When is Mother’s Day in 2022: Date, significance, Quotes, and Wishes

When is Mother's Day in 2022: Date, significance, Quotes, and Wishes
When is Mother's Day in 2022: Date, significance, Quotes, and Wishes
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The second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day in India. This year it will be celebrated on Sunday, May 8. On this day we thank our mothers, and express our love and gratitude to them, although in different places the day is celebrated on different dates.

No one can ever replace her at any cost. “Youth fades; love droops, the leaves of friendship fall; a mother’s secret hope outlives them all,” a famous quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes sums up the eternal significance of a mother.

A mother’s efforts should be recognized and appreciated every day, even when it is not Mother’s Day.


Mother's Day
Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, at a memorial for her mother in West Virginia now has the International Mother’s Day Shrine. So Mother’s Day is an occasion celebrated in various parts of the world to express respect, honour, and love towards mothers.


Mother's Day
Mother’s Day

On this day we thank our mothers, and express our love and gratitude to them although in different places the day is celebrated on different dates

In the UK, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of March commemorating the memory of Mother Church on Christian Mothering Sunday

In Greece, Mother’s Day is celebrated on February 2, linking the day with the Eastern Orthodox celebration of the presentation of Jesus Christ at the temple.

On this day, people all over the world celebrate the day and surprise their moms with gifts or take her out for a beautiful trip, but this year, due to pandemics, the celebrations will be different.

Mother’s Day quotes

Mother's Day
Mother’s Day

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.” —Unknown

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” —Charley Benetto

“A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” —Unknown

“Mother is the heartbeat in the home; and without her, there seems to be no heartthrob.” —Leroy Brownlow

“My mother is a walking miracle.” —Leonardo DiCaprio

“A mother understands what a child does not say.” —Jewish proverb

“Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.” —Susan Gale

“My Mother: She is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her. ” —Jodi Picoult

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.” —Maya Angelou

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.” —William Makepeace Thackeray

“Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.” —Kahil Gibran

“The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.” —James E. Faust

“It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?” —Mahatma Gandhi

“There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood.” —Elder M. Russell Ballard

“A mother is the one who fills your heart in the first place.” —Amy Tan

Mothers Day Wishes

Mother's Day
Mother’s Day

Mom, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to a woman who deserves a medal for putting up with me all these years.

I wish one day I could grow up to become as graceful, as strong, as loving as you are. Wishing Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who inspires me.

Ma, you’re the light of my life. You taught me how to stand up and be my person. You’re my guide and I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

Miss you Mum, can’t wait to be reunited so we can celebrate properly. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and thanks for everything!

You’re not a regular mom. You’re a cool mom. Correction- You’re the coolest mom. I’m so grateful for all that you are and all that you do. Happy Mother’s Day!

To the person who has done more for me than anyone in this world! Love you, Mama!

Thank you for making us feel so loved and cared for every single day. For today at least, I hope I can do the same for you!

I’m glad that you’re my mother because I’m not sure anyone else could have put up with me this long! Love you, Mom.

Your smile brightens each day and makes it better than the last. Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!

Mom, thank you for being my anchor in this stormy sea of life. I love you and don’t know where I’d be without you.

Happy Mother’s Day to my very own superhero and the No. 1 problem-solver in my life.

There’s never been a minute I wasn’t glad you were my Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Although we’re far apart you are always in my heart. I love you and miss you more than words can say.

Mom, I honestly don’t know how I’d get through each day without you by my side. Thank you for being such a supportive mother to me. Happy Mother’s Day!