Best Heated Dewalt Jackets

Best Heated Dewalt Jackets
Best Heated Dewalt Jackets
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Dewalt has long been one of the leading names in the Best Heated Dewalt Jackets construction industry for various products: power tools, chargers, batteries, saws, workwear, and now, Dewalt heated jackets.

How Do Dewalt Heated Jackets Work?

Dewalt work jackets provide extra warmth on any outdoor job site, interior location without insulation, or particularly cold environments. Each heated Dewalt work jacket uses a series of rechargeable heated coils that can run off Dewalt’s 20V or 12V batteries. You carry a power pack in a special pocket that plugs directly into the coil’s electricity source. This power pack can be plugged into a Dewalt battery and should be recharged after each use of the jacket.

Each Dewalt work jacket typically has three, four, and sometimes five’ heat zones,’ where the coils are located on the jacket’s interior. These are typically located in the upper chest on both sides and sometimes a single coil in the rear of the jacket – either at the bottom or top to provide warmth on both sides of your body.

What Are Some of the Best Dewalt Heated Jackets?

Heated Dewalt work jackets largely perform the same function in different ways, and they have different features that make them more useful for certain environments. Let’s break down some of the best-heated jacket offerings from Dewalt and where they would be most useful.

  1. Dewalt DCHJ060

One of the best Dewalt work jackets on the market comprises an inner and outer shell. The inner shell is fleece-lined, while the outer shell is water and wind resistant. Offering five heat zones in the upper right and left chest along with the upper back and armpits, this Dewalt work jacket also comes with a 20V battery and charging unit, offering at least 8 hours of continuous heat for the most extreme cold-weather conditions.

  1. Dewalt DCHJ067B Hooded Jacket

A hoodie from Dewalt features the same internal heating system as the above 060 models. This is an insulated hooded jacket with an adjustable hood and three heat zones – in the upper left and right chest and upper back. Intended to be used on its own in milder temperatures or as a base layer with a padded weatherproof jacket.

  1. Dewalt DCHJ075D1 Polyester Jacket

Featuring an internal fleece-lined polyester fabric with the same external polyester fabric, this Dewalt work jacket is water and wind resistant, with three heat sources – upper left and right chest and mid-back. Providing warmth from all sides, this polyester Dewalt work jacket also comes with a 20V battery pack. Plugging the battery into the heating elements can increase its warming time by up to 25%.

Who Could Use a Dewalt Heated Jacket?

There are plenty of industries where people work in environments where such a Dewalt work jacket would be extremely useful, from mechanical engineers at sea or in cold-weather climates to scientists collecting arctic core samples. Even truck drivers and farmers can find a heated jacket very useful! Dewalt makes a ‘barn’ work jacket from a duck fabric outer shell and a flannel-lined inner shell that’s perfect for a farmer.

If you are getting cold on the job, consider investing in a heated Dewalt work jacket.