Top 10 Indian Snacks

Top 10 Indian Snacks
Top 10 Indian Snacks
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Indian cuisine is prominent in every corner of the world. Once you get it, a fascination with Indian cuisine starts. In that series, today we have brought out this blog post about the top snacks of the Indian subcontinent. There is an infinite variety of snacks available in India that are not only delicious but have a vast spectrum of tastes and appearances. These snacks eliminate a minor, untimely appetite and get a mood-turning feast for your taste buds. Here we are talking about the Top 10 Indian snacks.

Here we are talking about the Top 10 Indian snacks:

Supremacy of Namkeens: Bhelpuri 

Supremacy of Namkeens: Bhelpuri 

Bhelpuri, which originated in the Indian states of Gujarat and Bombay street stalls, is one of the most loved and delicious Indian snacks. It is not only famous among Indians but is also the talk of the town among foreigners. Bhelpuri comes from the spicy namkeen, prominently known as Bhadang, from the western Maharashtra region.

Bhelpuri not only gives a tart inflection to taste buds, but its appearance is also fascinating. The mixture of different types of namkeens of different origins drenched in the tastes of different chutneys makes it the best snack for every time and anytime. One of the most fascinating aspects is that it is a no-fire dish and can be prepared quickly and instantly without any mess.

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Small and Crispy Noodles: Sev 

Small and Crispy Noodles: Sev 

Adorned with a broad and rich spectrum of variations in taste and appearance, sev is another crunchy and crispy Indian snack that ornaments at least one container in the kitchen of every single Indian. Many of the nankeens are made out of the inclusion of seven. It is made of chickpea flour paste and turned into small crunchy noodles.

Some of the most celebrated types of sev are indori sev, potato sev, ratlami sev, and many more. These sev also give a taste and look to chaat or dahi vada. In some states of India, like Madhya Pradesh, it is used as a side dish with every single chaat recipe. Sev is the best companion of any chaat found in India. Chanachur is one of the most recognized types of sev, and it is prominently sold as a Bombay mixture. 

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  • Weight: 1 kilogram 
  • Price: ₹255

Tamilian Snack: Murukku 

Tamilian Snack: Murukku 

Not just as Murukku, but this snack, which finds its origin in the subcontinent of India, is also known as Murukulu. The name murukku means twisted, and this name is given to it because of its shape. One of the most interesting facts about this snack is that, in Tamil Nadu, there is a town named Āṭṭaiyāmpaṭṭi kai muṟukku, which is renowned for its unique as well as delicious variety of murukku. This is a high-energy snack Made from rice flour, urad dal flour, and spices. This deep-fried and crunchy snack owns almost everyone’s taste buds.

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  • Weight: 200 grams 
  • Price: ₹64

Heart of Kutch: Dabeli 

Heart of Kutch: Dabeli 

Another famous Indian snack originated in Gujarat, the double roti or kutchi dabeli, is a mouth-watering snack with an attractive appearance. Dabeli is a word that comes from the Gujarati language and means pressed. Filled with the tasty flavors of potato masala stuffing and adorned with the topping of sev, pomegranate pearls, and chutney, it has a range of tastes, from spicy to sweet. If you want the feel and taste of original and authentic dabeli, then the Kutch of Gujarat is the place for you. It is the origin place of Dabeli, created by Keshavji Gabha, who lived in the Mandvi region of Kutch. 

Everyone’s Love: Pani Puri 

Everyone's Love: Pani Puri 

Pani puri, one of the most common and demanded snacks that trace its origins back to the subcontinent of India, is the king of every Indian’s heart. It not only reigns supreme in the hearts and taste buds of Indians, but those from other countries also love it. Once they taste it, then they ask for it little by little. Pani puri is a snack that has a puri, which is a deep-fried hollow, spherical-shaped shell adorned with a filling of mashed potatoes, onions, and chickpeas.

