Reviving The Childhood : Top 10 Most Famous Theme Parks of the World

Top 10Most Famous Theme Parks Of TheWorld
Top 10Most Famous Theme Parks Of TheWorld
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We always heard the phrase that childhood is the golden phase of our lives. It was our childhood where we enjoyed ourselves without worrying about anything, having no stumbling blocks of what we wanted to do ahead or what our future would be. As we grew up, we became mature, started forgetting about our inner selves, and turned into adults who started to learn the blessings behind disguise. That’s absolutely okay, but we should never let our inner child die,, so in order to revive your childhood days, we are here with a list of the top theme parks in the world where you will get a chance to enjoy them to the fullest. So, let’s explore them! 

Here is the list of the top 10 most famous theme parks in the world:

An Ethereal Capital: Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Image Credit: Walt Disney World 

It is enchanted with dazzling fireworks and exhilarating classic attractions, which makes it stand out amidst the crowds of various amusement parks around the world. Extending over 43 hectares, this ethereal place was inaugurated in the year 1971 on October 1. This park is encased in a theme of being inspired by fairy tales and Disney characters as well. It is regarded as the most magical place on earth. 

Location: Bay Lake, FL 32836, United States, Walt Disney World® Resort Link to buy tickets: 

Link to Know How to Reach: sportation%20is%20Tricky,to%20the%20Magic%20Kingdom%20entrance.

Entertainment Land: Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Image Credit : 

With a record of around 15 million tourists every single year, this park has earned for itself fame as one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe. Covering an area of 22.3 kilometers, this amusement park was opened after the inauguration of Magic Kingdom. Disneyland Paris was unveiled in the year 1992, in the month of April. Due to the higher number of visitors every year, this theme park is one of the most expensive parks in the world as well. 

Location: Bd de Parc, 77700 Coupvray, France 

Link to Buy Tickets: 

Link to Know How to Reach:

Los Angeles Bounty: Universal Studios Hollywood 

Universal Studios Hollywood 

Image Credit: Viator 

Not only is it a top-notch theme park, but it is also a film studio situated in the San Fernando Valley, which is a part of Los Angeles County. Draped in the theme of universal entertainment, this theme park was opened in 1964 on the 15th of July. This amusement park is popularly recognized as the entertainment capital of Los Angeles, California. 

Location: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608, United States 

Link to Buy Tickets: 14 

Link to Know How to Reach: ing%20Directions,-10020Universal%20City&text=Take%20the%20101%20Hollywood%20Freew ay,signs%20to%20Universal%20Studios%20Hollywood

Thrilling Expedition: Universal Island of Adventure 

Universal Island of Adventure 

Image Credit: Discover Universal 

Spread over an area of 45 hectares, this theme park was opened in 1996 on May 28. This amusement park is particularly known for its water rides as well as roller coaster rides. Packed with a total of 18 thrilling rides, this park operates for a whole year with no closing season. So, you can visit anytime. 

Location: 6000 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819, United States 

(Universal Orlando Resort) 

Link to buy tickets: 

Link to Know How to Reach: ay%20to%20get,38%20min%20and%20costs%20%242.

Dreamy World: Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort
Image Credit: D.H.L Travel 

Veiling nearly 25,000 acres of area, this theme park is operated by the Disney Experiences. The founder of this extravagantly wonderful resort is Ray O. Disney. There are several other departments and theme parks within this resort that are outlandish and have a great adventure spree to experience. 

Location: Florida, United States. 

Link to Buy Tickets:

Link to Know How to Reach:

Fun Never Gone: Everland Yongin Farmland

Everland Yongin Farmland

Image Credit: 

Having earned 19th place in the ranking of the world’s most famous amusement parks, this theme park located in South Korea accounts for 5.85 million visitors per year. This isn’t just a park; rather, it holds so many notable exhibitions and also encases notable animals like the Giant Panda, Rapido, Ming Ming, and many more. This park was founded in 1976 and is spread over a 99-hectare area. This park is one of the most worth visiting amusement parks in the world. 

