Alia Bhatt-Inspired Looks For College Girls

Alia Bhatt-Inspired Looks For College Girls
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Alia Bhatt is a Bollywood diva nowadays and everyone loves her, whether they are her fans or the Bollywood stars everyone loves her. She is the cutest and most loving star kid among all of them. 

Even though being cute is not only what she has but has done, she has also done a lot of work in the film industry that everyone has loved so far. She has starred in the Hollywood film also now and has also gained a name in Hollywood, whether it is for her debut at the met gala or it is for the work she has done in the film industry.

College-going girls are amounts the fans of alia bhatt that are many in numbers and we know that when we are fans of any celeb we want to follow everything they do, from their lifestyle to their makeup routines.

Here are some of the Alia Bhatt-inspired looks for college girls.

Alia Bhatt Look in 2 States

she is wearing a tank top, a maxi skirt, and a brown leathered bag, with some oxidized jewelry to top it all up
(Source: Hotstar)

Alia Bhatt in 2 States was loved by so many people and the movie was also a super hit and gained a lot at the box office. The storyline, the star cast, the overall setup of the film everything was just on point.

But the most loved thing in that movie was Alia Bhatt’s character, she did three main roles in that movie, from being a college student to an office-going girl to a bride, and every look of hers was our favorite.

The one shown in the figure is her in the student phase of that movie, and we are loving the look, she is wearing a tank top, a maxi skirt, and a brown leathered bag, with some oxidized jewelry to top it all up. 

As we know that the movie was released in 2014, but still if you wear this outfit of hers or something inspired by this in college even today it will look good. As we know that tank tops are still in trend and what is wrong with a maxi skirt right?

Alia Bhatt in Brahmastra

She has seen a beachy white top with skinny jeans in kersariya song
(Source: Hotstar)

Alia Bhatt in the brahmastra movie was seen as a little childish and yet cute, even though her character was not focused on that much in the brahmastra movie but still, she was there in every scene.

And yet being not that much-focused audience still found her cute and praised her for the work she did in that movie.  But what I noticed mostly was the looks and outfits of her. She was seen wearing mostly modest outfits in the film and was in a saree for some songs.

But the most talked about outfit of hers was from the song Kesariya and many people recreated that look in their college fests or on Instagram reels. But we know that we can’t go to college by wearing a full yellow skirt and a yellow tank top right?

So I have this one outfit of hers from the same song kersariya but it’s a dance version, she has seen wearing a beachy white top with skinny jeans and a flowy kind of jacket with boots on, the outfit had a hint of modesty, and traditional vibes to it, it will be a great fit for your college for a normal day.

Alia Bhatt from Gangubai Kathiawadi

the white saree in Gangubai Kathiawadi
(Source: Netflix)

Okay so first of all let me make myself clear that I am not suggesting you wear this outfit on a normal college day, but you can wear this on your fest or days in college like a traditional day or Bollywood day.

This is her most talked about look from her film Gangubai Kathiawadi the film was the talk of the town when it was released and almost everyone loved her in that movie means the work she did was mesmerizing and will always be one of her finest works she has done in Bollywood.

This look of hers is so badass and so much powerful, the white saree or you can say “Hans wala safed” saree that maroon matte lipstick that goggles, and not to forget about the jute she wore under this saree, yeah I have watched this movie so many times I have noticed every tiny detail of it.

You can simply wear this look for any of your special days in college and you will rock the look and will seize the day!!!

Alia Bhatt in Badrinath ki Dulhania

 Alia Bhatt wore  casual dresses on this movies
(Source: Netflix)

Alia Bhatt was mostly seen in traditional looks in Badrinath ki Dulhania and she was looking so pretty in that movie, as we can simply know that because all the focus in that movie was on her and the movie was simply based on women empowerment.

Although the overall theme and storyline of the movie were good but what was also good was Alia Bhatt’s look matching and going with every scene that was in the movie, whether it was her lehenga game or her modest outfits everything was on point.

But what caught my attention was her looks from when she moved to Singapore, there we saw a lot of change in her style she was wearing a lot of Indo-western looks that are so in trend nowadays and we go wearing them in college.

As you can see the on in the above picture you can simply know what I am talking about, she is wearing a kurta over denim and we know that this is so trendy nowadays in India we are seeing this type of content in those Instagram GRWM type of reels, so why not try one for ourselves.

Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi

alia was in denim jeans look on his Movie Dear Zindagi
(Source: Netflix)

Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi was a character that we all not loved that much but we can simply relate a lot with her character of hers from that particular movie. We all go through ups and downs nowadays and only we know what we go through.

Even if her character in the movie was something that was not that likable by everyone her dressing style is something that is something basic that we can go wearing on a everyday basis. 

Her looks from that movie mostly included basic tops and denim to some jumpsuits, and they were all cute.

