Top 10 Photos of Alia Bhatt without Makeup

Alia Bhatt without Makeup
Image Source: Instagram
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Alia Bhatt was like an emerging star of the country back in the days but nowadays she has gained a lot of popularity and fame in Bollywood as well as in Hollywood also. It might be because of her recent work in films or it can also be because of all the brand promotions she is doing nowadays. 

Recently she is also announced as the brand ambassador for the brand Gucci and we are so proud of her for that. In recent times Alia has gone through a lot of changes in her life, from marrying her childhood crush to becoming a mother she has gone through a lot of good things in her life recently. 

During all this, our cute little Alia who we knew from our childhood has all grown up now and we have all seen her growing and glowing through these days and years.

So here are the top 10 photos of Alia Bhatt without makeup:

Alia Bhatt on her Beach Vacation

Alia drops her no makeup looks in selfie
Alia Bhatt glows without Makeup (Image Source: Instagram)

This is a very recent photo of Alia Bhatt from her beach vacation where she is all sun-soaked and we can see that. If you follow Alia Bhatt on Instagram you might know that from her Instagram stories also.

Alia is seen with her bare skin in this photo of hers as she is enjoying her me time I don’t think she might be carrying any makeup with her at that time, might be only applying sunscreen or bare minimum skincare products to protect herself from all the sunrays. As you can never skip sunscreen on a beach they say.

But we are loving those natural freckles on her face they are looking so charming as they are natural.

Alia Bhatt and the filmfare

 Alia Bhatt glows without Makeup
Alia Bhatt glows without Makeup (Image Source: Instagram)

This is also a recent photo of Alia Bhatt that she posted after winning the award for her recent film Gangubai Kathiawadi, we can see the glow she has after winning an award for something great for her. 

The work she has done in that film was so pure and heartwarming, I felt very warm after watching that movie and I was literally in tears. Alia also gained a lot of fame and recognition after the release of Gangubai Kathiawadi.

And we all know that when we do so much hard work for something and then we finally get the results we glow from within and that is seen on Alia’s face in this photo of hers.

That supportive Wife

one pic out of Top 10 pics of Alia Bhatt without Makeup
One of the best pic out of Top 10 pics of Alia Bhatt without Makeup (Image Source: Instagram)

So this is a photo of Alia Bhatt that she uploaded while doing the promotions for “Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkar” starring Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. At the time of this movie, a lot of speculations were raised because of the bold scenes and flirty pickup lines from this movie.

As because Ranbir was starring in this movie, the netizens said that even after getting married and recently becoming a Father it is not appropriate for Ranbir to do such films and how is Alia okay with all this?

After all this Alia posted a photo of her promoting this movie and she slammed all the netizens with her photo, and she proved that she is a supportive wife and respects her husband’s carrier. We can see the bare face of Alia from this and we are seeing that she is looking happy and quirky while the promotions.

The Skincare glow

Image  of Alia Bhatt without Makeup
Best no make up looks alia bhatt (Image Source: Instagram)

This photo of Alia Bhatt she shared before a very special Youtube Vlog of Alia came out with her very loved sister Shaheen Bhatt. She shared the video after uploading these cute selfies on her Instagram.

We can see how she is glowing so much in these pictures and how happy she is looking. As we know that Alia has gone through a lot of changes in her life recently, and she must also have updated her skincare routine according to that only.

She has uploaded her video Skincare on her youtube channel if you want to know her skincare routine.

Oh that Pet love

Best no make up looks alia bhatt
Alia Bhatt no make up look selfie (Image Source: Instagram)

Oh, we have missed Edward, but why is he looking so grumpy here, I think Alia is also wondering about the same thing, might be. We can see how glowing and radiant Alia Bhatt’s face is looking now I want to hurry up to go to the Vlog Alia has posted and want to know everything about her Skincare regime.

Alia is very glowing nowadays and I want to know the secret is that becoming a mother type of glow or is it that marrying You crush glow?