Location: 199 Everland-ro, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Link to Buy Tickets: upons.html 

Link to Know How to Reach: 

Ferrari Supremacy: Ferrari World Yas Island

Ferrari World Yas Island

Image Credit: Viator 

This extravagant theme park operated by Farah Experiences LLC was opened in 2010 on November 4. This park covers an area of 9 hectares and is considered one of the most famous and worth-visiting parks located in the UAE. The most fascinating aspect of a visit to this park is the presence of thrilling Ferrari rides. 

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

Link to buy tickets:

Link to Know How to Reach: w-to-reach#:~:text=You%20can%20take%20a%20bus,world%20in%20almost%2014%20minut 

Sultan of Johor’s Creation: Lego Theme Park, Malaysia 

Lego Theme Park, Malaysia 

Image Credit: Viator 

Inaugurated on September 15, 2012, this amusement park has 40 thrilling and interactive rides. It is the first Lego theme park in Malaysia. The Sultan of Johor, Ibrahim Ismail, opened it. This park doesn’t only have rides; it also fosters other outlandish attractions and shows.

Location: Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia. 

Link to Buy Tickets: 

Link to Know How to Reach:

Aqua Adventure: SeaWorld Orlando

Aqua Adventure: SeaWorld Orlando

Image Credit: Killer Whale Wiki 

Opened on December 15, 1973, this theme park is owned by United Parks & Resorts. This is one of the most fascinating theme parks in the world, as it doesn’t just have attractions and adventurous rides; it also houses notable exhibitions and notable animals like Maple, Shamu, Lagos, and many more.

Location: 7007 Sea World Dr., Orlando, FL 32821, United States 

Link to Buy Tickets: edium=organic&utm_campaign=gbp_listing/ 

Link to Know How to Reach:

Fast & Furious: Six Flags Magic Mountain Image Credit : Walnut RV Park 

Walnut RV Park 

Spread across an area of over 106 hectares, this amazing wonderland theme park was inaugurated on May 29, 1971. It accounts for having the fastest coasters in the world. This park

contains over 20 of the of the fastest roller coasters as well as water rides, which are known for their thrilling expeditions. 

Location: 26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355, United States

Link to Buy Tickets: 

Link to Know How to Reach:’ll%20find%20us %20north,Parkway%2C%20Valencia%2C%20CA%2091355.&text=Take%20the%20Interst 

FAQs About Most Famous Theme Parks of the World

Q.1: What is the total number of rides present in Disneyland Paris? 

Ans. There are about 50 rides in Disneyland Paris, which are the center of attraction, and the highest or biggest ride in Disneyland Paris is the Big Thunder Mountain, which is also known as the Le Train de la Mine. 

Q.2: If we need to buy another ticket to enter Universal Studios Hollywood, Harry Potter,? 

Ans. No, not at all; you don’t have to purchase any other ticket or pay any extra charges to go into the wizarding world of Harry Potter. You can enter there with your regular ticket. 

Q.3: What is the name of Harry Potter Park, located in the Universal Orlando Resort? 

Ans. The Harry Potter Park in the Universal Orlando Resort is well known by the name Hogsmeade. Apart from there, Harry Potter Park is also present in Universal Studios Florida, where it is named Diagon Alley. 

Q.4: What is the total number of Disney resorts in the whole world at the present time? 

Ans. There are about 25 Disney resort hotels all over the world that are operated under the Disney Resort Collection. These resorts range from being highly expensive to being budget-friendly as well.


As we move ahead to wrap up this post, we find ourselves being drenched in the magical aura of the above-mentioned top-notch water parks in the world. These are not just parks; rather, they are a statement of entertainment and ethereal capabilities where we get a chance to see our creative and innovative inner selves. These parks provide us with a way to experience the left-out or gone moments of our childhood. So, this year, plan your vacation at these amusement parks!

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