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Khalyla Kuhn
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Khayal Kuhn is a popular social media personality as well as YouTube Curator. However, she was popularly known as the Co-host of the podcast Tiger Belly. She hosts the show with her husband and leads a very successful life.

Who is Khalyla Kuhn?

Khalyla Kuhn is best known as the wife of Bobby Lee, who is an American actor and comedian. She is also a YouTuber. The pair met on Tinder and for a few years, started dating.

After being in a long-term relationship, they finally wedded in August 2016. After hosting a video podcast named TigerBelly on their YouTube channel, the duo is very popular on the internet.

Khalyla Kuhn Age

Khalyla Kuhn was born in Cebu, Philippines, the USA on October 31, 1984. She is 37 years old as of 2022.

Khalyla Kuhn Family

MotherMarites Kuhn
SisterJuliana Kuhn

However, she came to the USA with her mother, Marites Kuhn, and she grew up with her sister Juliana Kuhn.

Well, she has not shared much about her father, but we came to know that her father was American and her mother was of Filipino origin.

Khalyla Kuhn has always been an independent girl since her teenage and achieved all the success on her own. Her full name is Khalyla Shangra Kuhn, and she holds an American nationality, and she belongs to white ethnicity; moreover, her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Khalyla Kuhn Education

Khalyla Kuhn has not shared much about her academic life; thus, there is no information available regarding her schooling, but we can say that she must have completed her schooling at a local school in her hometown.

After that, she got enrolled for Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, and she successfully graduated from her college. But she has not shared anything about her college name or which she has graduated from her college.

Khalyla Kuhn Relationship

Khalyla Kuhn with her husband
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Marital StatusMarried
SpouseBobby Lee

Coming towards her personal life, then Khalyla Kuhn is not single. She is a happily married woman. She met her husband, Bobby Lee, through the dating app Tinder.

Thus Bobby Lee is well known American standup comedian as well as an actor. However, the couple fell in love at first sight, and after dating for years, the couple decided to get married. And they had their marriage in August 2016 at Newyork Chruch. And currently enjoying their married life with each other and also very much focused on their career.

Khalyla Kuhn Career

Bobby Lee’s wife’s career will always be in the shadow of his career no matter how successful she becomes in her own right. She is currently said to be working as a waitress in a beach bar, while she is also giving private classes to students – she didn’t really gain recognition until she started dating Bobby Lee, but with whom Khalyla is also hosting a podcast, which she created together with him.

Khalyla Kuhn on Social Media

Khalyla Kuhn Instagram
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Khalyla Kuhn Twitter
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Khalyla is quite active on several social media platforms, making her an internet personality – she launched her Twitter account in January 2014, and has so far gathered more than 17,000 followers and tweeted nearly 650 times. Her Instagram account is followed by nearly 130,000 people, while she’s uploaded more than 1,000 pictures onto it – she also has a Facebook profile, but it appears that she is only using it to stay in touch with her friends and family, as other people cannot add her as a friend.

Khalyla Kuhn Wiki

NameKhalyla Kuhn
Famous asPodcast Host
Zodiac SignLibra
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandBobby Lee

Khalyla Kuhn Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight52 kgs
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Khalyla is currently either 34 or 35 years old, has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall, and weighs around 120lbs (54kgs) – she is a big tattoo lover, and has one tattooed on her left hand, and another on the left side of her upper body.

Khalyla Kuhn Net Worth

Khalyla Kuhn Pic
Image Credit- The Personage

According to authoritative sources, Khalyla’s current net worth is estimated to be less than $100,000, but Bobby Lee’s current net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million.

Khalyla Kuhn Controversy

Many of Bobby’s fans have accused Khalyla of marrying him only because of his wealth and fame, but Khalyla has stood firm, stating that she is in love with Bobby and how that is the only reason why she married him – she has also said that she was living quite a comfortable life even before she started dating Bobby. Khalyla does, however, enjoy leading a luxurious life, as she can often be seen driving expensive cars, spending vacations at pricey places, and is always wearing expensive clothes and jewelry.

