Blissful Escapes: Discover Bengaluru’s finest Resorts 

 Blissful Escapes: Discover Bengaluru’s finest Resorts 
 Blissful Escapes: Discover Bengaluru’s finest Resorts 
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Discover these resorts for a break if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, wish to visit Bangalore, or are already there. You may travel to and unwind in Bangalore, a lovely city and a place for a blissful escape. It is possible to enjoy the finest time ever at a resort, even when there are many tourist attractions nearby that you may visit and explore. Bangalore has one of the finest resorts, and they come in a wide variety, so it’s essential to choose one that fits your vibe and comfort. You want to spend some wonderful quality time at whichever resort you reserve in Bangalore; you want to stay a few days or even a few hours—Discover Bengaluru’s finest Resorts with us.

Discover Bengaluru’s finest Resorts 
Discover Bengaluru’s finest Resorts 

Discover Bengaluru’s finest Resorts 

  1. Jain Farms Bangalore
  2. Guhantara Resort, Bangalore 
  3. Shilhaandara Resort Bangalore
  4. Gold Coin Resort
  5. Wild Valley Adventure Retreat
  6. Eagleton Golf Resort
  7. The Windflower Prakruthi
  8. Signature Club Resort
  9. Angsana Resort
  10. Rd Nature Retreat Bangalore

1. Jain Farms Bangalore

For a single day, check out this fantastic resort near Bangalore, the Jain Farms, tucked away in a lush natural setting. Relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and air in the quiet area around you. The grounds’ lush vegetation and their various activities make for one of the most excellent experiences you may have there. Additionally, it’s a fantastic location for any family or public gathering.

Jain Farms Bangalore
Bengaluru’s finest Resorts Jain Farms Bangalore (Image Source:


  • During open hours, you may check into the resort’s grounds and enjoy a fantastic day out at the Jain Farms Bangalore.
  • Participate in the resort’s many indoor and outdoor sports with a village feel.
  • Activities like Housie, Astrology, Guess the Price, Mehendi, Pottery Making, Pool Activities, etc., can be done to pass the time.
  • At 12:30 PM, go to a delectable vegetarian lunch with your group, and then relax till 2:30 PM.
  • After lunch, you may go on with the enjoyable activities and pause for a revitalizing cup of tea at about 4:00 PM.
  • Attend enjoyable live shows and events like the magic, horse dance, and more.
  • At 6:00 PM, check out of the property.

Price: Starts at INR 749 per night

How to Reach?

  • The resort is situated at a near distance of 6 km from Bangalore and can be reached easily via public or private transportation.
  • Nearest Railway Station: 5.8 km from KSR Bengaluru City Junction and can be reached in approximately 25 minutes by car/ cab.
  • Nearest Airport: 38.3 km away from Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru and can be reached in approximately 1 hour and 16 minutes by car/ cab.

2. Guhantara Resort, Bangalore

You can escape the rush of your everyday life and experience the peaceful atmosphere of this resort in this tucked-away location deep within Karnataka. In Bangalore’s Guhantara Resort, your heart may experience the rush of exploration while your spirit is calmed.

Guha, meaning “cave,” accurately describes the Guhantara Resort. This stunning cave resort welcomes guests with a booming sound created by an artificial waterfall as soon as they enter. This site will surprise you and give you an antique feeling as you explore the construction that resembles a cave.

Here, you may unwind mentally and physically with various activities, including thrilling tunnel trekking, several indoor and outdoor games, bicycle riding, paintball, zorbing, and much more. With the help of some innovative spa treatments, unwind your mind and body in an Ayurvedic spa session. Everything you need to have a fantastic stay is available at Guhantara Resort.

Guhantara Resort, Bangalore
Bengaluru’s finest Resorts  Guhantara Resort, Bangalore (Image Source:


  • Experience the exhilarating excitement of a bull ride, and you’ll have a memory that will last a lifetime.
  • Snooker: Take part in a game of snooker with your loved ones.
  • Quad Bike: Try riding a quad bike for an exciting experience. At an extra cost, this activity is included.
  • Rope Walk: Experience the revitalizing joy of a rope walk and embark on an exhilarating journey. At an extra cost, this activity is included.
  • Bar: The Madhushala Bar’s calming tastes will let you unwind comfortably.
  • Dining: Order delectable foods from the multicuisine restaurant immediately to satisfy your hunger.
  • Stay in the comfortable comfort of your room—order room service. Take advantage of the 24-hour room service and be at ease.
  • Spa: Experience a top variety of unique ayurvedic treatments with an exclusive spa.

