Top 10 Travel Influencers in India 2024

Top Travel Influencers in India 2024
Travel Influencers
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The social internet has created a new generation of tastemakers. Online influencers are vital to public life in food, beauty, and fashion. They affect transportation so much that it may be felt.

These nomads inspire others to explore and make their admirers green with envy. Sharing their global travels and discovering new and fascinating things in familiar locations has earned them a loyal following. They share photos, videos and tips on how to maximize your travel experiences and prevent fraud on various social media networks.

These famous influencers also help you find local treasures and learn about your city’s culture and history. They write well and take beautiful photographs that make you feel like you’re there.

Who are Travel Influencers?

Social media travel influencers chronicle and promote their global journeys for a career. These bold tour guides inspire readers with tales and knowledge about exotic places.

These digital nomads travel the world to share stunning views, wonderful food, intriguing people, and exhilarating adventures with their followers. Along with documenting their adventures, they want to encourage and engage their audience to travel, too.

Top Indian Influencers who record their journeys leave the 9-to-5 for a nomadic lifestyle that emphasizes experiences above material items. Their reports reveal unique places, local habits, and attractions seldom seen by visitors.

Paradoxically, COVID-19 accelerated this. These opportunities have allowed many individuals who longed to travel but have yet to have the time to become travel influencers and find their place in digital nomadism. These pioneers are now worldwide explorers and lecturers, motivating others to explore the globe.

Types OF Travel Influencers 

Solo Travel Influencers

Solo travel advocates are heroes of personal independence and progress. They traveled alone to show the advantages of experiencing the globe alone. Their work may inspire readers to explore the world on their own. Advice on safety, alone time, and more is shared.

Family Traveler

Family travel experts help parents choose interesting locations to take their kids. They provide detailed guidance on traveling with kids, from where to stay to what to do. You’ll discover many tips on making family car trips entertaining and stress-free there.

Luxury Travel influencers

Luxury travel influencers are excessive. From five-star hotels to Michelin-star restaurants, they specialize in luxury vacations. Their content is beautiful and sophisticated, appealing to those who want the finest.

Couple Travel Influencers

A devoted relationship permits many “couple travel influencers” to explore the globe. Couples-friendly destinations include honeymoon sites, city breaks, and adventurous adventures. Their experiences give couples hope to establish a traditional hope.

Cultural Travelers

Cultural tourism influencers want to learn about local cultures. They try to learn about local culture and history when traveling. They illuminate cultural diversity worldwide to help people appreciate it.

Budget Travelers

Budget travel experts know how to tour the world on a budget. They share their unique housing and transportation savings techniques. If you want to travel cheaply, read their blogs and watch their videos.

Digital Nomads

Digital nomads pioneered remote employment and global nomadism. They provide intriguing insights into nomadic living and distant workplaces. Their advice on work-travel balance is excellent.

Here is the best travel Influencer list in 2024.

Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath is the best travel influencer in India

Source –  Instagram

Shivya Nath quit corporate life at 23 to write, travel, and fight climate change. She loves vegetarianism, sustainable travel, and animal welfare.

She co-founded Voices of Rural India, a five-language digital storytelling platform for rural storytellers. She established Climate Conscious Travel, a carbon-neutral tour and climate change consultant.

She is doing her Master’s in Sustainability and Environmental Management at Harvard University and wants to help create a more sustainable and regenerative tourist sector. She is one of India’s top Instagram travel influencers.

Shashank Sanghvi

Shashank Sanghvi comes under top 10 list of travel influencers

Source – Instagram

Digital innovator Shashank Sanghvi also influences travel, leisure, and fashion. He has 219k YouTube subscribers and 3 million Instagram followers. Shashank and Dimpi, a husband-wife duo, record their global adventures on The Offbeat Couple YouTube channel. He worked with many well-known companies, traveled to over 30 countries and 59 cities, and got several honors. You can follow his trip vlogs and Instagram.

Savi and Vid

Savi and Vid comes top 10 list travel influencer

Source – Instagram

Married couple Savi and Vid abandon their careers to travel. They’ve visited 107 nations. Photographers and storytellers Savi and Vid want to change society’s idea of success. The travel blog Bruised Passports was created to share their expertise.

Lonely Planet, BBC, National Geographic, Outlook Traveller, TEDx, etc. have featured Bruised Passports. They post trip vlogs and videos on their channel. Their 1.2 million Instagram followers see their vacation photos, recommendations, and experiences. If you like travel, they’re one of India’s top 10 Instagram profiles.

Dimpi Sanghvi

Dimpi Sanghvi

Source – Instagram

Dimpi Sanghvi, part of The Offbeat Couple, values yes to new experiences. Famous Indian travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogger Dimpi Sanghvi has millions of followers worldwide. Through her elegance and sass, this blogger’s love of traveling in style has won her many followers. Her adventurous spirit prompted another excursion when the curfew was lifted.

Shakir Subhan

Shakir Subhan, popularly known by his social media name 'Mallu Traveller',

Source – Instagram

Kerala-based influencer Shakir Subhan is a Mallu traveler. It has 2.2 million Instagram followers and 2.7 million YouTube subscribers. Follow Mallu Traveler to learn inexpensive travel from someone who openly shares their experiences and tips. He quit his Dubai sales job to travel. His informative and engaging films are perfect for inexpensive trip suggestions.

