Top 10 Instagram Models

Top 10 Instagram Models
Top 10 Instagram Models
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It was the tenth month of 2010 in the Julian and Gregorian calendars when the world witnessed the establishment of the new kingdom. The kingdom was known as Instagram under the crownship of Kevin Systrom. Here, we are talking about the Top 10 Instagram Models.

The subjects were leading a happy life. One day, in the nation of Instagram, an announcement was made regarding the inauguration of a new territory called ‘Instagram Models. ‘ As time passed, the territory was dominated by multi-talented individuals who inspired millions of people and even motivated all of us today. Their extravagant milestones are a testament to achieving a specific goal with consistent effort. In the world of glamorous Instagram models, each unleashing the story of modern allure offers different lenses to fame and fashion. So, let the ball roll to the route of Instagram’s model territory with the top ten Instagram models. 

Here we are talking about the Top 10 Instagram Models:

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner
Image source: rottentomatoes

Hailing from the Kardashian-Jenner family, she fueled her career with the television show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians. ‘ Kendall Jenner tops the chart of renowned I.G. models in the digital fashion landscape. She is famous for her glammy poses and looks. The embarking of her personal life, shooting from behind the scenes, and intertwining with family and friends tender her authenticity of being connected with her audience. The consistent live streams, active responses to comments, sharing of personal anecdotes and highlights of trending events, and followers represent Kendall Jenner’s spirited engagement. Her contemporary experiments with various auras of attire make her stand out. 

Followers: 294.7 million 

Instagram handle: @kendalljenner 

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid
Image source: instagram

The holder of the Vogue cover multiple times, Gigi Hadid is a fashion supermodel dominating the Instagram territory. With her blazing glam and chic-wrapped outfits, Gigi Hadid peaks the accolade of a global sensation, treasuring her followers, who account for 79 million. Her down-to-earth nature captivates her personality, making her a ceramic embark in every inch of the world because of her stunning looks. Gigi Hadid nestles the regiment of fans with her impeccable style and extravagant intricacies. This gorgeous supermodel is a role model for countless fashion mavens and crazers. 

Followers: 79.1 million

Instagram handle: @gigihadid

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen
Image source: allure

Christine Diene Teigen, aka Chrissy Teigen, is not only a model but also encompasses the dimensions of being an author and a celebrity. This American model is a trendsetter renowned for her charismatic aura and distinctive styling. Chrissy Teigen is celebrated due to her saccharine-loaded candid posts and relatable humor. Her fame brought her collaborations with fashion houses like BECCA Cosmetics, Sports Illustrated, etc. Her classy influence on the audience is contagious and spreads from one to another. Chrissy Teigen has set new standards in the age of AI-magnified fashion. 

Followers: 42.8 million 

Instagram handle: @chrissyteigen 

Sommer Ray 

Sommer Ray 
Image source: designerwomen

Sommer Ray is a benevolent American fitness bikini model and a well-known YouTube star. Sommer is among the top models in Instagram’s model town. Her YouTube channel is the journal of her daily life, where she posts all the content about her glamorous life. 

Followers: 25 million 

Instagram handle: @sommerray 

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski
Image source: wikidekh

Born in the heart of London and raised in Encinitas, Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski is an American model and a renowned actress. She stands among the top Instagram models with her flawless fashion-oriented excerpts. She conquered the trendy model town with her appearance in music videos in Vogue and Cosmopolitan, like renowned brand tags. With the reputed $ 78,000 for every post, Emily Ratajkowski is a highly paid personality. This 26-year-old supermodel is a ground-breaker in setting the hottest chic fashion trends.

Followers: 30.1 million 

Instagram handle: @emrata 

Cara DeLevingne 

Cara DeLevingne 
Image source: hellomagazine

The owner of the Model of the Year Award in 2012 and 2014, the actress and cum model Cara DeLevingne rules the kingdom of trend and style. At ten, she took off her modeling career in 2002. With the trespassing of seven years, Cara signed a contract with Storm Model Management. She has been featured in many renowned magazines, like Vogue, while working with various popular brands. Her collaborations are a reflection of her splendid talent. Her bold, sophisticated, and edgy looks are the authentic vibes for the modern woman. Cara is a legend who continuously teaches us how to create powerful, influential images. 

Followers: 42.2 million 

Instagram handle: @caradelevigne 

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin
Image source: wikipedia

The successor of the inherited celebrity lineage, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, the supermodel Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber ranks among the top Instagram models. This Tucson native has maintained her family’s legacy with a chart-bustering influence on millions. She started her modeling career in 2014 at Ford Models. She has been known to leave an indelible mark on her appearance in Milan, New York, and London fashion shows. She is ruling the stage of world fashion. She stands out in the landscape with the acclamation of top billing as a beautiful woman in the magazine’s list. 

Followers: 50.8 million 

Instagram handle: @haileybieber 

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima
Image source: apple

The crown holder of Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima, is a Brazilian model and actress renowned for her glazing appearance, stunning benevolence, and extravagant success. Lima has collaborated with celebrated names like Maybelline and Miu Miu, and is also featured on the covers of world-famous fashion magazines. Her charitable nature and endeavors always melted people’s hearts and inspired millions. Her social service endeavors include the Save the Children charity and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Adriana Lima is a veritable fashionista and entertainment icon known for her unwavering commitment. 

Followers: 17 million 

Instagram handle: @andrianalima 

Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez
Image source: twitter

Born in 1994, Georgina Rodriguez is a celebrated Argentine-Spanish supermodel and influencer on social media platforms. She has also appeared in the Netflix documentary of 2022, which was named I Am Georgina. The following season of this documentary will be released in 2023. Her charitable deeds made her the queen of fans. She is an ambassador for the Save the Children organization. With her uber-rich lifestyle, she consistently works to raise awareness about various social issues, like child poverty. Apart from this, she has also jotted down a book named ‘Soy Georgina.’ 

Followers: 56.2 million 

Instagram handle: @georginagio 

Bella Hadid 

Bella Hadid 
Image source: brandmentions

The brand ambassador of brands like Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, and many more, Bella Hadid is a global fashion specialist who has been featured on the covers of beauty magazines like Vogue more than 20 times. Bella Hadid is the sister of renowned supermodel Gigi Hadid. Bella never fails to slay every look she picks up, and she is known for captivating the audience with her astonishing fashion sense and style. 

Followers: 11.3 million 

Instagram handle: @bellahadid 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is the top Instagram model? 

Kendall Jenner is listed as the top Instagram model. 

Which model is famous for her health-related content? 

Sommer Ray is famous for her fitness-chic content. 

Name the model in a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Georgina Rodriguez knotted a tie with famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Are Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid related to each other? 

Yes, Gigi and Bella Hadid are blood-related sisters. 

Which model is the author of ‘Soy Georgina”? 

Georgina Rodriguez penned the book ‘Soy Georgina,’ published in 2022. 


As we reach our destination, we explore the fearless souls who dared to redefine the era of fashion and style by overcoming all barriers and challenges. In the present scenario, the above-mentioned ministers of the kingdom of Instagram are the renowned Instagram Models, the vertical trailblazers. Their contribution to drawing out the new geographical boundaries in the digital cosmos left an indelible mark on the people who are admirers of fame and chic.

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