A Festive Odyssey : Top Christmas Destinations for Family Travel

A Festive Odyssey : Top Christmas Destinations for Family Travel
Christmas Destinations
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There is a certain charm that comes​ with the joyous Christmas season that h​as no boundaries. The holi​day season is something that families look forward to, and there’s n​o better way to celebrate than taking the family on a v​acation. Here’s a list of some magical locations that guarantee a wonderful Ch​ristmas experience for the whole fam​ily, whether you choo​se to travel a​broad or via the colorful landscapes of I​ndia.

Goa, India

Goa, which is well-known for its sandy beaches and lively culture, comes alive at Christmas. The air is filled with the sound of carolers and brilliant lights illuminating the cathedrals. Families can enjoy beachside celebrations where the joyous spirit blends with the calming sound of the waves, as well as midnight services at famous cathedrals like the Basilica of Bom Jesus.

Kolkata, India

Christmastime in Kolkata brings a stunning display of lights and decorations to Park Street. Families may enjoy holiday food, one of the most well-known Christmas carnivals in the city, the Park Street Christmas Festival, where they can also browse for handcrafted goods and take in cultural performances. The splendor of St. Paul’s Cathedral enhances the joyous atmosphere.

Kolkata, India is one of the top Christmas Destinations for Family Travel

Shimla, India

Tucked away in the Himalayas, Shimla is a quaint winter wonderland that appeals to those who want a white Christmas. A beautiful scene is created by the colonial architecture and the snow-capped mountains. In addition to snowball battles and horse rides down Mall Road, families may cozy up in cottages with crackling fireplaces and hot cocoa in front of them.

Munnar, India

Munnar, a peaceful tea plantation in Kerala, provides a peaceful Christmas escape. Families can tour tea estates, go on picturesque hikes over mist-covered hills, and take advantage of the mild weather. A family getaway during the holidays would be ideal because of the tranquil environment created by the scent of freshly brewed tea and the sight of lush foliage.

Vienna,  Austria

Vienna, known for its classical music legacy and imperial architecture, is transformed into a mystical place around Christmas. Families may enjoy traditional Austrian sweets, purchase handcrafted crafts, and take in festive performances at the city’s charming Christmas markets, like the Vienna Magic of Advent. The magnificent Schönbrunn Palace looks especially beautiful during the holiday season when it is lit up.

Vienna,  Austria is one of the best Christmas Destinations for Family Travel
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City Quebec, Canada

Christmastime in Quebec City’s Old Town is a wintry wonderland with its cobblestone streets and historic charm. Families may explore the German-inspired Christmas markets in the Petit Champlain neighborhood and take in the joyous mood. The famous Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in the city, lit up, adds to the enchanted atmosphere.

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Strasbourg, France

Often referred to as the “Capital of Christmas,” Strasbourg is home to one of Europe’s oldest Christmas markets. The events are set against the picturesque backdrop of the city’s medieval architecture. Families can enjoy carriage rides through the old town, see the Christkindelsmärik market, and watch the illuminations of the Strasbourg Cathedral.

Strasbourg, France is a top Christmas destination
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New York City, USA

New York City is a fantastic place to visit during the holidays because of the famous Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree, the stunning window displays on Fifth Avenue, and the charming festive atmosphere. Families may visit the city’s holiday markets, skate at Rockefeller Centre, and see the legendary Rockettes perform at Radio City Music Hall.

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Ooty is a Southern slope station in the province of Tamil Nadu that has plenty of dazzling structural places of worship and social diaspora that draws in a ton of sightseers from the nation over. 

This town’s wonderful climatic circumstances and beautiful magnificence make it one of the most mind-blowing spots to visit in India during Christmas. 

The happy celebrations of Christmas can be seen at the brilliant chapels of Ooty. You will find all customs like midnight masses, St Nick Claus, ditties and Christmas feasts in Ooty.


With a wonderful climate in December, quiet seashores to hang out at, and a perpetual number of gothic houses of worship and churches extravagantly beautified to relieve the eyes, and one won’t ever have a lack of spots for Christmas excursion in India when they’re in Pondicherry. 

With such a huge amount to investigate, one should attend Pondicherry on Christmas. From crunchy treats, present trades, Christmas trees, and a swarm of exercises for voyagers during this time, there’s no question regarding how Pondicherry arrived in the rundown of the best places to observe Christmas in India.


One can have a total encounter while having an occasion in Kerala during Christmas. The state has an extremely impressive Christian populace with innumerable chapels. The popular event is praised with extraordinary force across the state as individuals improve their homes, the houses of worship and the road with lighting and different materials.

The holy places, whether enormous or small, stay open throughout the evening, and many individuals assemble at temples across the state to sing 12 PM mass. 

Besides being essential for the merriments, one can accomplish such a great deal from visiting the backwaters of Kerala to its exquisite seashores, from looking for flavours to investigating the Western Ghats. It’s genuinely the best chance to visit Kerala.

FAQs About Top Christmas Destinations for Family Travel :

Which places are the best for family travel over the Christmas season?

A: Well-liked travel locations include sites like the German Christmas markets, Lapland (Finland), New York City, Prague, and Vienna.

Are places to visit during Christmas family-friendly?

A: A lot of places provide Christmas activities, fairs, and events that are appropriate for all ages, making them ideal for families.

What kinds of things may families do when travelling during Christmas?

A: Festive light displays, ice skating, Christmas markets, and local holiday customs are just a few of the things that families can engage in.


Christmas gives families a chance to make treasured memories, whether they choose to take advantage of the warmth of Indian celebrations or go to other countries to see wintry wonderlands. From the lively marketplaces of Vienna to the snow-covered mountains of Shimla, these locations satisfy the dream of a wonderful Christmas for every family. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore new places and experience the magic of Christmas throughout the world as you embrace the spirit of the season. After all, spending Christmas magic with loved ones in the most enjoyable locations is how it should be enjoyed.

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