Price: Starting from INR 4661/Room

How to Reach?

  • The resort is 52 km from Seegehalli in Bangalore. It is simple to get to the resort using either public or private transportation.
  • The resort’s closest train station, Bangalore, is around 35 km away. Bangalore can be reached by train from major cities.
  • The Bangalore airport is the closest, and it is around 85 kilometers away from the resort. Bangalore may be reached through flights from major cities.
  • The Banashankari Bus Depot is the closest bus stop, and it is around 22 kilometers away from the resort.

3. Shilhaandara Resort Bangalore

At the base of the magnificent Ramnagara cliffs sits the Shilhaandara resort. This resort in Bangalore has long been a terrific spot to relax and have fun with your loved ones. Shilhaandara Resort is a well-liked spot for tourists searching for a fun day trip in Bangalore because of its beautiful green surroundings. Spend quality time with your loved ones by reserving at the Shilhaandara Resort in Bangalore.

Bengaluru’s finest Resorts 
Bengaluru’s finest Resorts (Image Source:


  • When you arrive at the venue ten minutes before your planned appointment time, a welcome drink will be waiting for you.
  • Shilhaandara Resort Bangalore is open from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM and 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (depending on your chosen package).
  • Play a range of indoor-outdoor games and engage in activities with your friends and partners.
  • Additional fees are also applicable for rope courses, paintball, zorbing, and quad riding (for a maximum of 4 laps).
  • Depending on your tastes and the day’s schedule, decide which meals and packages to choose.
  • A 30-minute rain dance party with a DJ, access to the pool, and all indoor activities, including chess, darts, table tennis, and carom, are all included in the package.

Price: Starting from INR 874/Adult

How to Reach?

  • The resort is conveniently accessible by private and public transportation and is located 46.8 km from Bangalore via Mysore Road.
  • The resort is 87.7 km from Kempegowda International Airport, the closest airport. There are flights available to get there from major cities. 
  • The property is 10 km from Ketohalli Railway Station, the closest train station. This station is accessible by train from significant cities.

4. Gold Coin Resort

The Gold Coin Resort in Bangalore gives the ideal escape from everyday craziness since tranquil surroundings and beautiful green gardens surround it. Bring your loved ones and family to spend a lovely day at the resort. You may participate in a variety of thrilling indoor and outdoor activities, as well as team games, here. Seize your unique Gold Coin Resort Bangalore Day Out package immediately for a fun-filled adventure!

Gold Coin Resort
Bengaluru’s finest Resorts  Gold Coin Resort (Image Source:


  • A fun-filled day out with your friends and family can be had at Gold Coin Resort Bangalore.
  • Get a warm welcome at the resort when you arrive, cool beverages, and a delectable meal to start your day.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to play outdoor sports such as volleyball, basketball, cricket, tug-of-war, and target shooting.
  • The resort offers a variety of indoor activities as well, including chess, carrom, table tennis, cards, dartboard, foosball, and ludo. Spend time here having fun by participating in these activities with your friends.
  • Take a break and go to lunch following the captivating team games.
  • Take a break from relaxing and engage in some exciting pursuits or a cool pool dip.
  • Take part in the Rain Dance session with your friends and family, and dance your heart out.
  • While spending time with your loved ones in the evening, take pleasure in a cup of revitalizing Hi-tea.

Price: Starting from INR 999per Adult

How to Reach?

From Bangalore City Centre, the resort is 21.7 kilometers away by car. You can get to the destination (The Gold Coin Resort) in around 53 minutes if you follow the Hosur Rd route.