The Sunshine

 Alia Bhatt no make up look selfie
Alia Bhatt Bare Makeup (Image Source: Instagram)

I also want to know how to get these picture-perfect sunkissed selfies, if I get selfies like this I will surely look sun-slapped rather than sun-kissed, and will surely be tanned. 

Alia posted this photo in last year’s December and it is giving that winter sun type of vibe. In winter everyone gets a pink glow and Alia is also having that glow, but obviously, she is glowing more because…

I know why because she used a skincare product from Deepika’s skincare range and Deepika has also commented on this same post-Alia. How did I know about this I follow Alia as well as Deepika on Instagram and it was in their Instagram stories that they shared this secret skincare hack.

Oh that pregnancy glow!!!

Alia Bhatt with out Makeup
Alia Bhatt without Makeup (Image Source: Instagram)

This picture of mommy-to-be Alia is cute yet very pretty, this is a photo that she shared after her 10 years in the industry was completed. 

We are very grateful to Alia for giving us the incredible 10 years in the industry and I am her fan since her very first movie Student of The Year. She has done a lot of great work in the film industry in these 10 years of hers and she has given some of her best films and some of the best Bollywood movies to the Indian film industry.

Alia was pregnant during this photo was posted and we can see that clearly from her photo how she is looking sweaty and yet she is glowing.

Eternal Sunshine

 Alia Bhatt without Makeup
Photo of Alia Bhatt without Makeup (Image Source: Instagram)

We have seen a lot of pictures of Alia where she is all sun-soaked and here is another one from her Instagram itself and we can see the pregnancy glow in this picture of hers also.

Even though Alia is nearly 30 in these photos look at how glowing and youthful her skin looks even now. 

Maybe this is because these celebrities start to follow their skincare regimes at a very early age and they use a lot of high-end products. But in the case of Alia, we know that this is genetics we also know her mother and how beautiful she is and we wonder how beautiful her baby will be. Raha will be having all the genes from the Bhatt family as well as the Kapoor family and we all know about the genes that run in the Kapoor family, right?

That Happy Face

Photo of Alia Bhatt without Makeup
Alia Bhatt without Makeup (Image Source: Instagram)

This is a very cute photo Alia, adorable. The cuteness is soaring heights in this photo that Alia shared on her Instagram. This was shared during the early after she got married and we can see the marriage glow on her face.

I mean who wouldn’t have this kind of glow if they have married Ranbir Kapoor right, but to all that we know the ship is sailed guys and we can’t help it now. But I am genuinely happy for my baby Alia.

That Happy Bride

Alia Bhatt without Makeup
Alia Bhatt without Makeup (Image Source: Instagram)

Okay, I know know that these are the Top 10 photos of Alia Bhatt without Makeup, but I couldn’t resist posting this no-makeup-makeup look from her wedding. 

A wedding is a one-time thing and it is very special to anyone who is marrying Alia chose to be a subtle bride while in the season of heavy makeup and heavy lehenga trend in this bridal community. 

And we are loving her no-makeup-makeup look of hers from her wedding and that will be iconic for a long time.

FAQ About Top 10 Photos of Alia Bhatt without Makeup:-

What is the name of Alia Bhatt’s Pet?

Cat Edward

What is the name of Alia Bhatt’s Baby?

Raha Kapoor

When Did Alia Bhatt got Married to Ranbir Kapoor?

14 April 2022

Alia Bhatt’s recently released movie named?

Rocky aur Rani ki Prem Kahani

Alia Bhatt’s Youtube Channel Name?

Alia Bhatt


So these were all the photos of Alia Bhatt from her wedding or from her personal life that she shared on her Instagram handle and we loved all of them.

Alia Bhatt is someone that is my favorite from my school time and she will always be my favorite amongst all of them in the upcoming years also. I hope that you loved all these photos of hers and make sure that you also start using Skincare products because no makeup will give you that glow that you will have after doing proper skincare.

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