Siddhartha JoshiHe is one of India's top 10 Instagram travel influencers

Source – Instagram

Siddhartha Joshi publishes thorough travel articles on destinations. He is one of India’s top 10 Instagram travel influencers. He blogs and speaks at TEDx. He clearly explains the location, its history, and more in his movies.

He has 34.1K YouTube subscribers and 420K Instagram followers. Siddhartha Joshi has photographed various Indian and foreign sites, capturing their beauty and culture. He also offers Instagram growth techniques. You can visit Siddhartha’s website; he published many travel related blog post.

Aakanksha Monga

Aakanksha Monga is a 23-year-old travel Influencer.

Source – Instagram

Aakanksha Monga is a 23-year-old travel Influencer. She started touring and making material at 18. She quit LinkedIn in 2022 to travel. She wants to help people travel better and recognize that travel is the finest teacher. She posts footage of her travels on social media.

In addition, she exposes her unpleasant experiences and blunders to prevent her audience from making them. She records India’s rich history and various landscapes to inspire residents and tourists to discover its hidden gems. Aakanksha Monga founded Travel more. She has 165K YouTube subscribers and 679K Instagram followers.

Varun Vagish

Varun Vagish is an ex-journalist, Radio newsreader & Academician

Source – Instagram

Ex-journalist Varun Vagish has a PhD in mass communication. He received the Indian Ministry of Tourism’s National Award. He goes by Mountain Trekker on YouTube. He has 201K Instagram followers and 1.58M YouTube subscribers and has visited over 25 countries.

His videos focus on inexpensive travel suggestions. He wants to motivate more people to travel and meet people to improve the world. Varun Vagish, one of the first and most prominent Indian solo travel vloggers, has encouraged many to travel more with less money and more confidence.

Nikola Gajapathy

Nikola Gajapathy

Source – Instagram

Nivedith Gajapathy founded GV Mediatech and Macrotraveller. Over 33 countries and 25 Indian states have been visited. From Bangalore, she writes about luxury travel and lifestyle. Nivideth has worked with Dubai, Singapore, Taiwan, and Maldives tourism groups.

He wants to teach his audience about photography, food, and other cultures. Nivideth won Malaysia Tourism’s best photography award at Earthys 2019 in Sabah. He represented India at the 2016 AirAsia Bloggers Community Meet in Jakarta. My blog is India’s only official 2018 Academy Awards coverage. One of India’s most prominent travelers, he is knowledgeable and passionate about traveling.

Shenaz Treasurywala

Shenaz Treasurywala comes under top 10 list of travel influencers

Source – Instagram

Former Bollywood actress and prominent travel blogger Shenaz Treasurywala regretted her illness-related inability to travel. After the requirements were relaxed, she quickly planned a road trip with safety precautions. Just browsing her social media will make you feel like you’re experiencing the world from her viewpoint. She posts amazing stories from her travels across the nation and globe on Instagram.

FAQS About Top 10 Travel Influencers in India 2024

What is a travel influencer in India?

An Indian travel influencer is a social media user with a huge following who shares their domestic travels and inspires others.

How are Indian social media travel influencers paid?

Sponsored articles, affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, and paid endorsements may earn Indian travel bloggers money. Their social media, movies, and websites may earn money from ads.

What qualifications do Indian travel influencers need?

In India, travel influencers must connect with their audience, provide compelling content, and be sincere and consistent. Having a signature style or speciality might also help you succeed.

Do travel influencers get paid to travel?

Travel influencers are paid for their travels, lodgings, and experiences when working with corporations, hotels, and tourist boards. They might still prioritise their vacation with their own money.

Are travel influencers required to disclose sponsored content?

Indian advertising rules require travel influencers to identify sponsored or compensated material. Maintaining openness is vital to audience confidence.

How can I become a travel influencer in India?

Create exciting travel content, create online authority, and increase your social media following to become an Indian travel influencer. Sincerity and enthusiasm are essential while travelling.

 What are some popular destinations for travel influencers in India?

Goa, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, and other oddities are famous among Indian travel writers.

What is the minimum age to become a travel influencer?

Regardless of age, travel influencers may be anybody who loves travel and can write compelling content. Indian travel influencers are diverse in age and background.

Can anyone become a travel influencer, or is it for a specific age group?

Travel influencers must promote ethical and sustainable travel. This means opposing animal and community harm, upholding indigenous rights, and limiting environmental damage.

How much do Indian travel influencers affect tourism?

Influential people in India’s travel business influence the market. They might promote commerce and travel by endorsing and recommending.



Varun Vagish, Shenaz Treasury, and Aakanksha Monga are tourist industry leaders. They post about their journeys and advise other explorers on Instagram and other platforms. These superstars inspire their fans to tour the world, whether they can or not.

They may be adventurists, hedonists, solo travelers, and others. Their breathtaking photographs and intriguing stories will make you dream about exotic places.

In addition to beautiful photos, they educate us about eco-friendly vacationing, true cultural immersion, and intriguing local history. Travel influencers can help you choose a cheap or luxurious vacation. You’ll feel like you’re traveling with them even if you’re listening from home.


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