5. Wild Valley Adventure Retreat

Nestled among Kanakpura’s beautiful waterfalls, the Wild Valley resort is an excellent tourist destination. You may relax by having a fun day out with a little adventure. Spend the day at a beautiful destination with fun activities and delectable food. To spice up your day’s journey, splash in the rain, dance to music, or take a cold dip in the pool. Spend valuable time with your family and friends while enjoying a tasty supper. Wild Valley Adventure Retreat One of the Bengluru’s Finest Resorts of all time.

Bengaluru’s finest Resorts Wild Valley Adventure Retreat (Image Source:


  • The day will last from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. 
  • From 9:00 to 10:30 in the morning, enjoy a delicious brunch. 
  • Visit the breathtaking Wild Valley Adventure Retreat with your friends and family to engage in exhilarating activities like rappelling, Russian ladder, and hiking. 
  • Engage in unconventional pursuits like jumaring, rope activities, and other outdoor hobbies that occupy you all day. 
  • The resort offers a range of indoor activities, including chess, carom, and others, for those who want to stay indoors. 
  • You can select one of the Wild Valley Adventure Retreat Day Out packages based on your diet and start having fun. 
  • Enjoy yourself while doing your best rain dance.

Price: Starting from 999per adult 

How to Reach?

  • The resort is roughly 37.8 KM from Bangalore and is situated on Kanakapura Road.
  • The distance between the central city of Bangalore and the Wild Valley Adventure Retreat is one hour and eleven minutes by car.
  • Using either public or private transportation, you may get there with ease.
  • It will take 1 hour and 44 minutes to reach the resort by rail from Bangalore’s central business district.

6. Eagleton Golf Resort

At 34 miles from Bangalore Palace, you’ll find Eagleton Golf Resort, one of the most innovative and cutting-edge luxury resorts. Due to its location and amenities, it is excellent for day trips, relaxing, and having fun. One of the top five golf courses in the nation, the resort is situated on a top-notch golf course that was painstakingly and expensively created and equipped with a gorgeous array of amenities, including a multi-level designer pool, delectable multi-cuisine restaurants, a poolside barbecue, and coffee shops. With so much to do, Eagleton is the perfect place to spend the day having fun with your loved ones.

Eagleton Golf Resort
Bengaluru’s finest Resorts  Eagleton Golf Resort (Image Source:


  • Spend the day with your loved ones on a top-notch golf course surrounded by beautiful green scenery.
  • Enjoy fun with your team while taking a refreshing plunge in the multi-level swimming pool.
  • Participate in various entertaining games, including indoor badminton, table tennis, squash, and volleyball by the pool.
  • In the resort’s kids’ gaming room, children may spend the entire day having fun, making friends, and playing games.
  • You can select the package according to your choice of meal plan and the time you want to spend in the resort.

Price: Starting from INR 1489 per Adult

How to Reach?

  • The resort is conveniently accessible by public and private transportation and is 65 km from Bangalore International Airport.
  • The Bengaluru Railway Station, which is 30 km from the resort, is the closest.
  • Bus station Most Convenient to Resort: The Bidadi bus station is the closest bus stop, 5.9 km away.

7. The Windflower Prakruthi

One of the well-known day-trip resorts in Bangalore, Windflower Prukruthi, has locations throughout South India and in Devanahalli. This resort is a fantastic weekend escape close to Bangalore because of its vast, opulent area. Arriving visitors are pleased with the facilities and services. It has an outdoor pool and activities like tennis and pool. Additionally, complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all of the hotel rooms. The rooms have air conditioning, a seating space, and a balcony to enhance their beauty.

In each room, an electric kettle will be available. Aside from them, the resort features lovely outdoor spaces, but the garden is the most alluring. The resort has significant additional facilities built to make the stay of families and friends entertaining, including a games area and a playground for kids.