Here is my favorite outfit of hers from that movie which is a monochromatic all-denim-denim look of hers from that movie. I don’t know why but I think that if we wear this outfit it will look chic and sophisticated. You can simply give this one a try.

Alia Bhatt in Raazi

alia bhatt in salwar suit
(Source: Primevedio

Okay, here me out Alia Bhatt in Raazi was prettier than Roop in Kalank. Judge me all you want but it is what it is!!

The simplicity she had in all her scenes of her in Raazi even being a Spy was just so on point even if she was holding me at gunpoint I could not have believed that she is a spy.

And why I am including her simple looks in this article because look at her looks in the overall movie they were basically salwar suits and they were all so simple yet elegant and that is something you can wear in your normal routine life also on a basic and you will look so good.

Imagine wearing these types of salwar suits on a normal regular day with a flowy wind, you will feel like a Bollywood character yourself but not a spy okayy!!

Alia Bhatt in Kalank

Alia bhatt in lehengas
(Source: Primevedio)

Okay so this one suggestion is something high budget but something we all wanna try one day, I mean everyone wants to look pretty, don’t we?

You can go for the looks of Alia Bhatt shown in Kalank on a wedding day or on any special program or something. We can obviously can’t wear these heavy lehengas on a normal day right?

But we can go for one of her looks on any Navratri night or something right? And please keep your makeup minimum on just as alia has kept in the overall film of Kalank. Even though the film did not do something huge at the box office and was a flop but we got one of Alia’s prettiest characters ever to exist in all of her film careers.

Alia Bhatt in Rocky aur Raani ki Prem Kahani

alia wore  sariee in movie Rocky aur Raani ki Prem Kahani
(Source: Youtube)

Alia Bhatt in Rocky Aur Raani ki prem kahani is her first movie that will be released after her being a mom. And after seeing the songs and trailer of the movie we are all missing our cute little Alia whether it is Badrinath ki Dulhania or where it is from Dear Zindagi but little somewhere we are missing her.

Alia’s character is also shown as mature in this movie and she is not some college-going girl in this movie. While we are missing our cute little Alia but we are also loving the stunning looks of her in this movie.

Alia is mostly wearing sarees in this movie and we are loving each and every saree of her in this movie. We can simply go for any of her looks from this movie with that bold kajal and nose pin and a simple organza or chiffon saree. It will look so fine, sophisticated, and modest at the same time.

Alia Bhatt in Student of the Year.

she wore mini dress or skirts
(Source: Netflix)

Okay, so as we were talking about missing our cute little alia being a college student in movies so here is one. Yeah Alia’s first ever movie student of the year or also known as SOTY. 

Okay, so you can simply pick any of her looks from this movie and can go wearing that anywhere now as it is all normal nowadays but we must say that even being released in 2012 Student of the Year outfits were so modest comparing it to those times in India.

And we all loved that movie for that only showing college life to us that we might never be able to live and that is what Karan Johar’s movies are famous for right?

Okay but going back to Alia Bhatt’s look in Student of the Year they were all like mini dresses or skirts and which were cute and a great fit for her considering her character in that movie. You can also get those main character feels if you go for any of her looks from that movie.

Alia Bhatt in Ae Dil hai Mushkil

she might be wearing black trousers underneath as it will go fine on that all-black look
(Source: Netflix)

Okay so this one is the out-of-the-box suggestion but I think that this look of alia is pretty underrated and should gain more popularity. This one is the look from where they all are in a club.

And I think that this look of alia is appropriate according to her being a DJ in that club and we can also simply pull this outfit as an overall look of hers in any party or small DJ night or something and it will look bomb.

As you can’t see the bottoms of Alia in any of the scenes but I think that she might be wearing black trousers underneath as it will go fine on that all-black look I mean her makeup is also screaming that only and you should also go for the same.

FAQ About Alia Bhatt-Inspired Looks For College Girls:

When is Rocky or Raani ki Prem Kahani releasing?

On the 28th of July 2023

Who is the husband of Alia Bhatt?

Her childhood crush nonother than Ranbir Kapoor

Did Alia and Ranbir have a baby together?

Yes, they have a daughter named Raha Kapoor

Alia Bhatt’s next upcoming movie?

Alia Bhatt has not announced any of her new movies yet now.


So these were some of the looks of Alia from her movies that are totally game changers if you start wearing outfits according to them in your daily life.

I have mostly included her looks from movies only and have not covered all the movies but in any of Alia’s movies, she is seen wearing outfits that are college-going as most of her characters in the movies are of a student and her outfits complete justice with those characters.

Besides these Alia is also a good dresser in her routine life also and you can also take notes from her day-to-day outfit or the ones she were at award functions or for her movie promotions also. This was all for now!!

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