Revolutionising the Market with Electric Two Wheelers in India

Revolutionising the Market with Electric Two Wheelers in India
Revolutionising the Market with Electric Two Wheelers in India
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India is moving towards an eco-friendlier future at a significant pace. In the past few years, the urgency to go green, save the environment, and create a sustainable future has increased. A major factor harming the environment is the rising carbon footprint. And one of the easiest ways to control it is by using renewable energy sources. 

In this pursuit, electric vehicles have been game-changing since several renewable energy sources are available. For instance, electric two wheelers in India are rapidly growing in numbers on the road. They have been an utterly revolutionary step in the two-wheeler industry. 

Let us find out more about the need for 2 wheeler electric vehicles in India and its unique features. 

Growing Demand for 2 Wheeler Electric Vehicles in India

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally friendly is an obvious reason why electric two wheelers in India are becoming popular. The carbon footprint is minimal, and the electricity used for charging can be derived from renewable energy sources. 

  1. Pocket-Friendly

Saving money is a top priority for Indian customers. Making use of electricity from renewable energy sources like solar, hydro, etc., is more feasible than fuel. As a result, the overall travel cost also reduces, thus making them a budget-friendly option. 

  1. Taxation and Subsidies 

Often, Indian customers hesitate while buying a new vehicle, whether it is a scooter, car, or any other vehicle. A probable reason is several taxes on it, such as road tax, pollution tax, etc. Speaking of an EV 2 wheeler in India, the government offers subsidies to encourage more people to buy them. 

  1. Easy to Use

Electric two-wheelers are easier to handle than traditional two wheelers. It eliminates the concepts such as gear changing, clutch, etc. Thus, it makes commuting on an EV scooter easier. 

These are the highlighted reasons behind the growing demand for electric two wheelers in India. Let us know more about the evolution of technology in electric two wheelers in India. 

Features of an Electric Scooter in India

  1. Performance Features

Every electric scooter has different performance features depending on the brand and model. Generally, the performance features include information on speed, acceleration, range, charge, and acceleration. A top-notch electric scooter has different speed modes: eco and power, quick acceleration, and offers a diverse range of different speed modes.

In addition, it includes the following things:

  • Battery: Type, charger, voltage, capacity, weight
  • Motor: Power, type, torque
  • Charger: Specification, time
  1. Technical Features

The advancing technology has committed to providing a better version of electric scooters. Recently, the industry of electric two wheelers in India has shown amazing technological upgrades. Below mentioned are the hi-tech features that make our EV scooters user-friendlier:

  • Mobile Application

Several electric scooter companies have developed mobile applications for users to keep track of their scooters. It gives helpful information like distance left before the next service, distance covered, and kilometres left for the next refuelling. Moreover, it gives reminders about charging as well. 

  • Live Tracking

This feature allows the owners of electric two wheelers in India to know where their scooter is. In addition, one can also track the information on trips made and get the live location of the scooter. 

  • Fast Charging

Electric scooter chargers have evolved just like smartphone chargers. Charging time has been reduced from seven-eight hours to three-four hours. It helps prolong the battery life, as frequent charging can affect the battery backup. Moreover, new DC chargers have entered the market, which users can use to charge scooters at their homes. 

  • Digital Cluster

The digital screen is a major addition to the technical features of electric two wheelers in India instead of the traditional speedometer. It displays various information on the go, such as speed, navigation, fuel information, distance covered, etc. 

Final Words

Lectrix EV’s electric two-wheelers are a game-changer in the Indian market. With its focus on sustainability, affordability, innovation, and customer service, it has become one of the leading brands. Several electric scooter companies are coming forth to launch their two wheelers in the market with distinct set of features. If you’re looking for an electric two-wheeler, visit your nearest showroom today. 

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