Top 10 Best Rangoli Designs for Competition

Rangoli Design
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Rangolis are something that is an integral part of our Indian culture and whenever and wherever there is any program and celebration in our Indian society we draw rangolis in front of our house.

Rangoli is a symbol of joy and happiness in our society and also rangoli represents good vibes, rangolis can be small-big and can be of any shape. They can be filled with different colors and different designs.

Occasionally there are a lot of rangoli competitions in our society at our offices, at our schools, and even at our apartments. And we Indians have the best skills in drawing rangolis, but what if I give you a few more suggestions on rangolis that will make your work easy?

Here are the top 10 best rangoli designs for the competition.

Half-up Rangoli Design

Half-up Rangoli Design is one of the  top 10 best rangoli designs
Half-up Rangoli Design is one of the top 10 best rangoli designs (Image Source: Pinterest)

This type of rangoli design might look like it is something very hard to draw but believe me that this is something very basic you just need to draw the outlines from the white rangoli and you can create the inside designs with simple colors and you can make any type of designs according to ton your choices.

But the outer line of this rangoli should be as same as shown in the picture above. This is something that is not very complicated and can be drawn very fast if you practice this two or three times before at home.

White and yellow

This is the Best Rangoli Design
This is the Best Rangoli Design (Image Source: Pinterest)

Okay, so the rangoli design is also very basic but very attractive. This one is very easy to draw and you can use simply any stick to draw the designs on this rangoli design. The rangoli may not have many colors in it but it is still looking very attractive and can be looked at twice by anyone who will go through this rangoli design.

You might think of taking another color instead of yellow but believe me that yellow is going very well with white and you should only use yellow in this rangoli design and also not the typical yellow color but an orangish-yellow color like turmeric kind of.

That red rose

This is one of the top Rangoli Design
This is one of the top Rangoli Design (Image Source: Pinterest)

I am mesmerized by just looking at t his rangoli design, I mean look at the elegant beauty of this one this is simply my favorite one now. If you are someone who lives in a flat or society and you want something that is not very big but is very cute and attractive you can easily draw this one.

This rangoli will take only a few minutes to draw and if you are someone who works and does not have much time to draw the designs and is very busy all the time then this rangoli is simply a go-to for you.

Oh the aesthetics

Oh the aesthetics
Oh the aesthetics (Image Source: Pinterest)

Oh, the aesthetic of this rangoli design this one if perfect to draw n a competition and win that competition, I mean just see this one it is so fucking pretty and very minimalistic. The shades of blue are simply going very well with the white.

The white designs are also very elegant and very smooth make sure that you draw them as shown above and you should keep your hand very steady while drawing this rangoli design. Okay, the rangoli may not be very vibrant but you just can’t take off your eyes from its aesthetics, it is just so soothing to your eyes. 

The white one

The white one is also a top design
The white one (Image Source: Pinterest)

Okay so this rangoli is simply based on the designs and shapes that you will draw as this rangoli does not contain in type of color and all the focus is simply on the designs and shapes only. 

How neatly you draw this rangoli is the only thing that can make this rangoli design stand out. This one is also good to draw on occasions and family functions. Okay, the rangoli does not have many colors or you can say no colors rather than just white but it is still charming, and from that, you can see what the impact of white rangolis is.


Kolam is the one the of top rangoli design
Kolam is the one the of top rangoli design (Image Source: Pinterest)

Okay so this one is kind of chunky and big-big kind of rangoli design but you can draw this one very easily also as this rangoli design is consisting of many big designs and shapes it is simple to be drawn.

The rangoli design contains purple, pink, and yellow colors which are kind of going very well and is complimenting the rangoli. The rangoli design is not that is very smooth and fine but still it is worth watching, because of the colors and shapes that you used in this rangoli design. The rangoli does not have many designs but as much as it has it is drawn in a specific manner that is making it stand out.


Janmashtami is a one of the top 10 rangoli design
Janmashtami (Image Source: Pinterest)

Okay so this rangoli is perfect to be drawn at Janmashtami or Krishna janmostava, it is very attractive and can be drawn easily if you try to practice this sometimes before drawing this on a large scale and the main occasion. 

The rangoli design is also very big and still is not very complicated and you should draw this one outside and on a large scale this should be drawn as big as possible and you can also add other elements to this rangoli design.

The Musical

Rangoli designs for competition with themes
Rangoli designs for competition with themes (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you are having any singing competition at your school or society or any kind of program that resembles artistic vision then this one rangoli design is so perfect to be drawn. This is very simple and does not need many colors to be drawn.

I think what is making this rangoli more attractive is the color combinations it has the yellow, orange, blue, and white are all going well with each other and are looking very subtle yet elegant.

The peacock

Latest rangoli designs for competition
Latest rangoli designs for competition (Image Source: Pinterest)

So this rangoli is something that is very attractive and is very complicated to be drawn to by someone. But if you are very frequent when it comes to drawing rangolis and if you have the guts that you can draw this rangoli without messing this one up then you can go for this.

The color combination is also very vibrant and very attractive and eye-catching, the details of the rangoli design are also very fine and elegant.


Image of Rangoli Competition
Image of Rangoli Competition (Image Source: Pinterest)

But if you nail this one then you can easily draw this very finely, and if you use the same colors and those also in the same shades then this rangoli design is something very fine. This one can simply make you win any rangoli competition very easily.

Okay, so these were the types of rangoli designs that you can draw in any type of rangoli competition or even at any kind of program and also at any type of celebration. Rangoli is a very rare kind of thing that only Indian people draw when it comes to celebration and this is an integral part of our culture. 

You can see these rangoli designs at every house at the time of festivals, this depicts the good vibes and richness of our culture, in the modern era we are slowly getting this skill of our ancestors lost in our daily and busy life.

But if you pay minimum attention to these rangoli then you can find many rangoli online which are small and easy to draw that do not consume very much time. Make sure that you try these rangoli designs at your home and enjoy the time that you will spend trying something new rather than your normal and routine life.

FAQs About Top 10 best rangoli designs for Competition:

What are the types of Rangoli Designs?

  • Dotted
  • Free Hand
  • Alpana
  • Flower and petals
  • Floating Rangoli
  • Glass Rangoli

Which colors are used in Rangoli designs?

  • Rangoli colors are different kinds of colors that you can get at your local market

What you can use rather than rangoli colors to draw rangoli?

  • You can use flowers, petals, leaves, and also grains to draw rangoli

Which area of India draws rangoli at their house daily?

  • In the south side of India


Okay so this one is straightforward to draw means look at the designs and shapes drawn in the rangoli design these are very simple, just some flowers and petals, and yet it is looking very attractive as you can see the shapes are very clear and easily drawn. But the only problem is that it has more numbers of the same shapes, which are complicated to draw and to get the same shapes every time you draw.

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