The Windflower Prakruthi
Bengaluru’s finest Resorts The Windflower Prakruthi (Image Address:


  • There are several activities you can perform there like
  • ; Swimming: Enjoy the resort’s swimming pool and the other water sports to feel revitalized and active.
  • Play some outside sports to quell your want for excitement while playing badminton.
  • Darts: Play a game of darts with a friend to discover your sporting side.
  • Archery: Concentrate on your aim and fire. Enjoy your vacation by using the resort’s archery facilities.
  • Zorbing: Enjoy sliding down a slope within an orb while feeling content inside.
  • You will get various facilities, including; Wi-Fi, that allows you to connect to the outside world constantly.
  • Daily Housekeeping: Utilise the on-site daily housekeeping service to keep your accommodation tidy and clean.
  • Laundry service: The resort has a laundry service that you may use.
  • Electric kettles: The rooms have coffee/tea machines for self-service.
  • Latch and chain-enabled doors are used together to ensure the visitor’s safety.

Price:  Starting from INR 5099 per Room

How to Reach?

  • Despite being quite remote, Windflower Prakruthi is relatively easy to get there. The resort is 35 minute’s drive from the metropolis of Bengaluru. To get there, you can use a private or public mode of transportation.
  • The 17 km distant Bengaluru International Airport, which is well-linked, is the closest airport to the resort.
  • The resort’s closest train station is Bengaluru Central Railway Station, 31 km away.
  • The bus station in Bhovipalya, which is 6.2 kilometers distant, is closest to the resort.

8. Signature Club Resort

Enjoy a luxurious and unforgettable stay at Bangalore’s Signature Club Resort with your friends and family. One of the best locations to unwind on vacation and spend quality time with your loved ones is the Signature Club Resort. You will fall in love with this resort due to its lovely setting, which includes a swimming pool and well-kept green grass.

Sports activities available at the Signature Club Resort include billiards, chess, tennis, badminton (2 indoor courts with oak wood flooring), squash (1 indoor court with maple wood flooring), table tennis (3 tables), yoga terrace, gym (state-of-the-art gymnasium), and luxurious swimming pool. The hotel has several activities, so you’ll always be energized.

Signature Club Resort
Bengaluru’s finest Resorts Signature Club Resort (Image Source:


  • Swimming Pool: Cool down with your loved ones in the resort’s swimming pool and have fun playing pool activities together.
  • Indoor-outdoor activities: Have fun with your loved ones by playing one of the many indoor-outdoor activities offered at the Signature Club Resort.

Price:  Starting from 7499/Room

How to Reach?

  • The Signature Club Resort is conveniently located 40 kilometers from Bangalore’s city center and is reachable by public and private transportation.
  • The Kempegowda International Airport is the closest airport, which is 16 kilometers away from the resort.
  • Nearest Railway Station: The Devanhalli railway station, which is 4.9 km away from the Signature Club Resort, is the one that is closest to the resort.

9. Angsana Resort

Angsana Oasis Resort is a fantastic option since it offers a superb chance to escape the bustle of the city. The location of this resort, among the verdant vegetation, makes for a relaxing stay, thanks to the incredible surroundings. An outstanding balance may be found by visitors at the resort thanks to its excellent closeness to both the city and the environment.

The accommodations are beautiful and comfortable, with high-quality furniture and contemporary, necessary conveniences. With so many amenities available, including a spa and wellness center, this quiet hotel will let you unwind, revive, and refresh yourself to the utmost. Carrom, badminton, and other indoor and outdoor games are also available at the resort. Every traveler’s requirement was considered when designing the magnificent Angsana Resort.

Angsana Resort
Bengaluru’s finest Resorts Angsana Resort (Image Source:


  • An opulent resort is hidden in a vividly colored natural setting with rich greenery and lofty pine trees
  • Visitors may enjoy a tranquil stay in roomy rooms with views of a beautiful green garden.
  • Spend time having fun in the outdoor pool while enjoying views of the beautiful green garden or unwind with spa services.
  • Participate in indoor and outdoor activities or learn about the rich Indian culture at the resort’s seasonal gatherings.
  • The kit is sold on the market for INR 8600.
  • Activities in Bangalore’s Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort:
  • Badminton: Play a game of badminton with your friends and family to have a beautiful time.
  • Play excellent indoor games like pool, carrom, table tennis, etc.
  • Spa: Rejuvenate your body and spirit to prepare for city living. You may unwind by visiting a hotel.
  • Find beautiful meals at the multicuisine restaurant. Meals are dear to our hearts, and getting them right makes the vacation ideal.
  • Swimming pool: Go for a dip, relax in the cold water, and feel your senses perk up and re-energize.

