Beat The Heat Effects By All Time Favorite: Top 10 Most Famous Beverages of India 

Top 10 Most Famous Beverages of India 
Top 10 Most Famous Beverages of India 
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Here, the scorching hot summer is on our minds, and the main specialty of this season is that it exudes out the craving for something icy and cool every time. Nothing tastes better than any cold or chilled drink; it feels like heaven after just one sip. These drinks aren’t just for summers but they are evergreen .Thus, today we are here with this blog post, which unveils the top beverages in India. These beverages are not only recognized in India, but they have earned fame for themselves outside of India as well. They are made out of natural ingredients, which have a positive impact on our health. So, they take a look at these beverages and try them out today if they haven’t tried them yet. So, let’s go! 

Here is the list of the top 10 most famous beverages in India:

Queen of Beverages: Masala Chai

Masala Chai

Image Credit: Shanti Tea 

Packed with the enriched goodness of natural spices coming directly from the lap of the Indian oasis, masala chai is famous by the epithet as the queen of beverages. This beverage reigns supreme in the hearts of each and every single Indian, and once it gets on the taste buds of any foreigner, he or she also becomes a fan of it. Packed with a strong and rich flavor and a number of positive implications for health, masala chai is the best Indian beverage. 

Recipe of Masala Chai: %20stronger,milk%20flavored%20with%20chai%20decoction 

Ingredients of Masala Chai: milk, sweetener, ginger, tea leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and peppercorn.

Malty & Spicy: Assam Tea 

Assam Tea 

Image Credit : The Kent and Sussex Tea 

Encased in an aromatic taste of malty and spicy flavor, overall it has an amazingly delicious caramel sweetness. The most outlandish feature about this tea that sets it apart is the presence of plenty of antioxidant properties, which help in the prevention of a number of diseases. The best time to have this savory and spicy treat is either in the morning or during the afternoon. 

Recipe for Assam Tea: am-tea-recipes 

Ingredients of Assam Tea: Assam tea leaves, boiled water, heated milk, and sugar or honey.

Northern Supremacy: Sweet Lassi 

Sweet Lassi 

Image Credit: Indian Veggie Delight 

This natural cooling beverage, which is the most common drink, especially during hot, scorching summer days, has a sweet, thick, and watery taste. Lassi is the most popular beverage in India, coming from the northern region. Its simple yet sophisticated garnishing with various types of seasonings makes it super delicious and mouth-watering. A Punjabi meal is always incomplete without an extra-large glass of lassi. 

Recipe for Sweet Lassi: 

Ingredients of Sweet Lassi: plain curd, water or milk, sugar, cardamom powder, and chopped nuts as well.

Thick Brews: South Indian Coffee 

South Indian Coffee 

Image Credit : Sharmis Passions 

Have you ever heard of coffee being accompanied by dishes like idli and dosa? Well, in the bounty of South India, there is a beverage recognized as South Indian coffee that is particularly enjoyed with Idli, vada, and dosa. It is one of the most famous beverages in Indian cuisine. What makes this coffee different from others is the presence of thick brews and the suitable serving and cooking temperature as well. 

Recipe for South Indian Coffee:

Ingredients of South Indian coffee: coffee powder, boiled water, hot milk, and sugar as well.

The Magic of Mangoes: Mango Lassi 

The Magic of Mangoes: Mango Lassi 

Image Credit : An Edible Mosaic 

Here comes another refreshing summer season beverage from India. It is another variant of sweet Lassi, in which mango is the main component. Enriched smooth and creamy texture with thick and pouring consistency, its alluring appearance blew off all the tiredness and anxiety in just a single sip. It can not only be taken out of a glass, but it can also be frozen into ice cream popsicles. 

Recipe for Mango Lassi: 

Ingredients of Mango Lassi: chopped mangoes, milk, yogurt, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron, and chopped dry fruits.

Antioxidative Beverage: Darjeeling Tea

 Darjeeling Tea

Image Credit: Gopaldhara Teas

This tea is packed with an abundance of antioxidants, which are the reason why it is one of the most famous beverages in India. Darjeeling Tea is another form of original tea that is particularly made out of the tea leaves of Darjeeling. They possess the unmatched potency to aid in the elimination of toxins from the body and prevent any kind of negative implications. Encased in a fruity fragrance and golden and bronze brews, it is less bitter and more sweet in taste. 

