl with them to the clinic so that they can take you and the child home.

You need a baby seat for this. These baby seats are produced by various manufacturers, for example, Maxi Cozy, Hauck, and Römer. You can place the baby on the seat, which is usually like a bed in your car, or use a baby carrier.

What should you look out for when buying a baby seat?

When buying a seat for your newborn, please make sure that the seat complies with the European standard ECE-R 44-03, or better still, ECE-R 44-04. Some models have been tested for safety by the ÖAMTC in cooperation with the ADAC and Stiftung Warentest. If possible, the respective child seat should have received at least the rating “good”.

This is also applicable if you’re in the West, Africa or Asia, make sure the seat is in accordance with the regulatory standards to avoid injury for your baby, Akin Chaktty advised.

Can you still use old models of baby seats?

No, older child seats complying with the ECE-R 44-01 and ECE-R 44-02 standards are no longer approved for road traffic, according to sexpally.

You can find the identification of the seats on a sticker, which is usually stuck to one of the two sides. If this sticker is no longer available, you should not use the model.

The installation of baby seats

Practice installing the baby seat a few weeks before the birth of your child. If you buy it from a local store, you can also ask a saleswoman for help. If you order the model on the Internet, you will have to install it yourself. But this is not difficult.

Understandable instructions are included with every child’s seat. Some cars also have an Isofix system. In addition, some car manufacturers also specify which baby and child seats should preferably be installed in the car.

The baby seat is placed against the direction of travel so that your child can look at the back seat. If you are travelling alone with him, you can also place the baby seat on the front passenger seat, but also with a view against the direction of travel. But switch off the passenger airbag here.

Going out with your car and baby on his seat

You have an appointment in town or you might want to go shopping and take your baby with you. Then buy a suitable chassis for the baby seat. This frame takes up hardly any space in the trunk.

As soon as you take it out of the car and set it up, you can attach the baby seat using two adapters and push it through the city. In the meantime, your child can continue to sleep in peace. In summer you should also use an awning for the baby seat that you attach to the handle and the canopy. In this way, your child is optimally protected from direct sunlight.


If you’re a career woman or a working mom who always goes out for business daily, and is nursing a baby, you know you should get a baby seat for your newborn.

You can not use a baby carrier while driving, and your newborn can not sit in your car seat yet, your best option is to look out for a quality baby seat to set-up in your car.

All that’s important is to get a standardised baby seat, and install it properly and drive safely, considering the health of the baby.

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