Price:  Starting from 10738/Room

How to Reach?

  • Using either public or private transportation, one may reach the resort in Yelahanka with ease.
  • The distance from the closest railway station, Yeswanthpur, is 17.7 km.
  • Kempegowda International Airport is the nearest airport, at 16.3 km.
  • The nearest major landmarks are Lumbini Gardens (16.2 miles) and the University of Agricultural Sciences (10.10 km)

10. Rd Nature Retreat Bangalore

RD Nature Retreat is a short vacation into a day full of fun and excitement, packed with lush natural beauty. The property welcomes visitors with the soothing sounds of singing birds, running water, and a fresh wind. Join us on our day excursion to RD Nature Retreat and spend the day surrounded by the unique scent of wildflowers and bees humming. Rd Nature Retreat, Bangalore day trips include various enjoyable activities you may participate in with your loved ones.

Rd Nature Retreat Bangalore
Bengaluru’s finest Resorts  Rd Nature Retreat Bangalore (Image Source:


  • Prepare for the enjoyment that awaits you by arriving at the resort according to the day’s out timings.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal served on-site by skilled chefs as you prepare for a day of adventure at Rd Nature Retreat in Bangalore.
  • Enjoy time with your loved ones or meet others at the resort.
  • Play some of the activities included in the Rd Nature Retreat Bangalore day trip package, such as table tennis, volleyball, carrom, football, chess, badminton, cricket, and human foosball, to pass the time.
  • You may partake in sports like ATV biking, water zorbing, ladder climbing, etc., starting at 2:00 PM.
  • You may dance to your favorite music at the resort’s entertaining rain dance session.
  • Converse with your loved ones before concluding the day with high tea at the resort and leaving to return home.

Price: Starting from 990/ Adult.

How to Reach?

  • The distance between Bangalore City Centre and Rd Nature Retreat, Bangalore, is 48.5 km. Public or private transportation will take you here in around 1.5 hours.
  • The closest airport is Kempegowda Airport, which is around 83 kilometers away from the resort.
  • The closest bus stop is the Jigani bus stop, which is around 16 km from the resort—

Frequently asked questions about resorts in Bengaluru:

 Q. Which Bangalore resorts are the finest for a day-long business outing?

A. For a company team, Eagleton on Mysore Road and Guestline on Hosur Road are great options for a company team because you can eat well at both locations and use the facilities.

Q. Are the resorts in the Bangalore area suitable for couples?

A. Yes, couples would have no problems at resorts close to Bangalore and they are all safe to visit. You wouldn’t need to worry about anything because they are all securely locked.

Q. What kind of accommodations should a family book at the resorts?

A. The size of the family will determine the response to this question. Divide the total to determine how many rooms you must book if the number is higher. Make sure to inquire about the maximum number of guests per accommodation at the resort.

 Q. How much would arranging a gathering at a resort in Bangalore cost?

A. The fees will be substantial, but nothing is conventional about it. Depending on the services and the event, the prices will change from one location to another.

Q. Bangalore resort living: Is it secure?

 A. Due to the constant rush that characterizes these resorts, staying there is entirely secure. However, make sure you read the reviews.

 Q. What time of year is ideal for visiting Bangalore?

 A. The monsoon season is the ideal time to visit Bangalore. Bangalore is renowned for having a pleasant climate; however, the winters may get rather chilly. Conversely, monsoons are lovely and cold, making Bangalore a good destination all year round.


With these top resorts in Bengaluru, you may have a blissful escape from the daily grind. The Resorts are divided into several categories depending on their pricing, location, and activities. Enjoy a pleasant stay by selecting a resort that meets your needs for comfort. In every region of India, we will continue to compile lists of the best Resorts. With these top resorts in Bengaluru, you may have a lovely getaway from the daily grind. The Resorts are divided into several categories depending on their pricing, location, and activities. Enjoy a pleasant stay by selecting a Resort that meets your needs for comfort. In every region of India, we will continue to compile lists of the best resorts. This is something you should know Bnagaluru’s Finest Resorts to go destination for all your road trips.

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