Who is Bobby Lee?

Bobby Lee Jr. was born in San Diego, California USA on 18 September 1971, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding American nationality – he is 13 years older than Khalyla, but that doesn’t seem to present a problem for the two.

Bobby is the son of Jeanie and Robert Lee and has a younger brother – Bobby matriculated from Poway High school, and was sportive during his teenage years there, as he competed in wrestling. At the age of 18, he left his parents’ home and started working in restaurants to support himself – he was also studying at Palomar College, but eventually dropped out.

Bobby’s teenage years were not that easy – he began using methamphetamine and weed when he was 12, and got clean only when he turned 17. He once stated that he was under the influence of both meth and LSD when he competed at a wrestling tournament which he managed to win. He was sober for 12 years when a producer at MADtv told him he wasn’t funny and that he was going to be taken off the show – this made him depressed and he started abusing drugs again. Thanks to Lauren Dombrowski who fought to get him back on the show, he immediately decided to get clean, and cried at her funeral after she died from cancer on 8 October 2008 – he later stated how that was one of very rare occasions that you could have seen him crying, as he has only cried a couple of times in his entire life.

Khalyla Kuhn Photos

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Khalyla Kuhn Pic
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Khalyla kuhn Pic
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Khalyla Kuhn with her husband
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Khalyla Kuhn Pic
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Khalyla Kuhn Facts

Khalyla was born and raised in the Philippines and she is very proud of her home country. She and Bobby go back to visit as often as they can. It’s unclear exactly when she moved to the United States, but we know that she currently lives in California with Bobby Lee.

Khalyla has always loved the water and gravitated towards swimming at a very young age. By the time she was six, she had started a competitive swimming career that resulted in her joining the Philippines’ national swimming team.

During an episode of TigerBelly in 2016, Khalyla turned a lot of heads when she made a comment that insinuated that she was only with Bobby Lee for his money.

For all of the people out there who were reserving their judgements about Khalyla to whether or not she’s a dog or cat person, the evidence (her Instagram posts) show that she is definitely a dog person.

Even though she is dating a celebrity and, in some ways, is one herself, Khalyla doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who enjoys sharing everything about herself with the public.

As someone who grew up being a competitive athlete, it’s no surprise that Khalyla is someone who still enjoys doing things that allow her to be active. She spends a lot of time outdoors and has lots of appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Over the last few years, MMA has become increasingly popular. Long gone are the days that MMA is some sort of underground sport that most people aren’t aware of.

Khalyla Kuhn FAQs

Who is Khalyla Kuhn?

Khayal Kuhn is a popular social media personality as well as YouTube Curator. However, she was popularly known as the Co-host of the podcast Tiger Belly. She hosts the show with her husband and leads a very successful life.

What is the Age of Khalyla Kuhn?

She is 37 years old as of 2022.

What is the Date of birth of Khalyla Kuhn?

31 October 1984

What is the height of Khalyla Kuhn ?

5 feet 6 inches

Who is the husband of Khalyla Kuhn?

Bobby Lee

What is the Nationality of Khalyla Kuhn?


What is the Zodiac Sign of Khalyla Kuhn?


What is the Net Worth of Khalyla Kuhn?

Khalyla Kuhn leads a very luxurious as well as prosperous life. Currently, her total net worth has been estimated at $2 million USD, and that’s quite enough income to fulfill all her day-to-day needs.


Khalyla Kuhn Pic
Credit Source – Celebs Rife Reel

Dating a comedian can be a mixed bag, and this is something Khalyla Kuhn knows from first hand experience. Her partner is well-known comedian, Bobby Lee, who rose to fame as a cast member on Mad TV. While most people are familiar with Khalyla through her relationship with Bobby, she has a lot more to offer than just her relationship status. Khalyla is talented, hard working, and funny and she’s getting the chance to share those things through the couple’s podcast, TigerBelly.