And then, it is dipped in spicy and tangy water made out of green mangoes, mint, tamarind, and other spices. There are a variety of pani available in the different regions of India, which gives this snack a different taste. They are also accompanied by yogurt stuffing topped with sev and pomegranate. Pani puri is a versatile snack with diverse names, just like its alternative names are Gol Gappa or Gappay, Gupchup, Paani Patashi, Fuchka or Fuska, and jalapatra in Sanskrit. 

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Raw Banana Magic: Banana Chips 

Raw Banana Magic: Banana Chips 

The southern states, like Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India, are known for their origin and for making the most delicious banana chips in the whole world. Made out of thin slices of bananas, dried, and then deep-fried in the oil, which makes them crispy and crunchy, it is the quickest way to say goodbye to your little snacky appetite. They become more mouth-watering when they are coated with spices and sugar syrup as well. These chips are made from unripened or raw bananas and are among the most preferred evening snacks in South India and North India. 

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Salty & Crispy Biscuits: Mathri 

Salty & Crispy Biscuits: Mathri 

This snack originates from the royal state of Rajasthan. Mathri is a biscuit-like snack similar to Namak para. It is popular due to the wide variety of flavors available, whether it is made with fenugreek leaves, pickles, cumin seeds, or spices. The crispiness of this snack makes it even more delicious. It is one of the most demanded tea-time snacks in North India.

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  • Weight: 200 grams 
  • Price: ₹49

Vaidya’s Creation: Vada Pav 

Vaidya's Creation: Vada Pav 

Created by a resident of Mumbai named Ashok Vaidya to provide an inexpensive and tasty snack to the workers, vada pav, or wada pao, is one of the most popular snacks in India and originated in Mumbai. Made from the bread bun (pav), half sliced to fill in the fried mashed potato stuffing and smeared with the tangy and delicious spread of green chutney. Green chilies accompany vada pav, giving it a spicy, savory, and mouth-watering flavor.

Bhavnagar Special: Gathiya 

Bhavnagar Special: Gathiya 

Here comes another deep-fried Gujarati snack, the talk of the town snack in the Indian subcontinent. It is regarded as one of the superior snacks that goes well with tea and is loved not only by Indians but also by those who are foreigners. Almost every Gujarati dish, like fafda, khakra, and dhokla, accompanies this snack. The most popular place in India for gathiya is the Bhavnagar city of Gujarat, known for its wide variety of snacks. It comes in both a soft and crunchy texture, and the richness of flavor ranges from plain gathiya, masala gathiya, meetha gathiya, and papad gathiya as well.

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  • Weight: 200 grams 
  • Price: ₹95

Rain Bestie: Pakoras 

Rain Bestie: Pakoras 

This deep-fried snack is one of the most common snacks in the Indian subcontinent and can easily be prepared at home. Even people make it at home every time. One of the best times to have this snack is during the rainy season.

The monsoons and rains in India are incomplete without pakoras and teas. Served with tangy, spicy, and sweet chutneys, this snack nurtures a vast variety, making it a cult favorite. Made from almost every vegetable, tea is the best companion to this snack besides chutney. Not only is it prepared at home, but it is sold by nearly all vendors, which offer a broad spectrum of tastes. Their crispness makes them stand out among other snacks, too.


What are the other names of pani puri? 

Pani puri is one of the most famous snacks in India, and in every state, it is known by unique names like Fuchka, Fusca, Gol Gappa, Gupchup, Paani Patashi, and many more. 

Are Sev and Gathiya the same? 

Not exactly; the same method may be used to prepare them, but the significant difference between them is that sev is small and thin, while gathiya is somewhat big and thick. 

Who was the first person to make Vada Pav? 

Ashok Vaidya, a resident of Mumbai, is known for creating the Vada Pav. 

Which state is primarily known for murukku? 

The Āṭṭaiyāmpaṭṭi kai muṟukku named the town in Tamil Nadu state is mainly known for the murukku. 


As we wrap up this post, we acknowledge the vast culture and diversity of food available in India. These snacks are not only tasty but also healthy. They are enriched with the goodness of organic and natural ingredients coming directly from the oasis of nature and have ethereal aromatic tastes and preferences. So, have you decided which snack you will make at home first?

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