Recipe for Darjeeling Tea

Ingredients of Darjeeling Tea: boiled water, Darjeeling tea leaves, milk, and sweetener as well.

Beating Heat: Masala Chach 

Beating Heat: Masala Chach 

Image Credit : Indian Veggie Delight 

Here is another ideal drink for summer, which is known for its healthy and super delicious taste. This masala chach is wrapped in health benefits like cutting down the chances of acidity, combating constipation, and also providing cooling effects in the scorching summer. Get up and prepare a chilled glass of masala chach now! 

Recipe for Masala Chach: 

Ingredients of Masala Chach: Plain yogurt, cold water, green chili, ginger, cumin powder, chopped cilantro, black salt, table salt, mint, and chat masala.

The Indian Cocktail: Gin & Tonic 

The Indian Cocktail: Gin & Tonic 
Image Source:

Particularly known for its remedial properties, as a matter of fact, gin and tonic is an Indian beverage that is considered the quintessential summer drink, having a refreshing and cooling taste. It is a type of cocktail with loads of ice and a zesty inflection of taste because of the inclusion of lime water. Have a glass of a light cocktail this summer that is made at home! 

Recipe for Gin and Tonic:

Ingredients of Gin and Tonic: Gin, tonic, sugar, lime water, ice, and soda.

Dominance of Spices: Shikanji 

Dominance of Spices: Shikanji 

Image Credit : Times Food 

This lemon-based drink traces its origins to the northern part of the Indian peninsula, and it is one of the most demanded summer drinks in India. It resides in the hearts of every Indian and every single household to beat the summer heat. It is not only tasty but also known for its unmatched potency in eliminating toxins from our bodies. 

Recipe for Shikanji: 

Ingredients of Shikanji: lime juice, sweetener, water, mint leaves, ice cubes, black salt, cumin powder, amchur powder, and black pepper.

Tangy and Zesty Inflection: Jaljeera

Tangy and Zesty Inflection: Jaljeera

Image Credit: News18 

This drink is especially made out of the various spices, giving it the perfect spicy and zesty taste with highly aromatic vibes. It’s tangy, spicy, and savory taste is not only a delicious feast for taste buds in summer, but it is also beneficial for health. This Indian drink is good for the liver and aids in the process of digestion. It is one of the most loved and popular drinks in India. 

Recipe for Jaljeera:

Ingredients of Jaljeera: cumin, black salt, table salt, black pepper, sugar, ginger powder, amchur powder, mint leaves, coriander, and ice cubes 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Which Indian beverage is considered the national drink or beverage of India? 

Ans. Tea, or chai, is considered the national drink of India. It’s the strong and boasting aromatic taste and flavor of this drink that has earned it fame, name, and potency to rule the hearts of millions. 

Q.2: Which Indian state is regarded as the largest producer of coffee? 

Ans. The state of Karnataka is known as the largest producer of coffee in India. The city of Karnataka, named Chikamangaluru, is prominently known as the epithet city of coffee, as it is a land where coffee is produced in bulk. 

Q.3: If lemonade and Shikanji are the same,? 

Ans. No, these are both two different drinks. Lemonade is simply lime water with a pinch of salt and sugar, while Shikanji is enriched with the goodness of so many Indian spices. Hence, lemonade and Shikanji are not the same; they are different. 

Q.4: If gin and tonic are Indian beverages or come from abroad,? 

Ans. Yes, Gin & Tonic, in actual fact, found its origin in India only. It is a type of cocktail particularly prepared in the summer season. 


Now is the time to wrap up this blog post, which opened up the gateway to the top ideal beverages for summer that are associated with Indian cuisine. These drinks are not only mouth-watering, but they are packed with the goodness of numerous benefits for overall 

well-being. Apart from this, the best thing about these drinks is that they can easily be made at home with a few ingredients that are almost always available in everyone’s kitchen. So, what are you? 

waiting for now, get up, enter your kitchen, and start making up the boasting beverage to get rid of heat!

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